Emmerdale Live and Organized – November 30, 2017








Welcome to the preshow.

Is it Christmas yet?

I won’t lie…I’m feeling a bit down about everything so my heart won’t be in this review. I’m not even into watching today. I will because I need a distraction from life, but my review won’t be so ranty as months past. I won’t be talking about Liv anymore (I wrote her off) and I won’t be talking about Rebecca either. I’m banishing both from this review for the time being. It just gets people upset, and I really don’t want to fight over a television show that I want to use as escapism. I’m too tired for that. Also, my house has no scotch.

Anyway, let’s crack on.

Jacobs Fold Crew

Toms big debut – I’m still beating he is a King or Tate. Someone has to know.

Look at that tree! I hate white trees. It fits the place though.

When does Tom move into Home Farm. Should I start the countdown?

White couches with two young kids. Debbie is a risk taker. HUGE RISK TAKER.

This place looks like Anthropologie designed it for their magazines. Maybe some Ikea too.

FAMILY. FAAAMMMILLLY. Who is he then? Tate or King? I’m good with either.

THIS FEELS SO FAST TO ME. I mean…I’m confused.

The Café Crew

Fun. Angry Robron.

Oh. Now Diane shows up. Thanks for showing up now.

The more they push that this is all on Robert the more I believe that the tables will be turning on a lot a people after Christmas. Pushing one way on a show screams something is coming.

Again, the more everyone gangs up the more likely there are secrets.

Oh. The Emma stuff is back? Cool?


“We are the little people. We have no power money or connections. We mean nothing to them.” – Sounds like how the American public is being treated. We need to fight back though. How? That remains to be seen.

Lisa. *BIG HUGS*

Home Farm

Oh. That was an interesting turn of phrase. “He made a fool out of you.” “Out of us all” I see the Whites tearing a bit. *hums*

Robert is fighting so hard for SJ because that is all he has left. What else do you want him to do?

Robert thinking, he deserves violence is a dangerous narrative. NO ONE deserves violence against them. NO ONE. If anyone thinks they do, I really want to give you a hug. You deserve to always treat yourself with love and respect. NEVER except violence as an answer. No matter what.

More tears in the white family fabric. Interesting. Keep pulling at the thread Chrissie. Keep pulling. Let’s see what we find behind the White Family curtain.

Belle. Oh Belle. He is a psychopath. RUN.

Wishing Well

When did these two get back together? *confused*

Emma Barton’s ghost. *DUN DUUUN DUUUUUUN*

I need more Sam and Lydia in my life. That is all.

Oh. I know Zak. I know. I am with you guys. So much. I’m with you. *raises a glass*

Lisa isn’t wrong, but neither is Zak. It’s a tough situation all around.

Zak is the democrats. This council person is republican. Lisa is sane. (Not independent. They are nuts too)

Has Zak lost weight? Working out more? Why are all the guys working out?

I think Lisa is about to make the decision for all of them.

50 Shades of Tom/Graham

I love how cool and confident Graham is. I think Graham has a bigger part to play just not right now.

Lying. *Falls asleep practicing my shocked face*

Graham didn’t put up a fight. *snort*

“I put 2 and 2 together.” “and came up with 5.” – I’ve been hearing this line too many times on television these days.


Moira’s Farm

That button on Cain’s jacket. *SNORT*

Awwwww. We are getting some sweet Coira moments. That’s nice. After being beat over the head with Robron sucking the air out of the room its nice to see Coira.

Oh hey. Look who is back. Adam.

Moira. They like you. They judge Robert. *gives an office look*

The Pub Crew

That was an odd moment. Yelling to Diane when she has nothing to do with this story. ODD. I’m tracking that as a moment.

Charity. Stop looking so happy. I know she is just like, “TOLD YOU SO” but can she be a mother for five seconds? Be nicer?

Detective Charity. *THEME MUSIC PLAYS*

He is a business person Charity. He will talk to woman about business. GEEZ. Charity is like walking sadness and death these days.

Tracy/David/Leyla – Does anyone else see this possibly happening?

Leyla and I are one in the same. *SALES*


God. Isaac is a big baby. We have seen Diane with Isaac more than SJ. *shrug*

Another interesting scene. Passing Isaac around. *hmmmmm*

The Mill

Gerry. I’m so confused about Gerry right now. I could write an article about him but still couldn’t get to the bottom of things. Thoughts?

Aaron and Robert are friends now. Mates. *nods* RIGHT. *NODS HARDER*

I assume this sets up next week and Aaron “moving on” and telling Robert to “Move on” too. *BUBBLE*

Village Light Show


A lot of nonstarters just to explode at the weirdest of times. *wink*

I won’t lie. I love seeing all the Christmas stuff going up. *FA LA LA LA LA* *TAKES A SHOT OF CHRISTMAS CHEER*

I’m loving Tracy’s look today. *HIGH FIVE* *Amanda Approves*

The lights are a representation of fandoms in Emmerdale. *LAUGHS*

Doug made a mean comment about Diane. HMMMMMMMMM.

Is David’s hair more…blonde lately?

The light comes on for Aaron? Just to see Lachlan and Belle. Hint that Lachlan and the Whites working in the dark is coming to light? I’m big on mise en scene. Its my undoing.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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