Emmerdale Live and Organized – August 15, 2017

Look alive! It’s a Maxine episode, and you know what that means. Good times ahead. Are jackets baked potatoes? Just the American asking the questions here.

The Bartons

That’s right. Your evidence is missing. *evil laugh*

Finn is on the case! You should join forces with Laurel. She needs some backup after Bob ditched her pretty behind.

Nice swerve there Emma. Look at her Finn. She isn’t acting normal. Her face looks like she always sees ghosts!

It’s not every day a Barton gets married! Duh. *ha*

Moira. I’m worried for Moira all of a sudden. *Emma will direct some anger somewhere! Oh god*

I won’t lie. Finn figuring out things makes more sense than Ross or Pete. Finn is the intuitive one. Usually. We all have our moments.

Yes! Laurel/Finn the new Sherlock and Holmes. Shut up Bob (No. I’m sorry. I love you, Bob!)

Pete and Moira. Show. Did you forget or do you remember? *talk to me show. Talk to me!*

Adam being pulled into this feels forced, but I’ll go with it. (Re: Pete and Priya)

Hey, Adam. Sarah is a Dingle-SUGDEN. Just saying. Stop erasing the name. Sugden is a legacy.


IT’S OUT. The secret is out to Finn. Now what?

Emma and Finn are near Ashley’s window. Hmmmm. Confessing to Finn, God, and Ashley? Interesting juxtaposition.

OH. Finn has done some extreme stuff for love. Believe me.

I’m very impressed with Joe Gill. Very impressed. With the right material, he just shines. *Snaps all around*

That is a lot of pressure for Finn to carry around. He isn’t strong. He will break. Maybe by October? *wink*


Leyla’s eyes are mine when I see wedding dresses. *not getting married but I enjoy the dress*

“That dress is dead to me now!” – Leyla *HA. Love that*

It’s the dress from the wedding shoot in June! *awwwww*

Frank is being nice. I kind of feel bad for him now.

I wonder if Megan is starting to fall back in love with him? Maybe? No. Maybe not.

The Café Crew

Sarah and Cain are adorable. Still not over Cain babysitting.

“Isn’t Jesus your boss?” – Sarah *Smartass. Love her*

Sarah. A true Dingle-Sugden. I’m proud of her. *proud tears*

Shut up, Adam. *just a normal response. He didn’t deserve it that time*

I’m not a fan of baby’s breath either Emma. It’s filler flower. Cheap.

Ah. THE DRESS. That dress has seen a lot in its time. Lots of things. *awkward glance*

My mom burned her dress from her first wedding. It happens, Finn.

That one extra is watching Finn and Emma. That would be me as an extra. Taking notes and watching like I’m a fan.


The two of them questioning Frank so much is cute. Even if its strained at best.

Love hearing Jacob has Josh’s back. Very cute. *Friendship is Forever!*


Bringing Moira into this is interesting. Keeping her close. Considering what went down that is very interesting. Show. I see you.

Leyla is too pure for this world…right now. It is a soap after all. *wink*


Tracy is in the choir? Ok then.

Cain dealing with the god squad is kind of funny.

Cain. The ultimate bad boy being tamed by Harriet is kind of lame, but I’ll deal with it. As long as Coira is still on the horizon.

By the way. God bless Coira fans. They have waited and waited and are so sweet to Robron fans who can’t freaking wait for anything. God bless them. Seriously. Coira fans are the real MVPs of Emmerdale.

Moira’s Farm

Oh god. Pete is talking to the cows or something. Pete is just…a mess of a human. Usually, I enjoy that but not this time. Nope.

Do you know why you feel something weird, Leyla? There was something between them. Its something secret and I’m waiting for that time bomb to come out.

Yeah. Adam isn’t that smart to figure that out, but I’ll let it go.

OH HEY. Mini rant warning: Pete has cheated on Leyla twice. He is constantly lying. Adam will lie for him too. Ross won’t bat an eye at him since he slept with Debbie’s while she was marrying Pete. Emma killed her husband. Moira cheated twice. Adam cheated on every girlfriend he has ever had. However…Robert is the scum of the village? NOPE. Anti’s to the left to the left. Everything you hate about Robert can be put to a box to the left.

OH. REALLY ADAM. REALLY?!?! You get a pass because you were messed up? Robert was more messed up than you, and he gets shit? FUCK YOU. Hypocrite. Asshole. Ok. I’m done now.

WOW. Sarah. You have a beautiful voice. Love this is playing in the church. I wish church were like that for me at Sarah’s age. Sadly, it wasn’t.

Weddings are about family you dingus. It’s about two families coming together to celebrate love. You dumbass Adam.

“There is no way in a million years I’d cheat on her again.” – BULLSHIT. Adam is full of shit.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718 (I’m a simple person at heart.)

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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