Emmerdale Live and Organized – September 26, 2017

I hope everyone has a great day. Do you best and remember to have some fun!

On with the show!

I miss seeing the meerkats before Emmerdale. I’m sick of McCain ads. They need new ones. WHERE IS LINDA WITH THE HOME CHIPS. GEEZ LINDA!

The Thomas Family

I don’t like tights either Dottie. I hide mine too. *wink*

Oh, the Kings are here. Laurel is embarrassed to be leaning on them. They love you, Laurel. They do.

OH! Dottie is here! She is so cute! *coos at the screen like an idiot*

Awww, I’m glad Dottie brought them back together. YAY!

Yes, Arthur. Let Gabby take care of her now. *evil laugh*

Nicola is me. “I wish I was there!”

“She has a punchable face…” – Nicola *HA*

Awww. Arthur. Sweetie. Don’t stress. Please don’t stress. My darling. *BUBBLE WRAP ARTHUR*

Gabby is on the case. You don’t mess with Gabby or her family.

David’s Store

Does everyone around here work at David’s at some point? What is Vanessa doing there? Oh wait. Related to Tracy. Right. Duh Amanda. DUH.

Paddy and Marlon are a treat. The only time I like Paddy is when he is with Marlon.

Bernice’s Salon

I love the little bow headband. So cute on Kerry.

“Does she even have a skillset?” I wonder the same thing about Chrissie too, Bernice.

Oh god. Chrissie must be bored and really hate her family if she is doing manual labor.

Kerry is calling her pathetic. Kerry and Chrissie best friends? HA.

The Graveyard/The Bartons

OH. Someone is screwing with Emma. LOVE IT.

Hey Finn. Tick Tock. Tick Tock. There goes the clock.

She is working through her kids. *DID YOU DO IT ROSS?!?!* *Hint: Gabby. Its Gabby*

Ross just gave the same reaction I would give. Yeah. Stop making me like Ross show. STOP IT.

“Great big gift shop in the sky!” “Tune into sanity FM!” Ross is killing it today.

Yeah, Finn. Have a word with your mother. *Tick Tock*

The Pub Crew

Paddy not wanting his friend to win is kind of cruel. I get it though. It’s for comic relief.

Marlon dropping the plate just made me laugh harder than it should have. *SNORTS*

Charity is giving the same look I’m giving Paddy right now. This is just set up for Chas and Paddy, right?

“I only got divorced to get married again!” – Marlon (STOP. Just stop.)

Rodney hitting on Marlon’s date. *SNORTS*

When did Moira get there?!?! Hey girl. How are you feeling? Bloated? *wink*

Paddy. PADDY. What are you doing? I’m ok with this. Go ahead, Paddy.

Look at you, Paddy! Being yourself and getting the number! Good for you!

Oh god, Rodney. Keep it in your pants, my friend.

FAITH! Whats up girl?

Ross? ROSS! OH. That is the Ross I know and tolerate somewhat.

Emma is getting surrounded. Hmmm…*SSW 2017 waves in the distance*

Charity. *I LOVE YOU*

Robert staring at Paddy like he was an alien was odd. Why have him be in there? Odd.


Hello Robert. My love. *kisses* Why is he so tan lately? Doesn’t matter. TURN AROUND ROBERT. You have something on your butt. Just saying. *wink*

I don’t trust Gerry to not turn on Robert but this is funny. Gerry and Robert as a team are funny as all hell. Love it.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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