Emmerdale – The Punch Method of Storytelling

This is what happens when it is late, I have had too much coffee, and I am discussing the Robert/Robron storyline as it stands against the other big storylines of the 2017 year.  So, my dear friend and I were talking about a twist. Any twist. The “TWIST” or just a twist for the Robert/Robron storyline and will it happen. That is when my crazy mind came up with this:


I know. I am an amazing artist. There is an explanation for this lovely drawing of mine. I noticed that all the stories this year had the same structure. I call it the PUNCH method of storytelling. I am sure there is an official name for it, but I am naming it something cute. So, deal with it. The PUNCH method of Storytelling is when we are feeling like we are just moving along without anything happening and things are just there and then out of nowhere in the last episode we get PUNCHED into an interesting conclusion. Ok, not everyone finds it interesting, but I do. So, where am I going with this? Let me break it down for you and then explain how it relates to the Robert/Robron story.

The Fake Nell Storyline

For the longest time, Nell was just there. We were getting developments from her but then her personality would switch. She would be nice one minute and mean the next. We all thought it was just writing issues or the story was shifting. A good amount of the GA was getting bored with her and her confusing personality shifts. Then…


In one episode we got punched in the face with what Nell was up to since she showed up in Emmerdale. She was playing everyone because she needs and craves attention she just doesn’t get any more. We get a big chase, and we even got an open ending that had many people talking. We went from meandering and wondering if Nell would be a background character to punched in the face and saying goodbye to the crazy one.

The Emma Storyline/Killer Storyline

This one is in progress but watching Emma go crazy has been a high point for me. I do not know about fandom, but it has been a fun ride. However, the crazy Emma drama seemed to become boring. Going in circles and the stop and go nature of the storyline, bored people. Then…


Emma went into overdrive setting barns on fire, attacking a pregnant person, developing the child, shooting her son, going on the run, stealing said child, leaving a child in church and then being pushed off a bridge. PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH. So much in so little time. This has not ended yet but its coming then we get the final punch! *If you tell me who killed Emma, I will break your legs. Don’t try me.*

Moira’s Surprise Storyline

Moira seemed to disappear most of the year. Only to appear at weird moments in the pub or to talk to Cain or Adam. Yes, I know. Anyone online and within the little pockets of fandom figured it out, but from the GA point of view, Moira was gone. She did not have a storyline and was just there to support whoever needing supporting in her family. Then…


We have a surprise birth in a burning barn as a crazy woman delivers the child she never knew existed. The GA loses their minds, and the pockets of fandom nod happily that they guessed a storyline correctly. Also, the dramatics were off the charts and all types of awesome.

The Snore Triangle

This is a bit…grasping at straws but its there. We were stuck watching Leyla get further and further into wedding plans with Pete (which was a mistake) while he slept with her best friend, Pryia. Going so far as to sleep with Pryia in the honeymoon suite after the wedding was aborted. After all that we got…


Leyla finds out and goes on a rampage that felt stratifying to the viewer. She went after Pete and then Priya and then got more of her anger out on her dress. It was not a punch but a nice slap for the audience. The triangle was done, and we got a nice classic soap ending.

The Eric/Faith Storyline

I am adding this as I wait for the second half of the episode to air. This has been building and building. Eric is falling for Faith. Then he is trying to hide his involvement in the Dingles house being taken. It goes in circles for a few weeks and then Eric goes to get proof from the politician that it was all on him then…


The politician set up Eric. Faith found out. All happening at once. The fallout all happening at once. We are punched with answers and resolution.

So, where am I going with this?

Robert/Robron Storyline

We have been going in circles since the July breakup. Robert does something. Aaron does something. We are stuck watching the Whites react. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. THEN…



Based on the pattern of all the big storylines of 2017, I think we are due for a punch with this story. What do you think it will be? Leave me a comment below or shoot me your thoughts on my Tumblr @AmandaJ718. I do not check my twitter as often as I used to so that is a place that might be hard to find me.

If you enjoy reading my thoughts feel free to buy me a cup of coffee by clicking the link in the bar above! Until next time, see you around the Emmerdale fandom!

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