Emmerdale Not So Live But Still Organized – October 20, 2017

Welcome to the late very late pre-show. This will be quick.

This fandom is large. It is very diverse and full of opinions. Not all those opinions will match up, and people will clash. If I have ever made anyone feel uncomfortable or upset over an opinion expressed in a review, theory/speculation blog post or on any of my social media, I am sorry. However, I will not apologize for liking or disliking a character or storyline. If you don’t like what I have to say: Unfollow me. Mute me. Block me. Ignore me.

I try to learn from my mistakes, and I know words have more power than anyone can imagine. There are certain words I will never use in this fandom again. One word, in particular, is upsetting to one side of the fandom and I will hold back on saying it from now on out of respect. However, I will not stop having an opinion about characters or storylines. I am not trying to be a bully. I’m standing up for myself and my thoughts. Calling me or my friend’s names will get you blocked. Calling me a bully because I don’t agree with your opinion? Gets you blocked.  Swearing at me? Figure out the pattern yet? (Hint: BLOCKED).

Some people need to grow up. Not everyone is going to like the same things as you. Talking these differences out respectfully is what makes this fandom fun. Let’s make this fandom fun again.

Ok? Good, now, on with the show.

Moira’s House

Faith isn’t helping the situation, but I agree. I am a firm believer in having a good cry. It can make everything better in the end.

Jack and Sarah look excited to see their new Uncle. It’s very cute.

Sarah is adorable. I hope they don’t go where I think they will go with her.

That baby! It is the cutest thing in existence.

Moira. Honey! He wants to be picked up and given a hug. He wants his mom to love him.

Oh god. She is off running. NO! MOIRA! Poor Moira. Poor baby! *BUBBLE WRAP FOR MILES*


“The telly is the heart of the home!” – Kerry *COMPLETELY AGREE*

Amelia is a sweet kid. She is street smart though, and that will keep her safe in life.


Home Farm

OH GOD. Robert is playing him so hard. It’s making me laugh and I have to look away. I won’t lie, I will miss most of their scenes from nervously laughing and having to look away. *bits the bubble wrap to hide a scream of pain*

Lachlan is the only one who has a good head on his shoulders.

I’d like to point out that at every point in this first scene, Lawrence/Rebecca/Chrissie all laid big hero eyes at Robert. Damn boy. I’m impressed. Lachlan…the only one. Aaron would see though all this because Aaron knows Robert. Lachlan seems to know too. Those three idiots don’t. It’s just…. interesting. That’s all.


Well, Chrissie is back on, “Robert what are you doing?” kick. Well, Lawrence is in his palm. *slowly claps for Robert*

“I’ve always been on the outside.” There is a lot of truth to that. One thing I think got Robert by during those nine years away was his charms, his quick thinking, and his plans. This is like he has gone back to that. Anything for revenge. Anything to survive. He is on the outside, and that is all he has left, in his mind anyway. It’s really sad.

I’m analyzing Roberts state of mind because the scenes between Lawrence and Robert are laughable. The actors are soooo not into it (they are trying so hard) but its just…FUNNY. *SNORTS* *Has to look away*

The Café Crew

I feel bad for Daz. His mistakes he made in the past are just slapping him.

I do like how Daz admits that he has a past and knows it could be problems for his future. I feel for Dan and Daz. I know he is backing his brother, which is sweet, but that is going to backfire. It always does on a soap.

I love this little family of Daz/Dan/Amelia/Kerry. ADORABLE. I’m into it. *high fives everyone*


“Moira doesn’t want me.” – Cain *SOOOO NOT TRUE*

Ah. Tom. Welcome back, Tom. Kind of welcome back. I don’t know.

“At least Pete was a steady loser.” – Cain *snorts*

I won’t lie. I kind of love seeing Debbie stand up for her dad. It’s kind of cute. In a Dingle sort of way.

Cain/Police Station *TOGETHER FOREVER* (Featuring Moira)

Cain is an expert at police interviews.

I mean, after everything that went down, who didn’t want to kill Emma.

Moira let’s not upset the detective. Let’s not overdo it.

Moira is trying to protect Cain. Either she is guilty of something or she thinks Cain did something for her and *COIRA LOVE* *SING-SONG VOICE*

The Pub Crew

I’m worried about so many characters on this show. Harriet included.

What a weird line. Victoria keeps all her messages because of Adam? Was that a plot point or something stupid? WAIT…WAIT! Oh…right…. *I’m keeping this to myself for now*

Lydia! I adore how all her favorite names are in her life! *MY HEART JUST GREW TWO SIZES*

Cain is trying to figure out of Moira did something. Moira thinks Cain did something. Coira trying to keep each other safe.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’


As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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