Emmerdale Live and Organized – November 9, 2017

Welcome to the preshow! I’m excited to see what happens today. I know Ryan will be amazing and we will be going on an emotional rollercoaster that is long overdue. Bring this on because after today? We are on a sleigh ride of crazy into the new year. Bring on the crazy. Bring on the emotions. Bring on Robert and Aaron actually sharing scenes again. That’s how much I miss them. They could be screaming things at each other and I’d be excited. Its been so long!


Alright, let’s crack on!

Eric’s House

Oh boy. Everyone is mocking Eric. This won’t help Wishing Well at all. Crap

Rodney. You are making it worse.

Faith. Honey. Please. Don’t make this worse. While you are adorable, you are making it worse.

Home Farm

Yes. Remind us you are pregnant. In case we forgot.

Is that a new jacket for Robert? Looks nice on them.

David’s Grocery

Without Robert, Aaron would have never found you Liv. Just saying.

Yeah, Vadam are totally solid and strong. *eye roll* *dead in the water*

Adam could have fixed it. I guess not though.

Liv can be awesome when she wants to be. *giggle*

Victoria. You idiot. No loyalty because you are baby crazy. I hope Andy shows up to sort your tiny butt out. You are going to fall so hard after everything is said and done. I can feel it.

Oh, Liv. That was harsh. However, something to note, there was no fire behind it. She was sad. She is upset, and we can recognize that. She had less time to process this. She is still bratty, but there was a significant amount of sadness there. Liv WAS IN THE WRONG THOUGH. If I said that to anyone, I’d be in big trouble at that age. My parents didn’t raise a brat.



YOU HAVE TAKEN IT TOO FAR! This is the turning point by the way. The baby will come and that will change this all in a different direction.

I love how confidently he strutted in expecting other people there. Then he is just…NO. *snort* I’d be the same. I’d be like…hey left my phone in the car and get the fuck out of there.

I’m sorry I’m going to miss a lot of this scene because I’m trying not to cringe, laugh and scream at the same time. Hard to watch and type too.

Robert looks sick too. Oh god. *I’m dying of laughter over here.*

I’d get drunk too. Oh my god. Roberts’ face. He is terrified and looks like he wants to throw up. Aaron looks the same right now. Their emotions are matching again.

Is anyone going to mention the ring? No? The fact Robert refuses to take off his ring though he says Aaron is over him? Come on Lawrence. Come on now. *PLOT*

Also, how nice of Lawrence to get tea sandwiches. *snort*


Interesting. Victoria called. Not Rebecca.

Bernice’s Salon

LYDIA IS THE BEST! *spread the word*

Oh. Daz is back. Hey buddy. What up?

Oh god. Lydia can’t win. OH MY GOD. I adore Lydia with all my heart.

Lydia just reminded me I have to get my nails done. Thanks, sweetie!


Bernice. SHE DEAD. SHE DEAD! GAH. Dead in the pregnancy episode. HMMMM.


Aaron looks sick. I feel sick too however it will be ok! *positive thoughts only*

Danny was phoning that one in. Eek. Not his best acting. *snort*

Also, Victoria? Shut the fuck up you dumb asshole. *thank you*

Also, first babies never move that fast. *PLOT*


Also, I’m glad Aaron is making it worse with the bumps. *good boy*

Also, she didn’t call Robert. Just Chrissie. That’s…interesting. You would think she would call Robert. She saw him today. She knows he is around. Odd.

The Pub Crew

Faith and Rodney don’t fit.

I actually like Eric and Faith more.

Oh, she is playing Eric by using Rodney. Love it.

Eric and Tracy are adorable together. Very sweet.

Nicola was arrested. Dear god. *snorts with laughter*

Oh, Nicola. Selling her dad down the river. LOVE IT.

Oh. Eric. Faith gave you some good advice. *take it please*

Daz and Bernice? I don’t hate it.

Nicola going through the dead woman’s stuff. *HA HA HA*

Stealing money from a dead woman. Wow. Guys. There is some moral implications here but also…eh. Maybe its ok. MAYBE? *shrugs*

Faith is the queen. Enjoy.


I’d do that too Gerry. I love that song.

Gerry is the new Adam. Calling it now.

Whatever. These scenes are filler. OH. That is a bad mark on the car. EEK.

Yup and Aaron is sad. *sad face*


OH GOD. Emily get acting lessons. Geez. Are you birthing a cow?

Aaron. Why are you following? What are you doing?

Also, what a drama queen. Women have babies all the time. SUCK IT THE FUCK UP PRINCESS.

Robron scene. Aaron is a mess. Robert is a mess. He doesn’t want to leave Aaron. It wasn’t awkward at all by the way. It was…interesting. Very interesting to me. I will dissect later.

Oh god. Emily is so bad. *SNORTS* On the first day of Christmas the fairy gave to me…an acting lesson! *My song for Emily*

None of this is funny. Are we done yet?

Oh. “Are you the dad?” *Only Victoria answers* Interesting. Very interesting.

Don’t worry Robert. I don’t know how to old a baby either.

That baby doesn’t look small at all by the way. Isn’t she super early?

Um. Lawrence is Ronnie now? Um…sure. Why not? *shrug*

Cool. I’ve already forgotten it. Bye bitch.

Robert and the baby doesn’t bug me by the way. Robert loving the baby isn’t bad at all. THE BABY ISN’T TO BLAME. Mention of Jack. Geez Diane. OH GOD. STOP MENTIONING JACK. That will set Robert off in the worst way.


HE SAID EARLY. Just saying.

Robert is talking to Jack. He is saying everything I’ve been waiting for.

The framing of the shadow on the gravestone. WOW. GREAT CAMERA WORK.

He is taking Jack’s words to heart. Thinks he will ruin his life if he stays. OH GOD. ROBERT HONEY. NO! You aren’t….god. This is sad too.

I love this scene by the way. Ryan is amazing. So much history there. All this being brought up. It NORMAL for Robert to want this child. So, anyone who mocks him or thinks he shouldn’t? Get the fuck off my blog. He has the right to learn to love this child.

‘It’s Just Speculation!

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As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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