Emmerdale Live and Organized – August 18, 2017

Alright, I personally think this has been a strong week for the show. I’ve enjoyed every episode so let’s finish out the week strong guys. I know you can do it. *checks writer for today. * Oh god. Well, let’s hope it ends without any weirdness, Sharon Marshall. (Oh god she sucks)

*After Show Update* Not bad Sharon. No one came out with a different personality this time. Anyway….

Priya/Pete and the Wedding Suite

Sigh. Good one guys.

Wow, Priya. You SUCK at hiding. Good job.

“Do you have any regrets?” – I think some of the fandom does. I find this bleh but I can watch it.

Oh crap. Leyla is on her way up. OH CRAP.

Oh hey. The show brought up what happened to him with Debbie and Ross and how he is doing the same thing now. Good for you show. Good for you. I was afraid this wouldn’t come up.

Believe it or not all men and women do the right thing. Without that soaps would be boring and wouldn’t exist today. Priya actions have motivation, and I see it. Doesn’t make her a weak character at all. Priya is broken right now. She will right the ship soon. Women like her always do.

How many times did you do it last night? The box is empty.


Zak farting. Exciting times in Emmerdale. Thanks, Sharon Marshall for that joke.

Why are the two of them hiding? Cain and Harriet?

Double date? Lydia and Sam and Cain and Harriet? CAN WE. JUST SO I CAN SEE MY DARLING LYDIA.

Zak trying to say they are religious because they named all their kids from the bible. HA.

Sam. Oh Sam. I love you.

The Attic Crew

GIVE DAN HIS CHEESE! I ship Cheese and Dan. *wink*

Wow. I’ve never seen Diane and Zak hang out together. Now they are talking Rhona?

Awwww, very sweet Zak. Very sweet. No matter what you have done in life, you will never be as bad as Pierce. Ok, honey?

When is this event? How long before Dan and Jimmy run off together?

The Pub Crew

Rhona is drinking. Oh boy.

I think it’s too soon for Rhona to move on to a dating site. Way too early. This won’t end well. Oh good. A bottle of wine. Crap.

UM. Wasn’t Zak eating breakfast and now he is sitting with Diane? WHAT? The editing is all wrong on this episode.

Oh god. The meta! THE META OF IT ALL! *I’m a nerd for this. So excited. No matter how weird it gets!*

I know this is supposed to be sad, but I love all the winking going on here. Cain. Rhona hitting on him poorly. *it’s kind of adorable in a meta sense*


NO. Rhona, you sound like someone finally coming to terms with a lot of trauma. Starting to come to terms.

“I’m not ok.” – Some of the strongest words you can say to someone. Good first step.


Thank you for existing David. I enjoy looking at you.

Tracy fangirling out is adorable. It is me talking about Robron stuff.

Vanessa too. Vanessa fangirling is me too. Over Robron stuff.

Oh. Leyla. You aren’t stupid. Not at all. You are blinded by love and your own problems.

Team Leyla Deserves Better. Team We Need a New Character for Leyla. Quick. I miss her smile already.

Seriously Priya. SERIOUSLY. You are giving your best friend hope while you screw her ex-fiancee? No. That’s not good at all.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’ 

(Enjoy some cute half smile Sudgen. I do!)

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718 (I’m a simple person at heart.)

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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