Emmerdale Not So Live but Still Organized – November 23-24, 2017

Hey everyone! I’ve gained 12 million pounds and my feet hurt from wanting to punch people and walking. I’m now sitting down to catch up on what I missed. This review will be different than my normal ones. I will be using gifs for when I don’t have a real opinion or if it’s been talked to death. No one needs to hear the same things repeatedly. So, enjoy this special edition of Emmerdale Live and Organized. Lets begin with Thursday!

THURSDAY (11/23/2017) aka The Windy Episode (The Winds of Change?)

Jacobs Fold Crew

More Sarah feeling ‘ill’ mentions. *sad face*

Awww, a plant. Tom got more interesting in two episodes than any of the whites in the two years they have been around. That tells me a lot as a fan and as a writer.

“This thing with Tom is good.” – Debbie *OH BOY. Famous last words*

I kind of love Graham. He doesn’t do much, but I love him.

Oh god. That’s a nasty gash on her head. *sad face*

Graham and his eye acting. DAMN. I love him even more.

I’m distracted by the fake bubble butt of Tom’s jumpsuit. *dirty mind*

Tom went from, “Evil Mustache Twirl” to “I Will Be Your Hero Baby!”

“I love you.” – Debbie


Bernice’s Salon (Jimmy/Bernice/Nicola)

“You’ve been shopping, why?” – Everyone is falling apart at the scenes! *snort*

Jimmy’s fur jacket cracks me up. I love it on him so much. It makes me so happy.


Karma is coming for all of them.

Home Farm

I won’t lie. I’m distracted by Lydia in the background. She is my favorite. *waves* Wait…what’s going on?

Lydia is too nice to this family. I want her away from them too. *SAVE LYDIA AND ROBERT FROM THE WHITES CAMPAIGN*

So, Robert does everything she wants, and she is still using SJ as a weapon? Wow. What a bitch.

Emily really needs acting lessons. She is so bland. Ryan looks like he is falling asleep. Get him back to Danny stat! He needs another great actor to work against. Emily isn’t cutting it.

A woman who uses her own kid as a weapon? She is a piece of shit.

Lachlan loves seeing his family all upset. Lovely. Such a lovely human being. If we can call him that.

You know what? There is no real reason to keep this from the family. What Robert has done. If she is that worried about her family, she would out Robert and get him out of the equation so the family can worry about Lachlan. She keeps it to herself. Like a weapon. Anything to go after Robert. She has done this before too. There is a pattern to Rebecca. I’m seeing it now.

Gerry being so happy about his friend was cute. I want to like Gerry. I do. I see good in him. He just needs direction and a firm hand to help him there.

Is it bad that I don’t care about Chrissie or her crying? I really don’t give a damn. That’s not good. I should feel something for Chrissie since she is just…in her own story now. Except, I keep dreaming about the day I don’t have to write “The Whites” ever again.

You found the attic by accident? WHAT? *Snort* This is so dumb. I can’t even find the time to be angry. It’s just so dumb. *shrug*


The day Robert is out of the White Family crap for good is the day The Whites disappear. That is how much they don’t matter. How sad? Their time will be forgotten the minute Tom moves into Home Farm. I know I will erase them from my memory.

Well, without Lawrence being brought back to Emmerdale by Sandy, Paddy and Aaron…we wouldn’t have Robert with us. So…The Whites only good deed? Bringing Robert home and showing him the way to his soulmate, Aaron. *ROMANTIZE EVERYTHING*

The Café Crew

Gerry being worried about a friend who treated him like crap is sweet.

I wonder why Robert and Sarah don’t try to get closer. They are family. *I know…in my eyes, they are related*

David’s Grocery (Jai/Frank/Megan Story)

Originally posted by glassbonespaperskin


“Money doesn’t make you happy. Especially at the cost of family.” – Lydia *I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!*

FRIDAY (11/24/2017) aka Same Old Same Old

The Money Stealing Squad

giphy (1).gif

Who is DeeDee? Dede? I’ll look up her name soon. Oh, Bernice’s daughter? Cute.

Everyone lied to this poor girl? Oh, Dee Dee. Emmerdale is insane. You will love it.

The Café Crew

I saw the “Hope Family Album” special on YouTube, and I really wish I was around during the Bob/Viv years. They made me laugh on the special. I can’t imagine watching them in real time!

SO MANY KIDS ARE COMING HOME! TWINS AND BERNICES DAUGHTER! CRAZY TIMES UP IN HERE. I think they heard everyone asking about the twins. *snort* Look at what you all have done! *wink*

Home Farm/Robert/Gerry

Does anyone notice that after Rebecca pushes Robert away, she isn’t doing the whole ‘drawn out baby spit up all over her’ look anymore? Its like she isn’t trying for sympathy there anymore. She could handle the baby on her own. She doesn’t need Robert all the time. Which leads me to believe that she was using him or thought Robert was going to love her as much as he loves SJ.

Also, Rebecca is the writers blank slate. She says or does anything they need her to do or say. Which frustrates the fans and makes us not trust her as a character. I still hope she is full of secrets too. It would be better than what is happening right now.

Gerry’s ‘secrets’ line is interesting. I know he was doing it for Lachlan to get Rebecca to do their evil bidding, but it could have been foreshadowing. Gerry ultimately says what Rebecca said before the ONS. About secrets. I don’t remember the full quote, but it was about secrets and wanting to keep them? *help me out here*

Robert had so much love for SJ. How anyone could try and take that away? Robert knows he has done wrong and has owned up to it now. What about her? Nope? Let’s use this baby as a weapon. What a bitch.

Ok. Lachlan knows about Rug Tree Bonds. So what? *shrug*

I feel like the more this family wants Robert to fall…the less likely they will cause it. Robert will cause his own fall because he needs to fall and climb back up to a better place. The Whites? They are their own worst enemies. Using Robert as a scapegoat helps them ignore that fact but when Robert is gone or out of commission…then what? They only have each other and the secrets each family member hides. What happens then? That is the question on deck. Isn’t it? The Whites not having Robert to blame will fuck them up. Make them leave. Make some die. I am counting the freaking days till they leave the show. *BRING ON TOM LIVING IN HOME FARM*

Gerry. Gerry confuses me. I think he just wants to be accepted even if it’s by the wrong people. Like Lachlan. Gerry seems to be playing all sides of this story, and we will see where he lands sooner or later.


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Jacobs Fold

Charity looks like the YouTuber Beauty Vloggers or me trying to do fancy makeup tricks. It doesn’t end well for anyone. *wink*

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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  1. I think Rebecca’s “secrets” quote circa ons was ‘the thing with secrets is, you have to be comfortable keeping them’. Good point about keeping what she found out about Robert to herself. Even when tells her family about it next week, I think spoilers say she’s “forced” to confess because no agency. All she’s doing right now is threatening Robert which is exactly what she did the morning after. She never actually told Chas because Robert beat her to it. Never told Aaron about the ons and baby either. She likes to see Robert sweat, I guess. If she’s that angry at him about the fraud (not really) and want him out of the baby’s life, she needs to take some drastic action to keep him away. But she’s not doing anything, is she?

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