The Turning Point Theory aka Theory Number Eight Million

This is a new theory. Yes, another one. I know. I have over a million theories (feels that way) but I feel like anything goes right now so here is what I’ve been thinking. This has been worked on (she came up with the framework of this theory months ago) with my Tin Hatter/Theory Ho/Partner in Crime Justine (@BeautifulHusbands) so if you want to yell at her too…go right ahead. *wink*

This is quick and dirty. Enjoy this quick and dirty theory. This is also, very…bare bones. Lots of ideas and characters aren’t covered, yet. So, feel free to pick apart as you see fit.

This is based on Three factors (that are rumors)

We have a rumor that Finn does by a stray bullet. Also, down the line, Robert tells Aaron about all his plans at Home Farm. Andy is coming back for a guest role (see Kelvins Twitter to find out what I’m talking about). IF THOSE THREE FACTORS ARE TRUE:

I can see Lachlan trying to shoot Robert (since the show recently brought up Robert’s shooting during a Maxine episode).  Let’s say that Lachlan misses and hits Finn. Finn does alone bleeding out in the forest. Found much later in the week. Lachlan picks up on this and sees his opportunity to set Robert up for this shooting (this is where I get fuzzy on my theory. Go ahead and fill that in).  This leads Aaron to reach out to Robert because he knows Robert was up to something at Home Farm but beyond the drugging of the brandy, he is in the dark. Robert tells Aaron everything, and we get a reverse of how Robert supported Aaron during the Gordon reveal. Only we get Aaron supporting Robert over the shooting of Finn. This would bring Andy back into the picture since this framing would be full circle. This is why this all happened. This whole freaking story. The White Family set up Andy because Lachlan is a stupid idiot. I’m convinced the spa building Ryan was filming in was Robert going to see Andy.

Meanwhile (this is when I get very bare bones), Rebecca has the kid early. Robert sees the kid, holds it, gets attached. Maybe even Aaron gets attached. They both get attached to the kid. Aaron being in a better place will see the kid as Robert’s not Rebecca and Roberts. He can handle it better (whatever), and they decide to make a go of it together. Then it gets out that Robert has been scheming and messing with her and her family. She takes the kid from them. They fight for the baby, and as part of that case, we learn that the kid isn’t even Robert’s. It’s Ross or Adam. Whoever fits at this point. It also proves that maybe, just maybe, Robert and Rebecca didn’t sleep together. Then Rebecca’s plans explode. Which Ross might use against her to get full custody of the kid. (That’s farfetched, but you get what I mean).

Maybe Robert and Aaron fight for the kid still but don’t have the right against the Barton’s. That gets rid of Rebecca and baby but opens up that story a lot of us wanted in the first place. Robert and Aaron adopting or surrogacy.

How this all plays out is beyond me. Anything is possible. ANYTHING. Every theory works. Even the craziest ones. That is what drives me up a wall. The show should have gotten rid of some theories by now. I mean, I guess, the only theory crossed off is that she is faking it. That’s it. Six months in and that is it.

Anyway, what do you think? Take apart the theory and add your own thoughts to it. Either way, it’s another possible way this could all go down. Tell me below or tweet me @AmandaJ718. Until the next theory, I’ll see you around in Denial Land!

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