Fandom and Other Six Letter Words

I have lots of thoughts and feelings I need to get out. Again. I always have thoughts and feelings. My thoughts and feelings don’t ruin your thoughts and feelings, but I’m just adding my thoughts and feelings to the pile.Can I get one more section of ‘Thoughts and Feelings’ into that paragraph? No. I’m done with that lame joke.

First, this is mostly about today’s episode and my reaction to certain reactions. Do these reactions step on anyone else’s? NO. Have a problem with them? Shoot me over some mail, and we can talk. Don’t like what I have to say? Unfollow me. Easy. No harm no foul. I’ll live. Ok, now we can begin.

Robert/Little SJ

Robert wanting to be a good father isn’t evil. Robert wanting to love his son is not evil. Robert wanting SJ to be protected isn’t evil. Robert isn’t going to hate the child anymore. He is here and tangible.  He knows that this child isn’t the problem. A child shouldn’t be blamed for the parent’s sins. I love seeing Robert so open and happy with his son. It’s ok. He is allowed to love him. Doesn’t mean he loves Aaron any less. Doesn’t mean he is ready to love Rebecca either. He is playing nice because he wants to be near his son. How dare he? Stop the hate and look at the situation clearly. Its all about SJ for Robert. That’s all it is about now. That is who he feels he has left. Who he can love since he thinks he can never love Aaron openly again (in his mind anyway).

No. Robert didn’t put down the Dingles. The Dingles aren’t normal. No family is normal on this show. To act like The Dingles are angels now is ridiculous and people are just looking for reasons to hate Robert. It’s getting old, and I refuse to acknowledge that type of hatred past this post. Its stupid and my energy on that topic ends here.


Aaron’s pain isn’t the focus for a reason. We know what he is feeling. We don’t need to be reminded of it every show the baby is on. Ok? It’s not the Aarondale or Robrondale. It’s not Robertdale. It’s Emmerdale. Everyone has to get some equal time here. Also, Aaron’s scenes were perfect today. Why? It shows a thawing. It shows the reunion road is now open for Robert and Aaron to walk down together. Let me explain.

Aaron sees the baby with them and smiles sadly. However, he says congratulations to Robert and no one else. That is what mattered in the scene. Not Victoria. Not Rebecca. Not Tracy.  It was about Robert and Aaron and Baby SJ. It was a continuation of Fridays scene. Robert stepped up and is being the dad Aaron knows he can be.

Which leads us to the comment Aaron makes to Chas. “If Robert can step us so can Cain.” Which says to me that Aaron is thinking about Robert. He is thinking about how Robert is putting the child first over his schemes. He is stepping up. The crack in the frozen heart of Aaron Dingle is here. This is the beginning of healing for him and Robert together.  If I wasn’t clear before, Robert can love Aaron and Little SJ. Love isn’t finite.

I read it as positive because guess what people. We are entering a new phase of the story. Robert and Aaron are going to talk. They are going to thaw out. It is going to get better. Embrace the possibility of a positive future. It’s lovely.

The Whites

Way too much energy spent on the Whites. No, The Whites aren’t victims. They are getting their just deserts finally. Since the Whites arrived, they have been a thorn in the side of Emmerdale residents in little ways. All that little karma adds up in the end on a soap opera. This is their karma coming to get them.

Also, something to remember. Robert is full-blown, “I love SJ” while the Whites are more concerned about money now. Worried about themselves and the business going forward. Sure, people can worry about that, but they have a new baby in the house. Most would be focusing on that little bundle of joy but not The Whites. That coldness peeks through again. They are cold, money hungry and will be each other’s downfalls. Robert just helped that move along mostly with Lachlan.

They are everything Robert doesn’t want to be anymore. That was Robert when he was fully separated from Aaron. That was Robert before he met his match in Aaron. SJ and Aaron made Robert realize that he can’t live life like that…like The Whites are. The Whites are a cautionary tale. If SJ can’t make the Whites change their ways, nothing will.

Personal Anger

I’m personally creeped out by people wishing for Robert and SJ to die. I’m also getting creeped out by people who act like Aaron is a baby who lets things happen to him when he is a full-grown man who makes his own decisions in life. In reality, Aaron removed himself from the situation and went and got himself on a better track. Now he is coming back into the fold. He is ready to come back into this story. Anyway, yes, these people are fictional and no one wouldn’t wish for the death of a child in real life but…doesn’t make it any less creepy. This is a personal opinion. Feel free to disagree.

The hate around here is choking me. Everyone can get angry and hate things. I hate things too, but I talk it out with someone, and I move on.  Some people just harp and the cycle of negativity never ends. Break the cycle. I beg the fandom to break the cycle. At least out in the open. Its so hard to be excited when someone is always there to act like the doom and gloom police.

Also, for the people who send death threats to me and others in the fandom. You are terrible human beings. Stop it. That is building bad karma that will bite you in the ass very soon. I’d love for those people to say what they have written to my face. Bet you they can’t do it. It’s pathetic and needs to stop before something goes wrong.  I’ve seen it happen in other fandoms. You will threaten the wrong person, and someone will get hurt. Knock it off. Stay in your own lanes and we all will stay in ours. Don’t like an opinion. Learn to ignore it and move on. Talk it out. Do anything but send someone as sick as a death threat.

Well, I feel better. I have ‘anon’ shut off because if someone wants to talk to me, they can say it to my face with their names attached. Whew, I feel better now. Now I should go do something productive. Take a shower. Get my life together. Watch a Christmas movie. Walk away for awhile. Thanks for reading. Have a great night.

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  1. Loved this. You are so on point. I can understand people being angry for the way Emmerdale chose to lead this story but it’s so exhausting all the name calling and the always bitching to everyone, every time. If something doesn’t makes us happy we should be able to leave it and let others enjoy themselves if they can. I personally don’t like to watch Aaron and Robert sad and heartbroken, but I understand that there has to be drama, and I must say both Danny and Ryan are so good innit. I’ve missed them together in the same scenes, because they are amazing in them, the way they look at each other, the way their voices change, break sometimes, is pure magic. And now we are beginning a new era and I’m sure I’m going to love to watch them, not fall in love again, because they haven’t fallen out, but discovering themselves again, a better, stronger version of themselves. This will happen and I’m here for this, with or without SJ. (Still would prefer for the ONS to not happen and Rebecca being manipulative, but will take whatever). Sorry for rambling. Enjoy reading your thoughts.

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