Emmerdale Live and Organized – September 22, 2017

Hello! Welcome to the preshow! This will be quick!

1) “Robert has the lowest moral character ever on the show!” NO. He doesn’t. It’s a soap. Learn to watch it or get off my feed and my dash.

2) “Robert totally raped Lawrence!” or “Robert is just like Gordon!” NO. He isn’t. He didn’t. Get that thinking off my feed and my dash.

3) Thinking between the lines is your friend. Learn how to do it. It will be a great help in life.

4) Maxine is still one of my favorite writers. Then Paul. Anyone that writes well for Lydia will forever be in my heart. LYDIA! LYDIA! LYDIA! *Chants for hours*

Ok. on with the show!

That one writer is really into the fries making out. Just saying. I see you writer. I see you.

Home Farm

I never talk to my parents like that. I’m Italian/Irish. That wasn’t tolerated in my house growing up.

She is pushing the investor more than Robert.

OH. That was an outfit. I thought Rebecca was sleeping in that. Eek.

The Attic Crew

GABBY! Welcome home! Things are weird. Run.

Bernice doesn’t have time for Emma. Nice.

My mom does that too. Changes the subject. Love it. It’s a mom move.

The Café Crew

Robert and Faith. I LOVE IT.

Oh hey. It’s Chrissie. Hasn’t seen her in awhile. I forgot about her.

Oh. Hey. Victoria and Rebecca are friends again. After mocking the baby. Ok then.

Also, don’t ask how Robert is doing with Aarons new “guy”. Don’t get a good sister Victoria. Glad to see things haven’t changed.

Let killer Lachlan RISE.

Robert running from Lawrence cracked me up.

“He is the father of Rebecca’s baby!” EH. Sounds fake.

Pearl and Paddy. Again. *eek*

BINGO! Bingo means pole dancing now? LMAO

Bernice Beauty Shop

Kerry. I love you. I think the Tan Machine needs to go.

Stress gives me split ends *no one cares Amanda* *I care!*



I have no sympathy for Lawrence. He is getting his just deserts. *shrug*

This screams ONS again. Rebecca has said versions of this Robert before. I see you show. I see you.

Ha. Robert has him now. I know this will blow up in the worst way but I’ll just take things as they come.

By the way, White Family, STOP COMING TO HOLY SCRAP! That’s not your place to go.

The Thomas Family

Lydia being the chip police! *HA*

Laurels smile is the best. Seriously. We need more of it.

Where is Liv? That is her best friend.

‘Is it more potato salad?’ Lydia’s glare cracked me up.

Aw. That is nice. Ashleys cross. Very sweet. Its ok to cry Gabby. I would.

Gabby is getting the SSW 2016 plot overview from Bernice. Thanks show! *waves*

No. Laurel isn’t drinking guys. Also, Gabby, not your fault. Nothing is your fault.

I love Laurels dress. I might have something similar.

Jimmy’s wine pour. It’s me at that one Thanksgiving I refuse to talk about. Mostly because I don’t remember it well. Yeah, lots of wine and shots.

Nicola and Jimmy. Never change.

The Pub Crew

Chrissie trying to make friends. Eek.

Paddy is into Bingo? Ok then. What actually happens at Bingo?

Paddy is a nutjob. I kind of love it.

“I got my own dabber now!” – PADDY COME ON STOP IT.

BINGO APP! – NO PADDY! *cracks up*

I deleted my Bumble app. I gave up. Good luck Paddy.

Marlon and Paddy. Never change your friendship.

Haven’t you learned Rebecca? Your family are plot devices. Stop acting like you are more than that.

Robert hired an actor. Nice.

Anagram. Rouge Tree Bonds. Robert Sugden. I LOVE YOU ROBERT. SO MUCH.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

I love Robert Sugden, even more, these days.

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!


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