Emmerdale Live and Organized – November 2, 2017

Welcome to the pre-show. I’m in a much better mood and looking forward to the drama, intrigue and general insanity that comes with watching a soap.  That is what we are watching. A soap opera. Soap operas are designed to withstand long winding stories that have many twists and turns for our favorite and not so favorite characters.  It can be tiresome but usually worth the wait.  Watching a soap opera is like visiting family and hearing about what is going on in their lives. For about 30 to 60 minutes we can forget our troubles and be happy that we don’t have their Let’s.  It’s easy to get upset over what our favorites go through but its all part of the story. The harder they fall, the higher they will soar. The higher they soar, the harder they fall. You get the point. Soap operas are its own animal and watching them requires some patience.  So, grab your drinks. Grab some snacks. Put your feet up. Enjoy the ride.

So, let’s crack on!

The Thomas Family

Having to explain grief to a child is tough. As an adult I don’t fully understand it. Not without the seven stages at least.

Gabby is on the run!

Awwww. Gabby’s background is a picture of her, Laurel and dad! *bubble wrap her heart*

OH SHIT. Gabby you don’t have to talk to them. Don’t say anything.

So, Gerry and Liv are the new best friends? I don’t hate it.

Bernice was just a mother. I don’t blame her.

Oh crap. Laurel. Darling. No. Please no.

Laurel is starting to lose it a bit. Getting jumpy. Eyes a bit wild.

BOB! Hey buddy! Whats up! I love Bob. Oh god. Ross. What is Ross doing?

Ross looks guilty to me.

Didn’t Gabby steal the memory card? It wasn’t left on the grave at all.

HA. TOLD EVERYONE. LAUREL. I love my girl but Laurel. LAUREL.

Caroline lying for Laurel. *DUN DUN DUUUNNNN*


The Bartons

Ross is just a zombie these days.

God. The Bartons are a mess. No love lost there.

Ross is awake again. Less zombie like.

“You will be accusing Sandy soon!” – HA OOOHHH…SANDY. It’s always the quiet ones. *wink*

I hate Pete right now. He is just annoying.

David’s Grocery

Adoption for Vadam. Dead in the water Vadam. Hmmmmmm.

Leo! I love Leo. Cutie! I love seeing him back on screen.

Paddy’s Office

Marlon and Paddy trying to get Leo’s teaching assistant back after Paddy screwed up. This could be funny to watch.

Rhona is going to bitch slap Paddy. Lets watch! *ha ha ha ha*

Vanessa and Rhona. Best friends to the end. *sings*

The Police

I guess that means Bernice and Lawrence aren’t married anymore? Does anyone have an answer to that?

Good. Laurel needs to step in. Oh no. Laurel needs to go in. Not Bernice! Oh god no. Gabby is screwed!

I’m not liking this guy. I know he is doing his job, but I’m very protective over Laurel.

I’m sorry. Those questions feel a bit leading. I know in an interview they need to get the truth out of people but for a minor…there are rules in place. I assume Britain has the same rules.

Also, other than weak motive, the memory card proves nothing. I don’t think Gabby did it.

I think Gabby has the note because the church is near the grave so she would have found it.

I’VE GOT MOTIVE TOO, Bernice! *wink*

The Pub Crew

Marlon and Paddy. Britain’s answer to the Marx Brothers.

Watch. She will think they are a couple.


Rhona is about to screw this all up!


Vanessa shaking her head at Marlon’s jokes gave me life.

Moira’s Farm

Moira doesn’t seem that thrilled about it all. *eek*

Victoria. BABIES AREN’T AN ASSOCERY! They are for life!

Adam’s not showing up at any point now. Whoops. Flat tire.  However, something is missing from his car. Hmmmmm.

Faith is making a sandwich and pissing off Victoria. I LOVE FAITH.

Oh god. Faith. *Snorts*

I’m adding this because my dear friend Justine made a good point. The show is pushing Aaron and Adam apart. Other than Adam leaving us soon…there must be another reason. *talk about it below!*

Pete is going around accusing so many people. So, Pete is the one who did it? Right? Finding reasons for everyone else?


I’m enjoying Gerry and Liv’s friendship.

Gerry is being integrated into the village nicely. With his fireworks. That won’t go horribly at all.


Gerry is going to murder someone by accident. Isn’t he? Oh Gerry.

I love the look Liv gave him. Like, “You are full of shit Gerry.”

‘It’s Just Speculation!

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As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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