Emmerdale Live and Organized – August 23, 2017

It’s Wednesday! Here starts the Jason storyline. Maybe then people will shut up about the show missing Aaron. HERE HE IS! Baby Bunny! *coughs* Let’s go and see whats happening in the village today!


Where does Tracy shop? Forever 21 or Aeropostale? I’m not being mean I’m just wondering. Also, I can’t pull off the cold shoulder look, so I’m jealous.

Megan, you look a bit frantic. “Ignorant Cow!” I forgot cow is an insult over there. Love it. I’m going to use it soon.

This plan is a mess. This will explode in the worst way. I’m here for it.

The Café Crew

They are shooting people n the coffee shop differently lately. I like it.

Paddy! Dude! Give her more time! No one wants a stalker.

Bob and Nell. My new favorite friendship. Bob is awesome. That is all.

Marlon and Rishi are onto Frank now. Technically, they are onto Megan and Charity.

Time shares are dodgy Marlon. They teach you this on almost every television on.

Seriously. Bob and Nell’s Friendship For the Win! They are so cute together. I think we need more friendships on the show. That is where the heart lies. Friends and Family.

Bob wanting to celebrate her birthday so badly is adorable. Bob is adorable. Let’s all love on Bob today!


Good. Now people can stop complaining about Aaron being off screen. I love him, but the fans can be a bit much.

Yay. Start of the Jason filler story.

The Pub Crew

So, Victoria has enough for a baby’s room but not enough to keep up her house? Ok show. Ok.

Tennis is awesome. Don’t knock tennis, Aaron. I agree with Paddy. Someone check to see if pigs are flying outside! I agree with Paddy!

Aaron feels disconnected from Paddy. Which is to be expected. They haven’t really done anything. Not since Paddy ditched him at his worst hour to go off to have an emotional affair with Tess. You want to throw stones, Paddy? Remember you live in a glass house.

Marlon. SERIOUSLY. Time Shares are always a big NO.

Paddy needs to chill. She will decide when she is ready.

Those looks between Marlon and Paddy were classic. That made me laugh.

Charity would answer the phone like that. I’m sure telemarketers have her face on the walls with a warning not to call her number ever!

Charity? Oh my god?!? Her accent and trying to play along. Using the magazine to figure out a developer! Oh god. This has gone way too far. There is revenge, and there is Charity revenge.

Charity is on her phone as TART! *I’m dying of laughter over here!*

Zak has been acting weird lately. Just saying. Something is up there.

Vadam rises and so do a few theories.


I don’t know the history of Dan and Daz, but I sense it isn’t good. Not at all.

Kerry seems to feel bad for him. They dated at one point, right?

Kerry has a big heart. It’s charming.


Rhona is moving too fast. I love these two, but this is too fast. Way too fast. This will crash and burn. Badly.

God, the fact this is moving so fast…Something is coming. *hums West Side Story*

Well, Paddy, a lot of people want to do that in the village.

Good girl. That is what I’m thinking too Rhona. You two need to take it slow.

Oh. OH. This is very mature of her. It’s true. She is a different person now. A smart scene. I’ve been enjoying the after trial stuff with Rhona. It is well done. I know people will complain about it, but I really do love what they are doing with her. Also, Zoe Henry? Amazing actress. *snaps for Zoe!*

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

(Here is a picture of Aaron smiling since he won’t be smiling much during this Jason filler stuff.)

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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