The Dark Horse – The Adam Theory Explained

Ah, yes. The Adam Theory. This appeared on Tumblr and I looked really hard, but I couldn’t figure out who threw it out there first. I remember seeing it and loving it and have kept it close to my heart since then.  If you were the first to come up with the Adam Theory, please message me so I can give you full credit. It was just a line on Tumblr, but since then I’ve tried to make it work every time I could. I’ve been watching Adam way too carefully these days. Same with Victoria. Maybe that’s why they are getting on my nerves, but that is for another day.

This theory tends to upset people. Some even feel the urge to call me names when I bring it up in my live reaction reviews.  If you love it, hate it or just find it funny, I’ve decided to analyze it the same way I examined the top theories the other day.

So, without further ado, here is the Adam Theory. The reasons why it works, why it doesn’t and why I love it so much.

The Official Theory as It Stands

Adam is the real dad to Rebecca’s baby. The ONS didn’t happen. Rebecca leaves a passed-out Robert to run into Adam who Victoria sends back to check on Robert. They get to talking and things happen and well la de da, we have a baby. Adam doesn’t think he is the child’s father because he has since then found out he is sterile.  Except, is he? Could Adam be the mysterious third person? One of those sneaky twists? The secret third choice fans don’t know about yet?

Why This Works

The Rebecca/Vadam Connection

This whole ‘Baby Story’ started with Adam and Rebecca talking to each other. Since then Rebecca has been connected to Vadam in some way or form. More than Robert even.  Hear me out.  Rebecca/Vadam and their interactions are based on baby talk. Every single time.

The three never interacted more than ordering at the pub or a quick hello. Then the morning of the ‘ONS’, Adam and Rebecca bond over Holly (sisters).  Then Adam is there to tell Victoria what Robert has done while drunk. Rebecca lying to Ross and running to Robert after hearing Adams story (even though Robert didn’t ask for Rebecca to show up). Then Victoria, who has never really talked to Rebecca, ends up ‘smelling’ (to this day I don’t know how Victoria guessed Rebecca could be pregnant when Rebecca herself wasn’t feeling the typical symptoms) that Rebecca might be pregnant. Victoria thinks she is pregnant too. As we know, Victoria gives Rebecca her last test and she finds out she is pregnant. Something Victoria keeps so Adam could find it, and we can start the testing of the sperm/eggs of Vadam.

Every conversation after that becomes about the baby. Victoria throws herself into this child long before it is revealed to be Roberts.  Victoria is the one that convinces Rebecca to keep it. Victoria keeps the test for her. Victoria is the one that picks Rebecca over her brother and starts to protect and help Rebecca while she goes through the early months of her pregnancy. Gives her a place to stay, was the only one to go with her to an appointment, was the one there with her when she had the scare, planned a nursey, tried to find names with her, bugged Robert to get involved. Victoria became wrapped up in a kid that isn’t hers.

While this is happening, Adam is in the background. Many scenes of Victoria and Rebecca cut to Adam or mention Adam in some way.  Adam becomes heavily involved when Aaron starts to hurt himself over the thought of the child. After that, he disappears again only to be scene after a Victoria scene.

Adam does connect to Rebecca a few times. He had a moment with her talking about Holly and sisters. He was there when Rebecca made her return from Ibiza while he was talking about babies.  The episode where Aaron came back had Adam talking to Rebecca about how Aaron must feel.

Speaking of that episode, there is an interesting scene in question that cannot be a mistake. Not the way this show has been operating lately.


Look at this shot that shows up twice in the episode. Robert/Rebecca/Adam. If I were the director, I would have had Adam over on Aarons side to show the audience where Adams loyalties lie (just in case people haven’t gotten it yet) but nope. Adam gets to stand between Robert and Rebecca. Odd framing for the scene. Sure, having Rebecca in the shot makes sense since Aaron and Robert are talking about moving forward again. Why does Adam need to be there?

Things cool off for a while especially after Robert starts off on his trail. To the point where Victoria doesn’t seem that into the baby anymore. Enough to even mock Robert for trying after giving him so much crap for not caring. Vadam finds their way back to each other uttering the line, “The mistakes we make stay in the past. Start again?”. Adam is on his way out, his mistakes will haunt him now. The birth of Moira’s baby has brought this whole storyline back. Moira herself brought up that Adam really wanted a kid with Victoria and he brushes it off. Adam is very into holding that child (Which isn’t surprising but I’d thought Victoria would be holding it more).

Don’t forget. At the end of the day, Adam never went back to be retested. That stays in my head making all these weird connections to this child odd.

Why It Doesn’t Work

The two biggest blocks to this theory? Adam is sterile. We saw it talked about on screen with a doctor in a hospital setting. It’s not unheard of in soaps for doctors to be right. The doctor was pretty sure Adam was sterile, but he needed further testing to make sure.  That means he can’t be the father. Second block? We don’t have any proof that Adam went back to The Mill or even left the pub after arriving to tell Victoria that Robert was in angry and kicked him out.

We have no reference to them talking before the morning of the ‘ONS.’ In fact, other than ordering something from the bar, Victoria and Rebecca never talked like friends. Same with Adam. They only seemed to talk that morning about Holly.  This might be because Rebecca had no friends or connections to anyone in the village. They gave her an instant friend in Victoria because she is connected to Robert.  Makes it easier for everything to come out and have Victoria easily stick around.  If anything, this shows how Rebecca has always been underdeveloped as a character.

One could say Debbie related to the baby stuff (her connection to Ross and one of the famous theories), but that friendship was used to get the car service business started and then Debbie could meet Tom. That bond was severed quite quickly after the Robron breakup. They just sit in scenes together looking bored (in my personal opinion).

The Vadam/Rebecca connection could just be Rebecca getting caught up in those ‘connection’ scenes. Each soap couple has those connection scenes. Even when a couple is broken up, their scenes will match up or follow each other. It happens all the time with Robron, Coira and even Dross (not lately but she has been off doing god knows what).  Vadam is no exception. That be why it looked like a connection when she was just there when the writers and directors were trying to connect Vadam.

Why I Like It

It makes this storyline so much more soapy and interesting. It also serves as one hell of an exit storyline for Adam and gives him a good reason to come on back (which we all know he will).  It explains why Victoria seemed to smell the pregnancy on Rebecca before she showed symptoms and why she is overly obsessed with her before Adam comes back into the picture.  It would create an interesting complication in the Adam and Aaron friendship. An unresolved thread and a reason for Adam to come back (when Thomas is ready to come back).

I love this theory because of how shocking it would be.  The general audience, looking at things from the shows point of view, is expecting the baby to be Robert’s. Having it be another guys kid (Ross for instance) would be shocking to them. However, the deeper fanbase will not be as shocked. Having it be Adam would even shock…us. The people who are watching closely, theorizing and the soap elites would be shocked if it was Adam.

For all we know, the whole ‘Who Pushed Emma’ could die out and the ‘playing with time’ become about the ‘ONS’ and everything that has happened since then.

Why Did I Read This?

Come on. It’s fun to theorize.  Even if it doesn’t make much since it is a lot of fun. Right now, this story has stalled, and we are in filler hell with The White Family and Robert.  Things are dull right now. Like I wrote in another post, we have two possible theories. Which is fine but man is it a bit boring.  Thinking up new ways this story could go changes that and opens your mind to where the show could go or was too afraid to go. Doesn’t mean it is going to happen (this won’t) or you shouldn’t let it upset you (I’ve gotten so many tweets calling me stupid for talking about this theory), it’s just fun. Can’t we all do with a little fun right now? I think we can.

So, what do you think? Do you have a crazy theory you want to share? I am open to everything out there. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll publish it and try to make it work! Until I have something else to talk about, I’ll see you around Emmerdale!

(A special thanks to Justine aka @BeautifulHusbands for helping me edit and research some of the harder to find plot points. Tin Hatters Forever!)


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