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Emmerdale Live and Organized – November 14, 2017

Welcome to the preshow.  Here is my current advice to most of the fandom.

Let’s crack on shall we?

Reviewers Note: I will not be watching live tomorrow (dentist appointment), but I will be leaving a review later in the day.

Wishing Well

The Dingles are trying to save their home. *SAVE THE WISHING WELL*

Lachlan sitting there creeps me out now. Normal you are not Lachlan.

Cain is due for a flashback. *wink*

Belle should be using that college brain of hers to save the family.

Lisa and Faith. We need more of that. Right now.

Eric. They love their home. Good try. You need to fix this.

On planning meeting? OH BOY.


Rhona. The PTA moms are not worth it. You are awesome and different. That is why they don’t like you. *Team Rhona*

Oh. This is for Leo. *TEAM LEO ALWAYS*

Awwww! Paddy and Rhona love!

Look at you, Rhona! Baking queen!

UM….UMMMMM…RHONA….they don’t look like snakes per say. *SNORT*

*LAUGHING* SNAKE PENIS. *I’m so sorry*

David’s Grocery

“Are you and Faith getting all jiggy?” – Tracy to Eric *SNORT*

Look at his sweater. Eric’s sweater is lovely. LOVELY.


Eric is trying. *pats head*

Eric is getting caught up now. He helped start this too. Directing it to the Dingles.

“For once in my life I will do what is right.” – Eric *first time?*

Home Farm

We get it. She is a mother. Moving on.

SJ is going to be a White. Interesting. Very interesting. I’m surprised Rebecca didn’t want the Sugden name with her son.

No. This isn’t a con. Back off Lachlan. SJ is all Robert has left. Let him love him please. Let him try.

“How did that happen?” Well…you took advantage of a man that drank a whole bottle of whiskey. I will never forget that show. I know other fans are but I won’t. Never.

“The only thing that matters now is Seb.”

It is annoying that Robert took all the blame again. Rebecca is to blame too. She will always be a problem. The fact he said that though…things can go two ways. If you don’t know the two ways…you haven’t been paying attention.

Moira’s Barn

Ross mention in a connecting scene. Also, baby connecting scene. That’s not what they are called, but I call them connecting scenes. Very popular over in America and I’ve noticed Emmerdale has been using them a lot lately.

Victoria. Read the room honey. READ THE ROOM. Moira isn’t there yet. She is still a mess. Poor Moira. *bubble wrap time*

The Pub Crew

Cain is a mess too. Chas. Haven’t you figured that out yet?

This is setting up the flashback episodes. I LOVE IT. LOVE IT.

Aaron finds it funny. *snort*

Chas seems to want to go public because of his connection to Rhona. Hmmmm.

Yeah. Aaron is onto you guys.

Oh Robert. Oh Aaron. You two are like magnets. Aaron had heart eyes by the way. I know. Robert with a baby is very cute. Then you remember the mother. I know fandom. I know. I’m good at ignoring it but I understand why its hard to do that.

These two are on the road again. That is all that matters to me.

The On-Site Meeting

Faith declaring herself Eric’s girlfriend. Adorable. It won’t last but adorable.

Oh, Lisa. I hate seeing her so upset.

I think Faith knows. Maybe. MAYBE.

YUP. She figured it out. *That’s my girl* Love seeing strong, smart women on my screen. This show has so many that live everywhere but Home Farm *minus Chrissie. She can be strong when she wants to be*

Eric is tap dancing. TAP DANCING around. Eek. Oh. Faith. HONEY.

‘It’s Just Speculation!

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Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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