Clear Blue and You: Emmerdale’s Pregnancy Problem

That’s right. I’m back again. The Theory Hotm has returned. What? What could I be wondering about now? What could I be theorizing about? Well, everything is still up in the air. Everything is confusing. Some are despairing. Some are just dealing. Some are theorizing. Let’s continue.

My friend Justine is who came up with this theory, and now we need some help fleshing it out. What is this about?

Pregnancy and Emmerdale.

I know. Everyone is sick of hearing about this but hear us out. Pregnancy, getting drunk, ending up in the wrong bed, some do the right thing, others do not, cheating and breaking up couples seems to be very popular this year.

We will be talking about all the pregnant or not so pregnant ladies of Emmerdale.

The Pregnancy Round Up!

Rebecca – Slept with Robert. Ended up using a pregnancy test from Victoria to check.

Nell – Been sleeping with Jai for a while and used a pregnancy test and finds she is pregnant too.

Priya – Been sleeping with Pete and thought she was pregnant. Used a pregnancy test in the pub bathroom to make sure. Not pregnant.

Moira – This is more of a fan whisper or fan speculation, but Moira might be pregnant with Cain’s/Pete’s kid or is starting menopause.  She has been feeling off (fainting in the barn), not drinking in the pub (maybe once I am not sure), and keeps finding herself at the doctors for something.  A blood test is her pregnancy test (well…Robert kind of switched that one up).

Victoria – She has been trying to get pregnant. Has a ton of the pregnancy tests available only to find that Adam might not be able to have kids (they never went back for a second opinion as suggested).

Theory Time!

So, what do most of these stories have in common? The tests themselves and how they were presented to the audience. (We are going to leave Moira out of this for now. She will come back later with this theory).

Rebecca got her test from Victoria, and Priya/Victoria/Nell all got them from the Hotten chemist (I’m assuming since Nell mentioned it. It could be David’s too). So, technically so did Rebecca as well.  Now, Victoria says something to Rebecca after her test is positive that could be considered an offhand comment but caught the attention of Justine.

Victoria: Well at least I know I didn’t buy a faulty batch! (2:28) 

This can be considered a throwaway line. I did, but Justine brought something to my attention. Yeah, it could just be an offhand comment since Victoria wanted a baby so badly but how would one confirmation mean the batch wasn’t faulty? That was a weird statement to make. One could argue it was just making a joke about how Victoria can’t seem to get pregnant but it could mean more.

These women might be smoke screens for each other (here comes Moira back into the theory).  If the tests turn out to be faulty after all, we have a lot of questions on our hands. Fan opinion is Moira is pregnant, and it is meant to shock us. (Fans are pretty smart these days, and Emmerdale has leaks all over the place. I thought Donald Trump had a leaky administration. Geez.) and these pregnancies are meant to distract us from this shocking turn of events.

What if the shocks don’t stop there?

It becomes more of a question of, who is pregnant after all?

Some thoughts. Could Rebecca be faking her pregnancy as many have speculated? We have never seen a doctor’s appointment, heartbeat scene, gender reveal scene or why she left that hospital all those months ago upset and running to Ibiza. We could bring up the randomly changing stomach sizes and how it fit on Rebecca’s body, but that might be a production error.

Still, could all of this be a smokescreen for Moira to have a child, Rebecca to never have a child at all and for Nell to lose a child?

This is where you all come in. Help two ladies out.

Do you think all these pregnancies and that line means something bigger or are we overthinking it because we are bored waiting for Robert and Aaron to reunite?  There is something to these parallels the show has been doing for months now. This might be the one to change a lot of stories and force forward the narrative that has been stuck for ages.

Don’t forget to tell me what you think down below, @AmandaJ718 (Twitter and Tumblr) and give a shout to Justine @Klainedestined (Twitter) and @BeautifulHusbands (Tumblr) if you want to talk theory!

Until another theory forms, I will see you around the dark theory shadows of Emmerdale.


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  1. At this point, I don’t think Rebecca is faking. I don’t think….. Nothing about her character will ever give me a reason to trust her so I will be doubting her pregnancy every step of the way. Emmerdale doesn’t seem to be putting much effort into it either so it’s hard to take it at face value.

  2. Nell wants a family and Rebecca held onto Robert’s promise of being one if there was ever a baby again. That gives her motive. But since Robron broke up, she’s been laying pretty low. Maybe she’s gotten comfortable with the idea that Aaron will never take Robert back because she knows how much he hates her and the baby. So, she doesn’t feel the need to work as hard as before trying to split them up. Robert is free and he’s all hers. Maybe Liv’s return and determination to reunite the boys will change that.

    • Oops! I meant to post this reply in the Sept 7th recap;)

    • Hey Jon! I think she is feeling pretty good knowing that Robert and Aaron are looking done for good. That is when she will make a mistake. I still believe she is up to something. There are too many clues she knows something or is up to something. If she doesn’t her who arc doesn’t make sense to me. Then again, she never makes sense to me. Someone, I need to find the link, said that a baby split Robron apart but a child (Liv) will bring them back together. I think we have a lot to look forward to in this story. 🙂

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