Emmerdale Live and Organized – October 10, 2017

Welcome to today’s pre-show. I’ve noticed an uptick in people feeling sorry for the White Family lately. I mean, people deserve to feel how they want but when it comes to The White Family…I must step in. The White family is the worst. Seriously. I’m calling them the ‘Dead Weight Family’ because that is what they are to the show. Since they have appeared on the show, they have been nothing but trouble and not even the fun type of trouble. Their stories have fallen sort on every front even though there is talent there. They are the last of the Kate Oates era, and they can’t be fixed. I can’t wait for them to leave. They are boring and the worst, and I cheer Robert on as he tries to destroy them.

They deserve every little scheme Robert runs against them. That’s all I will say about that for now.

Now, let’s talk about the goats. I see no one mentioned them and I think the goats deserve more love than they are getting. Wait…I’m seeing the show is starting. Let’s go see what is happening today!

I think my favorite weather person is Lucy. She seems the most entertained and excited by the weather. Also because I’m American when I hear it will be 14 degrees I feel my body get colder. Then I remember…Celsius Amanda. CELSIUS, not Fahrenheit.

The Hospital

Little Isaac is so cute! *pinches his cheeks*

I guess everyone knows now. That’s cool.

Adam is very much into his brother. It’s cute.

“I know how much you and Victoria wanted a child!” – HMMMMMM

I love you, Moira. You believe in science and tests. I love you.

Oh goodie. The daddies are here. *Its Cain*

“Mrs. Dingle” She is still Mrs. Dingle? Love hearing that.

YOU ARE THE FATHER CAIN! *Maury music plays* *Also, THIS IS BRAND NEW INFORMATION* (Seriously. The magazines and websites ruined that ages ago because that isn’t the story on deck for Coira)

I think we should blame Victoria and Adam for pushing that kid on Pete the way she did that day. That was one of the reasons why Pete attached as quickly as he did. Adam yelling at him to hold him and Victoria bringing it up when they were in shock over Emma and Finn’s death. See what happens when you push kids onto people when they aren’t there yet?

Oh boy. CAIN! Not cool bro. Not cool. I know you have issues with Kyle but now little baby Isaac? COME ON DUDE.

The Café Crew

Ross is holding onto Moses like it’s a lifeline.

Bob. I love seeing Bob too. Bob deserves a storyline too.

Come on! Lydia! Sam and Lydia are so cute. Why can’t we see them on screen!

Kerry. KERRY. Not cool. Come on now.

The Factory

LYDIA! I love you. That is all.

Kerry. Honey. Not what you think. Seriously. SERIOUSLY.

Oh, Lydia. Una. Really? UNA. Is she that hard up for money? To make up another employee.

It is unsafe and illegal. Workers Safety Laws are in place for a reason!


The Wishing Well

Lisa! Faith! Zak! I’m enjoying these interactions. It’s been a long time.

Oh, a Kyle mention. That’s nice. Also, a storyline left open from earlier in the year.

Sam talking to Cain about Lydia. STOP TALKING TO CAIN. He is bitter. SAM. Please. Don’t give up on Lydia.

Harriet telling the truth. Cain and Moira. Forever and ever.

“That is where your heart is.” – Yes. Coira. Yes.

The Bubblegum Set

Gabby. GABBY. Not cool to

“Deep down you fancy him!” – UMMM…Gabby. No. I doubt Liv fancy’s him. Just saying.  I had friends in high school that did that to me. Let’s have a party, and it was for other reasons. I mean…sigh….I’m not friends with them now.

Doug: Great B&B Detective. *theme music plays*

Gerry and Gabby. I hope my prediction earlier in the year doesn’t come true with these two. I don’t…is Gerry sticking around?

The Barton’s

Eric still brokenhearted over Finn? Makes my heart ache. *Pulls out bubble wrap*

Ross is so nice. Stop making me like Ross show. STOP IT.

Eric is right Pete. You will need each other.  The grief will hit you, and you will need your brother to get through it.

Pete is finally talking about everything going on. Ross and Pete. HUG! PLEASE HUG! You two need to grieve. Its ok to talk about it. Its ok to cry. Its ok to yell. Just get it out before it explodes in the wrong ways.

The fact that they are going through his stuff means there is a clue or something else in there we need to know about. Right?


The Church

Cain won’t break up with her because she is a stubborn old fool.

Harriet is a smart cookie. She knows the Coira is strong. She knows she can’t win against what they have going on. Even apart they are attached.

Do all the Dingles go to Ireland at some point? I mean…maybe you want to visit America? Maybe New York?

Harriet knows the score. Coira is too strong.

“You aren’t mine to love.” – Harriet (Great line. I LOVE THAT LINE)


‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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