Emmerdale Live and Organized – October 13, 2017

Welcome to Friday’s pre-show.  GOATS. Oh. Also, here is my ‘Who Pushed Emma?’ Theory.

Gabby found the suicide letter in the church and kept it for herself. Meanwhile, Laurel came home because Gabby called her to do so and came across Emma. They argue, and Laurel smacks her across the face because well, Laurel has done this before with Emma and there was major build up. Emma moves on to the bridge where she has her talk with her ghost family.  Ross, who was looking for her, finds her and Emma turns. Ross, as angry as he is, tries to talk her down off the bridge ledge. She goes to jump down, and she slips and falls down. That or she tells Ross no and lets herself fall backward. Ross freaks because he has so much to lose. He could lose Moses, Pete, and Debbie. So, he takes Emma’s stuff and runs with it.

That is my theory. Gabby/Laurel/Ross. Accidental Fall. Let’s see if it withstands today’s episode.

Let’s crack on shall we?

The Pub Crew

Vanessa looks…confused. OH LOOK. THEY GET A MORNING AFTER SCENE.

HA. Super Marlon.

OH. YAY a Friday the 13th Reference. Good for you show. GOOD FOR YOU. *NERDGASM*

Paddy is a Friday the 13th Fan. *Headcanon*

Vanessa doesn’t want to be found out by anyone. Oh…hey Paddy!

Baby’s first pub visit.

“Way better snog than your dad!” – Charity (HA!)

The Bartons

Oh yay. The police again. *eye roll*

Thanks for the overview Ross! I know it’s for the slow in the head general audience.

Yes, Pete. Ask Ross the important question so I can validate my theory. *HA*

OH HEY! HEEEEYYY! That part of my theory might be right!

OH HEY! We are just laying it all out there. I’m enjoying the Robert mention (hey my lovely lovely son. I miss you!)

The Bubblegum Crew

Fred. Gerald. How about…Isaac? *wink*

I guess Gerry and Liv are best friends now? Ok. I’m cool with that. Liv needs more friends since Gabby sucks right now.

Diane and Liv working together? I was hoping Liv could hang out with the Sugden side of the family.

They are getting Gerry attached to other people in the village. Gerry is sticking around?

Take a Vow Crew

Leyla being bitter is awesome (I love it)

Megan and Frank…are they a thing again? I lost track of their whole story. Are they back together again? I’m lost here. Please help me out here.



I missed her. *heart eyes*

“It was just a fumble.”

The Factory

Oh good. The orders will be ok.

“Everyone makes mistakes” – Jai (HA HA HA HA)



They just kissed. Like I thought.


Moira is not attaching to that kid. Letting it cry. *sad face*

That baby is so cute! Curled up against Faith like that. *my ovaries just burst*

Moira. Watch what you say. Please. Watch what you say.

“…The only thing she is guilty of is being a good mother.” (Baby Dingle confirms) (AWWW)

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

Originally posted by mroutsiderboy

(Just some Friday the 13th Humor)

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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