Emmerdale Live and Organized – August 24, 2017

Our hour episode has arrived. What will our favorite villagers face today? Let’s see!

What is a bank holiday? A holiday for banks? Bankers get a holiday? Is it like when America has Labor Day or Memorial Day holidays?

Warning. I’m bitter in this review. Not in a great mood today. I tried to be funny but didn’t work out today. Sorry in advance. Even I have my breaking points, and today I hit one.

Also, there is Kerry/Dan stuff, but I’m not invested enough to comment yet.


I think my dad has that shirt. Franks shirt. It’s Tommy Bahama.

Seriously guys. Megan is acting cagey as hell.

I feel bad for Frank.

Oh god. Frank. Run!

Oh god. Frank knows all. He got it. A bag full of money is not ‘holiday money’ Tracy! *lol*

The Café Crew

Bob my dear. I love you.

Adam. You are too dumb to live sometimes. You continue to annoy the shit out of me.

Also, I’m so happy Aaron can play matchmaker. So much fun. *Jim Halpert look at the camera*

Paddy is comfort eating. That’s kind of cute.

Oh. Hey, Jai! Welcome back!

Awwww, Bob made a cake for Nell! Best friend ever!


Oh, Lydia. My darling. You just did something stupid, but I’m ok with it.

Charity. Megan isn’t like you. She wants revenge, but she doesn’t want to ruin a mans life. That is where things change.

Awwww, Nell gets a birthday party. I love this. OH, that is where that picture on Instagram came from. Cute.

Cute show. I actually gasped when he got down on one knee for a moment.

By the way, that camera is expensive. That is an amazing gift. I’d be over the moon to have a camera like that. Damn. Jai give it to me.

Bernice Beauty Shop

I love how they are keeping Pearl out of the loop by putting the dryer up higher.

As someone who has been in many beauty salons, I’ve seen that happen before when people wanted to talk about something.

Bernice is a great partner to have in this Daz story. Bernice would go looking for him with her. It’s sweet.

Homelessness: Emmerdale Style

The Gym

I’m sorry, but Adam can’t jump rope? Idiot.

Also, Aaron laughing at him *snort* *Aaron, you are only there to hide your feelings about your husband*

Yes. The two of them are acting like teenagers. I guess that is charming?

Also, the junk protectors. Why does Adam have to worry? According to him, he can’t have kids so who cares if he gets hit there.

Aaron, you should be saying all of that to Robert and yourself. You know that right? Come on now.

Aaron is a better friend to Adam than Adam is to him. *Yeah. I said it. Come at me Bro*

Um, Adam. Not the problem right now.

Danny looks hot today. Those big baby blues are popping.

Don’t like Aaron grabbing Victoria like that. She isn’t a doll Aaron. Just come over and ask her to come talk to you or something.

“What happened to blondie?” – Well, Robert gets a mention. Yay!

If I see anyone I follow shipping Jason and Aaron, I’m unfollowing. I find their vibe creepy and scary. That’s not normal. At all.

Victoria will go to town defending Aaron but throws her brother under the bus at every turn? Yeah, still not liking Victoria.

The Factory

I love how the whole family is into Nell’s birthday. I’m sure she hasn’t had that before.

The Pub Crew

I could watch Marlon and Paddy argue for hours. They are too funny together. Makes Paddy feel more human when he is with Marlon.

I think Charity is projecting onto Megan.  Charity is lonely and feels out of control.

Charity talking about how crime is on the rise is great. A Dingle complaining about crime being on the rise. HA. Love it.

The plan is falling apart. Big time. Megan isn’t made out for this.

OH MY GOD. Charity just locked Megan in a closet!

CHARITY! Oh my god. Things are never boring with you around. I’ll say that. *sticks tongue out*

I need gifs of Charity singing and dancing. Seriously. Talented fandom. Do this for me. Please!

I like this song! “Black Magic.” I listen to it on Spotify because Little Mix isn’t a thing in America. At least not in the New York market.

Poor Marlon. MARLON! Honey. *bubble wrap comes out*

Also, Frank is gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. I sense he will be back for revenge though. Aren’t they all?

Oh, he isn’t gone. OH. They are soooo done. I’m fine with that. Oh god. Poor Frank. Seriously. POOR FRANK.


Yeah, Victoria. He totally forced you to touch his muscles. Just admit you suck, and I can move on.

Yeah, Aaron. You totally got this under control. *sarcastic nod*

I’m assuming that Victoria tells Robert what went down and that gets him involved.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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