The Karma Catch Up: The White Family’s Exit Theory

I thought I was fresh out of theories when out of nowhere a new one presented itself. I’m sure someone out there has talked about it, but I haven’t seen it yet. If someone out there has, come on over and talk theory with me. We have a lot to discuss.

Anyway, the lovely and smart Justine (@BeautifulHusbands) mentioned to me one day that she was afraid Robert was going to be set up for Lawrence’s death.  That got us thinking. What if that is where we are heading? What if the Whites big goodbye means they try to take down Robert Sugden?

So, here is my new theory or as I started calling it:

The White Family Exit: Karma Catches Up to Robert Sugden

When this little revenge lark started, Robert had Tim work with him scare off clients by becoming the phantom of the Home Farm. Meanwhile, Robert scared off the other clients with an email. This would ensure Victoria and Rebecca would get him back into leading the company. It worked out perfectly. However, Tim got spooked and ran while Robert moved forward with his plan. Robert left a loose end out there.

Meanwhile, Chrissie, pissed off at Lawrence about all the lies about her history and family, removes herself from the family and the business. Making it even easier than ever for Robert to move on in, continuing his plan. This is where missing time comes in.

Let’s say that Chrissie was visited by Tim. She lets him in. They start talking. Tim tells her what Robert seems to be up to. Chrissie starts thinking. Seeing as she is furious at Lawrence and knows Robert is moving in on the family, this would be the best way to get back at Lawrence and Robert at once. (I’m convinced she never stopped being angry at Robert).

They start to plan out a way to get rid of Lawrence (he should be on his 9th life by now) and set up Robert for the death. It would be happening in the time we are missing. The event goes down, and Robert is accused and even goes to jail. It plays into something being echoed since the last SSW. Robert always comes away from every scheme, fight, and sad event unscathed. What if this is the time he is finally caught and he didn’t do the crime?

It would bring a lot of things forward. It might fill in some plot holes people won’t shut up about. What exactly are all the White Family members up to the last couple of months? What if they have been planning their own revenge on different people and Chrissie just got there first? We know the White’s have to leave, and since Robert came in with them, he will have to make sure they leave…all of them.

It would also bring Aaron back from the brink. Let’s not kid ourselves. When one of them is in danger, the other is right there to save them. Where there is a Robert, there is an Aaron and vice versa.  I can see Aaron trying to help Robert and figure out what went down. Especially when everyone will write him off (Victoria included).  Aaron is all he has in his corner. Aaron knows the real Robert Sugden.

All of this could lead to Lachlan losing it after he finds out all the different things his family has been doing, and we get our ‘serial killer’ Lachlan only with his family? Maybe? That or Lachlan and that whole spoiler that has been out there for a long time is the ultimate red herring.

Regardless, this theory came about after Justine and I figured out (with the help of twitter) the show kept bringing up karma, time and coming full circle. This means bringing back Andy. Why Andy? Well, if Robert gets framed and sent to jail, Andy and Aaron helping him out would bring us full circle. This is how this all started. Chrissie framed Andy. Robert and Aaron tried to figure out how to prove his innocence. This brought in Rebecca, and you know the rest of the story. This can let the White Family exit in a big way, completing the story circle.

Either way, the White Family has a ticking clock on their heads. How will the show write them out? I hope I’m right with this theory all based on a suggestion.

What do you think? Far fetched or do you see a bit of this happening? If you have come up with a version of this come on over and we can talk about it! Leave me a note below or Tweet me @AmandaJ718.


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  1. You should be a Emmerdale storyliner. I would love to see an storyline like this. With Bex leaving with Ross’ baby?

  2. Robron have been broken up for I think 7 weeks but it feels like we’re stuck. Nothing has happened much. Aaron is still boxing and Robert is still drugging Lawrence. I don’t know. Maybe ED is filling time and waiting for everything to come together so it can kick off during SWW. We don’t exactly know when that is yet so I’m dreading we’ll be seeing the same types of scenes for at least another month. This is part of the problem. Nothing happens naturally. It’s either dragged out or rushed because certain things have to happen at certain times:(

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