Emmerdale Live and Organized – October 6, 2017

Welcome to the preshow! This has been an amazing week, and I expect it to end with an amazing flourish as well. After this, I go back into the bubbletm but it has been a fun week. Everyone coming together to get excited about episodes and the theories have been aplenty.  All the weird plot strands come together, and we have new stories developing out of those closing of plots (Hello Isaac Dingle!). It was exciting, and I hope we can keep it going once we get back to the other plots going on right now.  I’m only back in the bubbletm because I know things will go back to anger and sadness so I’ll be in my bubble listening to Christmas music because my dear friend, we have an endpoint. We are almost there.

Oh. Some housekeeping. From now on until he deserves to get the nickname dropped Adam will be known as the ‘Village Idiot.’

The White Family will now be known as the Dead Weight Family in these random reaction reviews.

Right. So, on with the show!

What is caffeine shampoo? I mean…why do people have to whisper, ‘Over 40’? Being over 40 isn’t a crime. By the way, ITV News has been covering the Las Vegas Tragedy better than American News. Just saying. *tip of the hat*

Emma Barton/The Bartons

Finn is talking to her now! OH GOD THIS HURTS. HUUURRRTS!

Oh god. Ross looks like hell. *BUBBLE WRAPS THE BARTON FAMILY (Emma not required) *

I see Victoria is still pushing the baby onto Pete. *eye roll* Why hasn’t she called Robert or Aaron. I think they would be interested in Finn dying or Moira having a baby. My god.

SHE JUMPED!!!! I really want to make a judging joke but I won’t. That was filmed beautifully. DAMN. I feel like there should have been warnings for this episode.

Wait. Maybe Ross pushed her? Pete? Cain? Adam? Moira? HARRIET? Gabby? Maybe we are heading towards a “Who Killed Emma?” story that concerns all of the main cast. Also, we are getting guilt with the baby stuff and postpartum. This story feels epic now!

Wow. I haven’t heard holy ghost ever used on TV before. It’s usually holy spirit.


Moira’s Farm

Wow. Look at the damage. Its just gone. It’s a frame now. WOW. Intense!

Cain watching over the damage. I think he knows he could be the baby’s father and he is trying to wrap his head around almost losing Moira. We all know he wants and loves Moira. Now they have a baby! *Coira Rises*

Cain and Adam are talking now? That’s nice. Tragedy does that.

The Villagers

Tracy and Eric sitting and talking about Finn. *CRIES IN THE CORNER*

I love that they have his action figures at his vigil. I love the flag too. Very sweet of them.

Tracy and Eric talking is making me sad. Too sad. This episode feels too much already. Finn’s funeral will be hell.

Ok. Harriet has been ruled out in my mind.

The Hospital

Where did Cain find Moira? Why was Harriet waiting there? There are holes missing in this story too! That means something MUCH BIGGER is coming.

Ross and Pete talking baby. Those two are always talking baby. *hums*

No. It’s never too soon to call your baby Finn…just saying, Ross. JUST SAYING.

Ross going straight to jumping? HMMMMMM.

“Don’t worry. There is no rush.” – This storyline is going to be pulled out? Maybe? I’m in overthinking mode.

Yeah. Pete. Totally Pete’s. *LAUGHS WHILE EATING SALAD*

Love Cain the background between Ross and Pete. DAMN SHOW. DAMN.

Cain is always framed with Pete. SHOW. SHOOOOOWWWW.

Is the baby purring? He just wants everyone to leave him alone. I agree.

The village idiot needs to shut the frack up. He is signing his prison sentence.

Vadam. *SNORE*

Today just strengthened the theory even more for me. This is exciting.

The Pub Crew

Charity. Charity is the fandom talking about the show in very callous terms.

Oh hey! Another ‘fun’ confession at the pub. Thanks, Harriet.

Oh, Harriet. Honey. It’s not your fault. She was ill. She took a lot of people down with her with her illness.

Um. Well, Harriet. Charity knows Cain pretty well.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!


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  1. Did they play with time like Iain said they would?

    • Hey! The playing with time will be the whole “Who Pushed Emma” story I see coming. That or we are in for another shock. 🙂

      • Maybe soon to be serial killer Lachlan pushed her?:) They spent a year dragging out Emma’s secret, I hope they won’t spend too much time on this whodunit.

      • Did Finn ever tell anyone about Robert and Lawrence? If he didn’t, what was the point of him knowing?

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