Emmerdale Live and Organized – September 29, 2017

Ok. So. The pre-show. I’m still fangirling all over the place now that we have a deadline for this story and Robron will be meeting up in the snow (let me have this) on Christmas. Even better I can see Robert really going over his life and his choices and coming out of this stronger. Since Aaron is getting stronger off camera (someday I’ll talk more about that) it’s time for Robert to get stronger so the two of them can be one hell of a team.  We just have to get through all the sludge to get to that point. We can do it too. We know it will be ok in the end. Just remember Christmas or Robronmas.

We have a deadline. An endpoint. We can do this.

On with the show!

That one McCain writer and I would be friends. I get into stories like that too. Even bad ones. I’m there. I’m with you man. *wink*

Moira and Family


Oh hey! Say hi to the little one for me! *wink*

They padded Moira up better than Rebecca. Just saying.

Again, Vadam is dead in the water. Why care?

Maybe you will feel better after next week. *wink*

Jai’s flowers. Damn. That’s big. Very sweet.

I wish we saw the Holly memorial. Instead of Home Farm stuff.


The Café Crew

Oh god. What the hell is wrong with Bob?!?

Gabby and Arthur: Superheroes!

Gerry and Lachlan fight! *FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT*

How did Lachlan figure out he was helping Robert?

So, Bernice and Diane care more about Gerry than Robert. Fun times show. Fun times.

OH HEY! Diane still hates the Whites. Kind of.

Oh. Thanks, Gerry! Robert is so off his game. First, he let Tim go and now he used Gerry and he told on him. *Stick tongue out *

Home Farm

Rebecca is a stupid bitch. Next.

We all know that Robert’s sex life is Aarons picture and his hand. Maybe some tears too. *oh Robert*

Chrissie coming back is interesting. For many reasons. She is a real threat to Robert. Also, Rebecca will never measure up to Chrissie in her father’s eyes. Let the infighting begin.

Also, don’t get upset over the laughing and stuff. Not worth it. Robert was entertained by the class, not Rebecca. Also, he didn’t like the boyfriend comment at all. Got to play the game. His game just imploded too. Next round?

David’s Store

Oh hey! It’s Leyla! I love her. *Congrats to the actress! *

What is a sexy bar snack? Dips. DIPS are sexy! *snorts*

Finn. Poor Finn. He doesn’t deserve this.


Damn Gabby. DAMN. You are going all out! IN CHURCH?!?! DAMN.

I love this by the way. So soapy. I love it.

I’m betting on Gabby. Not Emma.

Oh wow. Gabby goes after Emma. Arthur after Finn. WOW. Sibling Efforts ahoy!

OH. WOW. UM. OH MY GOD. Did Emma hit her head and fall into the water?!?!

Oh ok. Finn found her. Randomly. Cool. I guess no Ghost Emma for next week. *Snaps fingers*

AH. Finn knows the truth now! I forgot she twisted the story a bit. All in front of Ashley’s mural.

Emma! You aren’t going to do what I think you are about to do? ARE YOU?!?!


Paddy is your new dog April. I’m sorry. We are dealing with him while Chas is away.

I’m with April. I’d want a puppy. Paddy lays too many eggs these days.

Paddy and Marlon. This won’t go well.

Paddy! You suck monkey butts! BOOO!

“He is selfish and boring!” – I’m with you April!


Lisa laying down the law. Like any mother would.

“I never want to lose you Belle.” THEY ARE SCREWED.

The Pub Crew

Charity let them have ‘singles night’ here. I guess you have some fun too! *wink*

Rodney is quite visible lately.

Tracy has loads of contacts! HEY A BOOK MENTION! I loved Tracys book stuff! Bring that back please!

The Crazy Bartons

Emma is talking to James picture.

She is officially primed for Super Soap Week. BRING IT ON! I can’t wait!

Oh god. Is she seeing him now?!?! OH. This is BETTER! *DANCES AROUND LIKE AN IDIOT*

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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