Emmerdale Live and Organized – September 14, 2017

Warning. I’ve been holding back on a lot lately, and I refuse to do that anymore. If other people can say anything they want and just add a ‘tee hee’ at the end of it, so can I.

So. The first controversial thought of this review? I think UK fans are spoiled and their soaps aren’t that bad. Yeah, there are bad elements right now but not as bad as USA soaps can be or are currently. I’d love to introduce Nikki and Victor Newman to all of you. Once you see their 30+ year history and the plotlines I’ve lived through, what we see now with Emmerdale couples is NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL. It’s a blip.


-tee hee-


Anyway, on with the show!


Oh! I have the same makeup brushes! Cool. Makeup brush buddies! *high five*

“All blokes are stupid Ross!” – Debbie *and you fall for all the stupid ones Debbie!*

Ross likes superheroes too. Pass it on.

Damnit. Stop making me laugh Ross! STOP IT.

Mr. Big asked for a meeting? Someone liked Debbie.

Tom. Totally didn’t know that was his name. *looks around whistling*

Ross and Debbie: Action Heroes *hums that to the tune of Captain Planet*

Action Ross: Now comes in small and regular sizes! *wink*

Debbie. Be less obvious about your panic. You are supposed to be good at this.

Eh, Debbie isn’t classy.

WOAH. HEY THERE NEW GUY. That is quick. WOW.

“You have to be the most arrogant man…” OH HEY Now. *makes eyes at Tom*

Oh wow. They slept together already.

The new guy is cute. Me like.

Oh god. She isn’t a hooker you ass.

Yup. I’m into it. It’s so wrong its right. *Fight me. I dare you.*

She got some Ross. That’s what happened.

The show is writing a very PG version of Mr. Grey from 50 Shades of Grey. I don’t know how I feel about this. Mostly because that series blows so hard.


Awwww. Jimmy and Nicola sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G….

Nicola adding things to the ‘Honey Do” list.

Those two are adorable. The couple we need right now. *KEEP THEM SAFE*

Aaron being in Laurel’s house is just weird. It’s like a dog walking on its hind legs.

It wasn’t Game of Thrones. Calm the frack down, Nicola. You sound like the crazy part of Emmerdale’s Twitter fandom.

Guys. Every good couple has a really good fight. Don’t get all dramatic over Nicola and Jimmy fighting.

They are adorable. Nicola and Jimmy FTW. Also, Jimmy and Robert are the same. They just can’t win.


“I want the place to be lived in.” – SURE AARON. SURE. You miss your husband.

I’m glad Aaron is enjoying the chair he gave Robert so much shit about getting earlier in the summer.

Isn’t Chas supposed to be watching Liv? What the hell is going on?

Welcome home Liv! Now, go bring together your idiot brothers. They need a third party that isn’t as stupid as Adam. You are a smart girl. Please stay Team Robron. *smiles nicely*

Oh, Adam is no help. As per usual. He is a terrible friend. Most would be trying to calm Aaron down and not make it worse. Adam…you suck as per usual. Enjoy your eye problems. *bleh*

Let me guess? Liv doesn’t get in trouble for taking off without telling anyone. Again. Liv needs someone to be stern with her. Stern but sweet. Sounds like someone who we already know….Hmmm…*Whispers Robert Jacob Sugden Unwhispers*

Seriously. This is bad writing. Aaron went to Ireland with no ring and was talking shit about Robert (according to Charity), and she doesn’t know? BAD WRITING BAD WRITING BAD WRITING Robert also made a comment that Liv and Chas don’t want to talk to him before they broke up. Like they knew about everything. So, BAD WRITING BAD WRITING. BAD WRITING.

Gabby told her? REALLY SHOW. REALLY. This was rewritten and its stupid. *moving on*

Liar. Liar. Pants on Fire Aaron. It’s not a good look on you. Flesh wound. Give me a freaking break. *shake my head*

The Pub Crew

The ladies are looking good! *high five*

Oh. Zak is back. Hey, Zak! *waves*

Oh goodie. Frat boys. *eye roll*

Leyla! I love this. “My condition.”

“Smooth.” Dude. If you have to say it…


Frank to the rescue? Yay? *shrug*

Leyla. No Frank. You need to be alone for a while.

“I know. I’m going to die alone!” – LEYLA IS ME AT A BAR! SERIOUSLY. *wink*

Bernice Beauty Salon

Daz is the official plumber of Emmerdale. He is going to clean up! *plumbers make a lot of money*

Bernice really loves that scarf. She wears it a lot. I know she has more than that outfit. Unless that is her uniform for the salon? Maybe?

Daz rises as the Salon Hero! *salutes him*

I love Bernice. I love her so much. *bows down to the queen of awesome*


Well. Bernice and Kerry look like a Jersey Shore cast member. *waves hello*

Nicolas laugh is the best thing in existence. I need that as my ringtone. *LAUGHS*

Whoops. Elliot got the knife. Um, Daz has a point. He had no parental supervision.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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