Emmerdale Live and Organized – August 17, 2017

I’m excited for this car crash of a wedding but Emmerdale, it’s not the wedding of the year. We all know who has that title and car crash of a year. *WINK*

Wedding Day Hijinks  

Leyla. Come on. Priya is acting insane. I know she is the maid of honor, but she is way too into this wedding and knows too much about Pete.

Pete. Don’t screw with Kerry. She will kick your butt. Bernice will bury you alive.

I hate to say this, but Ross looks very good in a suit. *wolf whistle*

I love how they are in full blown ‘hide the bride’ mode. Very cute.

Leyla is beautiful. The feathers look better in motion than in the pictures.

Also, I kind of ship Leyla and Ross. Kill me now.

You feel jittery because you know it isn’t right. Run off with Ross. I’d be ok with that.

Adam still feels shoehorned in even if he is their half brother.

Adam. ADAM. OH. You continue to be a hypocrite. I’m watching you. Every time you talk about cheating and hiding it I add another tick to the theory.

The Barton’s are looking good (not you Adam) but the rest of you are looking great!

Pretty wedding. Very New York. Old Money. Plaza. I approve.

Ross. You are making me laugh. I kind of love it. Damn you. *winky wink*

Finn as the wedding planner is adorable.

Vadam. Don’t care. They both are pissing me off now.

Leyla is delaying the wedding. Interesting. *not*

Ross. Go for Leyla. I’m kind of into you guys now.

THEY ARE BOTH GOING OUT THE WINDOW?!?! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Seriously. That was a great moment.

They are stuck! Oh my god! I also might be in love with Ross. Only today. That goes away tomorrow.

I’m in love with this wedding. It’s perfect in every way.

Let’s keep the truth train rolling here people! Priya. Do you have something to confess?

Oh, joy. Pete is being an asshole. How Barton of him.

Priya. So not the time to confess. I was kidding before. Don’t tell her now. Oh. Ok.

Oh god. You two. Priya and Pete are going to sleep together in the honeymoon suite. Oh god. No.

David? Thank you for existing. *high five*

Oh, Leyla. *BIG HUGS*

Oh ok then. *BIG FAT EYE ROLL*

The Café Crew

Oh yay. A fun game between Harriet and Cain.

I love how Laurel is like, “Coira is back?” *HA!*

Paddy. Suck it up. Cover for Rhona. She needs this.

I won’t lie, but I’m kind of like Megan. I use chocolate to fix things too. *totally works too*

Nicola and Kerry! They should just race each other. Jimmy and Dan aren’t into this. GIVE DAN HIS CHEESE.

Rhona. Kick that crazy women’s ass. Martha creeps me out.

Dan’s spandex. THAT’S INTERESTING. *laughs*

I don’t trust this woman. Not at all. I know she sounds all contrite but no. I don’t trust her. She is related to Pierce. Don’t trust her Rhona. DON’T TRUST HER.

I love the Nicola and Kerry stuff. I expect them to be full blown best friends by the end of the year. Frenemies at least.


Question: Why ae Eric and Doug fighting over Leyla?

Jacob is adorable. As per usual. *muah*

The Pub Crew

Moira is drinking coffee again. Just saying.

Talking about the craptastic Debbie and Pete wedding. That’s good to bring that up on a wedding day.


Harriet knows what we all know. Oh, Harriet. This is kind of sad. Oh, Harriet. She is being better than most women would be.

Debbie is a Coira shipper. Just saying.

Oh no. Moira. Honey. NO. Don’t do this! We all know you two love each other. *angry fangirl screaming*

My heart is broken. Damn you.

Kerry and Nicola. STOP TALKING. Emma kills people. Just saying.


Harriet knows Cain loves her. Even if they keep going, she knows.

Oh ok. Cain is lying to himself. Moira is lying to herself. Harriet is going to be hurt. Badly.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718 (I’m a simple person at heart.)

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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