Emmerdale Live and Organized – October 27, 2017

Welcome to the pre-show!  I see everyone’s spirits are down and nobody is looking forward to this November. Ok, some of us are while others are cautious, and some are just in hell. Right now, because of this divide, people are easy pickings again.  Every little bit of speculation and fan thought gets used as fact and causes undue panic.

Don’t panic. We have so much to look forward to and it’s not like we are in freefall. It isn’t like the times of the ONS, the reveal or the breakup episodes. We have a light at the end of the tunnel. We have a soft-landing place (as soft as a landing place can be on a soap).  We have Christmas week and all the first half of 2018. We know once we get the year started we are heading towards a summer wedding. There is a lot of good coming our way. In this final act, the final leg, the seventh inning stretch, and the last hurrah there will be a lot of pain. That pain will grow numb and soon we will be feeling joy because we know it has to work out.

So, we can’t fight what has already been done. Just got to sit back, find a bitch buddy, get some snacks and ride it out. Enjoy the performances of Ryan, Danny, Louise, Thomas, and John. For Emily, we just hope we don’t have to watch that birth scene for too long.  Don’t try to panic and just ride out the story. We have a light and a soft-landing waiting for us at the end of a long year.  I have faith it will all work out. I have faith we will look back at the story and see the connections we missed. I have faith we will get a good payoff from this build up.  I have faith it will all work out.

Alright, enough of that schmaltzy positive crap. Let’s crack on!

Note: OH. OOOOHH. November sounds good. So good. MOVEMENT. STORY MOVEMENT MY FRIENDS. We are getting movement and things are looking good.

Moira’s Farm

Faith with Baby Isaac! That kid is so freaking cute. I love him.

Moira was fine. Moira is also not in a good place.

Faith is the go-between Moira and Cain. God bless her.

Faith. The ultimate Coira shipper. *high five*


They are hiding still? This is just stupid.

I think Chas likes hiding because its exciting. That’s it.

The Pub Crew

An early morning walk in last night clothes? Both of you? *HA*

Charity finally has someone to call her out on her crap. There is the Chas I know and love.


Dude. Charity. Shut up. Debbie is covering your butt.

Oh hey. Charity is out.

I think Debbie has feelings. Not just sex for her. Setting up a foundation for Tom to enter the village. Not just Debbie.

I am not into this Paddy and Chas thing. Its getting weird now.


Jai is afraid to be with her. That’s sad. It will be ok though.

Why does Frank think one of them did it? *HA*

I’m glad Jai is talking about his worries to his dad. He needs to talk it out.

I kind of ship Megan and Jai. That or I enjoy seeing their friendship. *DON’T HATE ME*

Home Farm

Oh hey! Victoria heard baby and she showed up.

“That’s the one thing that unites us.” – Lydia. Yes. Death does unite us. Death to The White Family does too.

Victoria. The Whites can judge all they want. They don’t freaking matter. *SHUT UP VICTORIA*

Hypnobirth. Also, “shock of your life.” *THEORY FOREVER* *ADAM THEORY FOREVER*

Lydia is too pure for this show. Lydia doesn’t have to decorate That place is full of horrors called The White Family. Robert is stuck in their hell house set up.

OH GOD. Emily. GOD. YOU SUCK. I am not looking forward to your birth scenes. God. I hope for Christmas you get acting lessons and try not to rely on your daddy’s name for jobs. You don’t deliver the same as him. *Oh. That was mean. Getting my inner Charity on right now*

I didn’t know if it was the bad acting or did Rebecca look like she was faking? Like…something seemed off about that.

The Whites always reference American pop culture. I find that odd. Is that meant to show that they don’t fit in this English village.

Hmmmm….Hello SJ! I’m fine with Robert loving his child. I’d be worried if he didn’t come around to the kid. Ryan is great at expressions. I love his acting. *NTA shortlist here we come!*

Tom ’50 Shades of Grey’ Penthouse

Debbie and Tom. Laying the foundation so he can move into Emmerdale. YAY.

Debbie is talking about Charity with Tom. They are getting very close. Beyond sleeping together close.

I still like them better than Dross.

Tom has a bit more personality today. Good for him!

He needs a pretty girl. Why not. *shrug* Slippery slope there.

‘It’s Just Speculation!

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As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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