Emmerdale Live and Organized – November 22, 2017

Welcome to the preshow! Wow. I didn’t know my little live reviews were so popular. I mean, I might be everyone’s favorite person to hate (waits for people to mention that I’m not that special, but by commenting that means I am. Hmmmmm).  Awesome. Keep it up.

I hate to break it to the awwwron fans attacking me on my blog today and the last couple of weeks. I’m like the American Government. I don’t care about what you think. These are my thoughts during an episode. I’m open to a discussion where no personal attacks are used, and everyone agrees to disagree at the end, but I won’t participate in yelling, swearing, threats or anything else. Its juvenile and I won’t acknowledge you if you come at me like that.

The first one to yell is the first to lose. Remember that.

So, I know a lot of people want me to shut up and say I’m an asshole. Since I am an asshole, I won’t be going anywhere.

For all five of you that still read my random thoughts (It’s up to five now Loubelle!) I hope you still enjoy my blogs. I truly thank you for reading and replying even when you don’t agree. I enjoy those conversations, and I welcome them. I am still in shock that anyone gives a damn about what I think. I do try to be entertaining, and I do try to stay honest about how I feel. It’s my space. My blog. I get to say what I want for as long as I can.

Alright. On with the show. Goats. *Wait. What?*

Jacobs Fold Crew

*Hello new header!*

“When did it become ok to lie.” – Sarah (kid…you are in a soap opera. We need lies to live.)

Welcome, Tom. You are finally in the village. Start with Sarah and work your way out. Kick the Whites out while you are at it.

This new set is interesting. Not very rustic like the other cottages on the show. Maybe because Debbie is with someone not from the country (so far at least).

I guess we are getting some insight into Tom’s worldview. Interesting. Using 20 questions to do this is interesting.


“You don’t dig a grave and leave it empty” – Tom *sigh*

Home Farm

He is in the attic! *SNORT*

Now Rebecca wants to help? *eye roll*

Wow. Victoria is making sense. Who knew. Even with the truth, you don’t use the baby as a weapon. Only vindictive people do that.

Well, Rebecca is a pathetic little child, so it fits.

None of you put family first so…why start now? Also, the baby is Roberts first priority, not you Rebecca. Why can’t she get this through her head? It was never about you honey. It has never been about you.

“This family is strong.” – Rebecca. *UM…I bet you aren’t.*

I think you all fucking suck. Get off my lawn.

No one hears him drilling holes in the house? Seriously? This is dumb. Lachlan is dumb.


I don’t know any more about them.

New on Emmerdale: Frank keeps the dog. Amanda stays confused.

Vanessa is my ray of sunshine. Love her.

I guess Frank is over going after people?

I’m still worried about Eliza.

OH GOD. I just realized why this dog showed up. OH GOD. *tears*

Um…hello Charity and Vanessa. Where did you two come from? I thought you were over it, Vanessa. Hmmm. I hope they get a build up now. Sell it to me show. I want to be sold to.

The Pub Crew

Aaron gossiping with his family is cute.

Also, like mother like daughter. Hmmmm.

THERE WE GO! That is the emotion I was looking for. All it took was Ryan being away from the actors in the White family. Just like I thought.

Also, Chas didn’t lay into Robert like I expected. My theory on Chas might be true after all. She doesn’t hate Robert to the extent of Liv. Dare I say, she might have his back a bit? In her own way? *Discuss below please!*

I think Robert goes to Aaron out of habit. Aaron is still his safe space even when they aren’t together.

How many times can Robert be beaten down? Seriously. There is a limit. Also, Robert has no one. Aaron is there but for how long. Kissing Dr. Creepy ruins a lot of this. Which Aaron is allowed to do but I don’t have to like it.


I want all of Leyla’s clothes. Now that she is in black/grey clothes. That is my jam. *Tri-State Girl for Life*

At least they heard the fire alarm. *wink*

Moira’s Farm

Moira getting help is good. We are getting there with her.

It will take a lot, but she will get there. I know. I’m convinced that after Robron finds their way back and wrap up their story, Coira will be in the forefront.

Don’t crowd her. Just let her talk when she is ready.

Good scene with Chas and Moira. I liked that. She is there for her. Nice to see! *claps*

Davids Grocery

Rebecca finds Aaron to bitch.

Why would Aaron care about you Rebecca or your family? You ruined his relationship.

Aaron knows Robert loves SJ.

WOW. This bitch has the nerve to act like she is the only one wronged. WOW. What an asshole.

I didn’t like Rebecca running to Aaron like that. NOT AT ALL. Aaron should have told you the fuck off little girl.

Why didn’t Aaron say what he wanted to say to her? I want Aaron to tell her off. I need Aaron to tell her off. For himself. Not about Robert. For how she ruined everything for him.

Goats *WHY IS THAT HAPPENING?* *Looks around*

‘It’s Just Speculation!

Originally posted by sweetscarlett

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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