Emmerdale Live and Organized – November 6, 2017

Welcome to the pre-show! Alright, people. It’s showtime! After all the drama, infighting and general rudeness, we are at a turning point in the Robron story.  Let’s enjoy it for what it is and see where it takes us. Jumping into a new part of the story can be scary, but I say, go with the flow. We cannot change it so don’t fret it. Enjoy, get angry or fall deeper in love with your favorite characters and see where it goes before freaking out or causing others to freak out prematurely.

Oh. One more piece of advice? Don’t spread spoilers. Don’t clap for Tinkerbell. Starve Tinkerbell. Then maybe ITV will get off their butts and stop him from ruining their ratings, advertising dollars, and sponsorships. Hell, what do I know though? I’m just a fan trying to escape into a show for an hour or so.

Let’s crack on and start the week!

Vadam/Moira’s Farm

Vadam doesn’t have a house. Let’s point and laugh at them. #deadinthewater

She cares about everyone but her brother.

Isaac is such a snuggly baby. *snuggle snuggle*

Someone put the letter in his car? Who could do that? *Pete? Maybe Pete? PETE?*

Adam’s mouth will get him further in trouble. Shut it. Let Victoria figure it out.

Victoria keeps asking about his innocence. Aaron looks at him differently. Something is coming. If its what I think…that’s REALLY boring show. Surprise me. I know you can.


David’s Grocery

Everyone is mad at Gerry.

Liv can’t answer for herself? Tell Aaron what went down? Aaron is being creepy. Stop it. There is protecting, and there is creepy. Aaron is hitting creepy status. Why didn’t Zak tell him that nothing happened? Seriously, LISTEN TO LIV YOU GOOBER.

Hey Aaron? I thought you learned that using your fists doesn’t work? Should I get you a wrench?

Faith wondering up with the baby cracked me up. Like, she was assessing the situation and jumped on in. LOVE HER.

Did I just hear ‘kinky’ come out of her mouth? *HA HA HA*

Does anyone work anymore in the village? In general?

Hmmm. Eric back in politics? Hmmmm indeed.

Tracy with a kid. That would be funny. That kid would be the best dressed in the village. *wink*

I LOVE FAITH. MY DARLING. MY LOVE. You get a spot next to Lydia. *High five*

The Pub Crew

Poor Doug. Just drink your beer with a straw. It’s manly. Nerd. *ha*

Chas is out of the loop of things? Hmmmm…Aaron didn’t tell her?

I thought everyone was cool with Gerry. Since when does the village care about Doug?

Everyone but Robert will be living at The Mill at this point. Even freaking Isaac will live there before him.

Dingle’s Auto Shop

Victoria blames everyone else. New tactic.

Aaron didn’t seem too sure Adam wouldn’t kill someone. Did anyone else pick up on that?

Maybe Adam should have given the police the letter the minute it happened. His alibi should exonerate him.

The Police

A violent struggle. That’s new information. I thought she was slapped and then pushed. Someone grabbed her. Well…Pete did. Right. Pete did.

The Café Crew

Is Aaron just wandering around today? DOES ANYONE WORK? Danny looks like a well-rested bunny.


Is Robert the only one running the scrapyard? I feel like he is busy too. So, WHO IS RUNNING THE SCRAPYARD? Geez…

B&B Crew

Diane seems more upset about Adam than Robert. I keep writing this, and it gets more real and more accurate.

Diane’s smile makes me smile. I’m a nerd.

So, Gerry set off the fireworks to do what exactly? Sneak back in? *SNORT*

‘It’s Just Speculation!

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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