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Emmerdale Live and Organized – October 9, 2017

Welcome to another week. It was crazy last week and I loved every little minute of it. Lets see the ripple effect of that night. Since the show feels the urge to spoil little plot points now (I blame a certain someone for this new practice for this particular storyline) we have other things to think about.

That’s for me to write about later. Right now, I’m here to talk about goats. That’s right. Goats. I think the goats from the 1995 Emmerdale opening credits should come back. Here is why. They are awesome. They fit the theme of the village (more than the rock climber guy) and goats are just awesome. Why would anyone begrudge the goat!

Goats are….wait…I’ve been told the show is starting. I’ll get back to the goats later. Still…GOATS and Emmerdale. Perfect together. Alright, on with the show!

“I was just thinking with my eyes closed.” – I do my best work that way. *wink*


Oh, Harriet. It’s ok. This wasn’t your fault. Seriously. Not your fault honey.

Why is Pete mad at Harriet? I guess he isn’t but felt like it.

OH. Debbie is awol right now. I thought she would be there for Ross.

OH HEY. Thanks, Pete. This is what happens when you push kids that aren’t theirs onto people.

Cain will walk away Harriet. Right to Moira.

The Bartons

Ross with Moses trying to explain what happened to his Uncle and Grandma…*whew*

Oh. I see Ross and Victoria have been talking now. I seriously think Ross and Victoria might be raising a baby together at this point. *speculation only*

Awwww, the card Finn got him. *tears up*

OH. Ok. That ends that one. They know Finn was accidentally shot by Emma. Ok then. Now what?


The Hospital

Thanks for rubbing it in Victoria. *eye roll*

That baby is HUGE. Geez. How long were you cooking in there little one!

How come Victoria asks if Pete is the dad but immediately agrees Robert must be the dad of Rebecca’s baby? It’s frustrating me a lot. A LOT RIGHT NOW.

Ha. Cain isn’t leaving his girl. (Coira rising)

“I’m your daddy!” – Maury sits up…UM…Pete?

Pete and the Village Idiot screaming in front of the baby. Not cool. Argue but keep it low. You will scare him!

Pete is trying. Its sweet.

Isaac just said ‘You aren’t my dad!’ in that shot. *such a cute baby!*

Oh hey! The show does remember a thing called a paternity test. Exciting times!

The Café Crew

Oh, look. ¼ of the Dead weight family is here. *falls asleep*

OH hey. What’s up Doug. Where have you been?

Why didn’t Gerry pay upfront? He offered to if I remember correctly. I guess. I don’t know anymore. I don’t care about Gerry to tell you the truth.

Lydia and Sam! YES! MY OTP! Well, that was fun. I’ll see you two in five months!

The Factory


“I can’t be watched while I work. I get all hot and bothered.” – Ok then. *gives a look*

Oh goodie. Side characters time! *I welcome this after all the main character drama*

The B&B

Diane feels guilty now too.

Oh hey. I’m glad Gabby and Liv are back together. Let the crazy begin!

For two friends that haven’t seen each other in ages, they are pretty quiet with each other.  I feel like they would still be catching up. They missed a lot. That or she would tell Liv whats going on.

Cain at a tea service? *giggles. Laughs. FULL BLOWN LAUGHTER*

Liv. Ever the joyous one. *As much as I am not happy with her I get it. I still love her very much. She is ever the teenager.*

Gerry, Liv, and Gabby. This will end well.

The Pub Crew


I agree. Screw the Village Idiot. He is getting on my damn nerves lately. Getting everything he wants so easily. Getting out of things so easily. Getting his life back when he doesn’t deserve to get his life back. *HMMMMMMMMM*

‘It’s Just Speculation!’


As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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