Emmerdale Live and Organized – November 1, 2017

Welcome to the pre-show. I think Ryan Hawley has been doing an amazing job since this storyline began. Yeah. I said it. I think Ryan, who has been carrying this story, has done an amazing job. Danny has been in and out (great at what he needs to do but noticeably absent). Emily can barely hold her own against a cell phone let along ANY of the actors on the show. So, this has been Ryan’s year. I see it. I see how amazing he has been. The facial expressions. The noticeable changes in how he approaches Lawrence, Chrissie, Rebecca, and Lachlan. The scheming smug smile. The sadness when he is away from Home Farm and sees the people from his idea of a perfect life moving on. The way he lights up when he talks to others in the village. The anger when something doesn’t go to plan. Ryan has done it all this year. It’s been one hell of a ride too. We have two more months in the year and I expect nothing but the best from him.

We got a show to watch. Let’s crack on!

I don’t feel good today so I might not be my sparkling self. Warning ahead. Bitterness is aplenty.

The Thomas Family

Emma is going to haunt me, kids. This story never ends.

I love Bernice’s outfit. Really cute! *vain moment*

Liv is the bad influence? SURE. WHATEVER Bernice.

My theory of Gabby and Laurel in cahoots seems to be taking shape now.

Bernice is always ten steps behind when it comes to Gabby.

Maybe my theory was wrong. Crap. *back to the drawing board*

“We are all capable of murder.” – Yeah, Laurel! THIS IS A SOAP. Get with the program.

That’s the second time in one week they mentioned Rebecca not drinking. We know the bitch is pregnant so that’s not it. Why the fuck do we care if she drinks or not?

Paddy’s Office/Paddy/Rhona

Paddy and Chas are getting weird now. Stop it. Not cute. Something is either wrong with Chas, or she is up to something.

Rhona is back! I love her. Strategy for Leo over Chas. Leo is the important one.

Rhona is just as annoyed as I am with Paddy lately. Nice not to be alone.

Putting a woman over your kid. Paddy remains a dick.

Vanessa slowly walks out of the room slowly. Never to return. *LAUGHS*

Home Farm

Does a blind person dress this bitch? Geez. So ugly.

This family drags everything down on the show. *falls asleep*

David’s Grocery

Pete and Leyla being friends so easily is odd.


Laurel isn’t that type of person so back the frack off Pete.

Adorable. I love that Jai got dressed up for Eliza. *heart eyes*


Yeah. This won’t end well. God.

Robert has his ‘fake’ voice on. GEEZ ROBERT. Stop poking the crazy bear! Idiot. STOP.

Robert. Is there a reason why you were all jolly? It screams bad writing on my end. He was told Rebecca had lost a lot of blood and yet he was sitting there screwing with Lachlan? They needed a reason for Lachlan to really lose it. Whatever. Is this episode over yet? *nope*

Though, the line of bringing in the ‘real’ grandchild is what set Lachlan off. Interesting. I’ll dissect the scene when I’m not in a crappy mood.

Well. We know that the Ford handles well. *Proud Ford Owner*

I hated that. So much. I’m not in the mood for this story today. That’s it. Tomorrow I’ll be in a better mood. Right now, I hated seeing that. I hated the whole sequence. We get it. Lachlan is a monster. WE GOT THAT LAST YEAR YOU IDIOTS. The GA can’t be this stupid to forget Lachlan is a crazy nutbag of stupidness.

‘It’s Just Speculation!

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