Love: Robron Style

Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up.

James A. Baldwin


Love isn’t finite. It’s is designed to be infinite.  For example, I love my parents. I love chocolate. I love Starbucks (like every good white girl), and I love old movies. All those examples are different people and objects that I love. That love is different. How I love my parents differs from how I love Starbucks.  No type of love is the same.

That brings me to Robert and Aaron.

Lately, mostly on Tumblr, I’ve seen ‘asks’ and comments on Robert, Aaron, and their love. Some are writing that ‘They can’t believe that Robert loves the baby instantly! What about Aaron? Aaron is always the one that gets shafted. He deserves better than Robert! Isn’t Robert betraying Robert by saying he wants to do right by his son?” (this is a mass generalization of what I have seen on Tumblr and a bit on Twitter).

Here is where I stand on these questions and opinions that are populating Tumblr and Twitter.

Robert and the Baby

We are along with Robert for the ride when it comes to the baby. Since we don’t see this pregnancy from Rebecca’s viewpoint, we are getting Robert’s.  Robert is framing the baby as a negative right. In his eyes, the baby is why Aaron is gone. The baby is why he is stuck with The White Family. The baby is why he lost the life he wanted.

However, like we saw on Friday and that terrified look as he felt that baby kick? That was the first kick into Roberts realization that the baby is a real thing. It is a little human being on its way into the world. It went from a concept for him to an actual living breathing human that shares his blood (for now at least).

Robert struggling with the baby but wanting to do better or love it isn’t a bad thing. It’s someone coming to terms with reality.  It’s normal to not bond right away with a child. It will happen when it is time. For Robert, he needs to go through all the emotions he has been fighting and hiding through his schemes and general sadness. When he is ready, he will bond, and it won’t be a betrayal or affront to Aaron.  The developing of that love is quite different from the love that is already there with Aaron. They are two different worlds that don’t meet.

This type of love, parental love is different from loving a partner.

Aaron’s Relationship to Robert and this Story

This isn’t Aaron’s story. He is in the supporting cast. The first rung of the supporting cast but he is supporting. There is a reason why Aaron has been absent. This story isn’t about him this time around. Last year he got an amazing story about his abuse where Robert was supporting. Backing Aaron up whenever he needed it. Helping move the story forward.

That is Aaron position in this story. It’s Robert on the front lines and Aaron is designed to help move the story forward.

Currently, In Aarons’ head, the baby is also framed negatively. It is the concept that broke up his marriage, made him think very dark thoughts and he cannot see the child without thinking of the cheating. Perfectly valid reasons to frame the child negatively. After breaking up with Robert and having a few moments with him, Aaron has removed himself from the narrative for a while. He is taking care of Liv, he is trying to get better mentally and physically and even went on a trip to visit old friends.

Now, with the baby being born very soon, Aaron will be thrown back into the narrative whether he wants to or not. He presence and his talks with Robert will push Robert forward in his journey to thinking of the child as a negative to a positive. Otherwise, this is Roberts story. His ‘come to Jesus’ moment if you will.

In six weeks lots can change in the narrative.  Aaron might find himself stepping up to help Robert, or he will find himself stepping back. We don’t know, but lots can happen in six weeks. Aaron is there in the background, helping push the narrative forward in small ways but ultimately everything he does is his decision. Robert isn’t forcing him to stick around. Aaron choices are his own as a supporting character.

Aaron still loves Robert (he always will) but right now that romantic type of love isn’t what is needed from Aaron to Robert. The love Aaron has for Robert as a friend is what is needed now.

Aaron/Robert Deserve Better Than Aaron/Robert

I’ve seen this going around quite a bit in the general ‘Robron’ fandom which makes me laugh. Robert and Aaron are two very perfectly imperfect people. They both have been through a lot in life. They both have made bad decisions. They have tried to be better people. They both have relapsed in small and big ways. They are both very layered and very human. They are full of gray, and that is what makes them interesting apart and together.

They are worthy of each other. Robert and Aaron are the type of characters that are always going to take five steps forward and six steps back. They will grow and do better but relapse. That makes them feel even more real and one hell of a super couple. A super couple that needs to get back to a place where they can communicate, trust and is an equal partnership.

A romantic love that goes beyond the typical. The hearts and passionate declarations. Robert and Aaron have that down. They have done that. The love they need to develop now? Is the mature love. That settled in love. The kind where trust, communication, and a partnership can form.

So, like I said in the beginning, there are different types of love that we experience every day. They don’t mean the same thing to each person or thing in your life, but it exists.  Same applies to the final act of this story.  It isn’t the end of the world that this baby has arrived. It just signals the beginning of the end of this story.  The end of one chapter in Roberts and Aarons lives. From this point on its going to develop into something different. Something new. Something worth waiting to see. We will see Robert grow from plotting revenge against people that just don’t matter to deciding to be better for himself, his family and baby. He will be learning about parental love and loving himself by making better choices.  We will see Aaron make the decision to back Robert up without sacrificing his feelings in the process. Aaron will learn to love himself and love Robert as a friend and as a partner. It will be worth the wait in the end.

What do you think? Tell me below or Tweet/Tumblr me @AmandaJ718. Until next time, see you around Emmerdale.

Thanks to Justine (@BeautifulHusbands) for coming up with the title


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  1. I don’t disagree with a lot of what you wrote, but there’s a difference between analyzing the story from a narrative/writing POV and from a character POV. Obviously as a character Aaron makes his own decisions, but he’s not real so the writers decide what they want. The question is whether the narrative is fair and convincing.

    This is very much Robert’s story, and looking back, it really has been since March. The problem is that Aaron’s role in driving the story has always been framed as harmful for his well-being or something depressing. He’s upset about Robert and Rebecca and beats up Kasim (not blaming Robert or Bex, just stating the context). He’s tortured in prison and takes drugs leading to the ONS. He self-harms for weeks, thinks about using drugs again, throws a wrench at Robert, ends up going to hospital because he can’t cope with the baby. He’s said multiple times since Jan that he hates who he is w/Robert, the relationship is not good for them, ect. Since the breakup, most of his “growth” has taken place off screen. The last major interaction he had w/Robert was because Liv ended up in hospital, indirectly because of Robert’s drugging of Lawrence. There’s just not a lot at the moment narratively to suggest why Aaron would want to go back to relationship, especially considering how much better he’s supposedly doing and what a low point he reached during the relationship, and his persistent dislike of Rebecca/the baby. If they wanted Aaron to take such a supporting role, then I don’t think they should’ve gone down the self-harming route. As such, I get the feeling it’ll seem more like something Aaron endures rather than accepts (which is usually the case, tbh).

    It’s not about Robert being a bad person or judging who’s done worse, ect. It’s more about the show demonstrating in a convincing and believable way why after all this drama they should be together.

    I’m glad you have faith, but I’m not so sure. We’ll see though.

    • Thanks for reading Stella! I’m sorry in advance of this response being a bit jumbled but I have a lot to say back and my brain is just spilling out all my feelings today.
      Here is the thing though. Aaron handled things horribly because he wasn’t at the right headspace for anything. If it wasn’t what was going on with Robert it would have been something else in that time.
      Aaron has a choice. As a character he is a choice. He can stay or walk away. Aaron chose to walk away. He chose to get better for himself and his family. He is only human and will falter. Of course, he will feel sad seeing the love of his life away from him. Its not like Robert is flaunting everything in front of him either. Robert is in his own personal hell right now and is stuck in a very descriptive circle that will end badly. Aaron is on a positive circle of him getting better.
      THE CHARACTER HAS CHOICE. He doesn’t have to endure anything. He can never talk or see Robert again. Remember the conversation they had with Liv about Want vs Need? That plays in big. Since Aaron broke it off with Robert, he has learned the difference between the two. Robert and Aaron were at levels of co-dependence that aren’t healthy. Aaron is finally realizing that there is a difference between needing Robert (which he claimed a lot last year) vs Wanting Robert (something he will CHOOSE to do).
      Aaron isn’t some fragile doll that isn’t allowed to have more than one feeling. He is strong. He learns from his mistakes and tries to do better. He feels more than sadness. He is a layered complex character. He can feel sad while wanting to be there for his friend. Since, it is painfully obvious, that as we build towards a reunion the two become friends which is something both really needed to do before moving on. Building a relationship on the basis of friendship makes them even stronger.
      If Aaron himself feels he cannot do that for Robert or finds he doesn’t WANT to do that for Robert (be his supporting force) he won’t do it. The show itself wouldn’t write it that way.
      Endure. Aaron won’t endure anything. He will choose to stick around and get involved. CHOICE IS THE WORD OF THE DAY.
      Again, thanks for reading and writing your comment. I appreciate your thoughts and I hope you don’t take any of this the wrong way. Just my thoughts on the matter.

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