Emmerdale Live and Organized – August 8, 2017

Another day, another drama here in Emmerdale. Let’s see what happens next!

The Café Crew

Kerry dressed as a zombie. Ha!

Jai told his staff to go do a zombie run? Ok then.

Rebecca is an idiot. For someone who claims Robert has used her a million times, she is accepting of him now. SO, I feel no sadness for her.  She is an idiot of the highest order.

If she cares about her dad, she wouldn’t have let him drink alcohol after getting out of the hospital. She has a full 24 hours of hard work and she gets tired? Little princess hasn’t heard of hard work once in her tiny life.

Ross is talking to Laurel now? I don’t like when Ross talks to older women because he doesn’t know the word respect when it comes to women especially older ones.

The Barton Brothers/Leyla/Vanessa/Emma

Ross being brought into the Emma/Laurel story seems…added on. I’ll go with it.

They look happy, but we know better. We always know better. *shakes head*

Emma not into the wedding is a huge sign people!

I want Leyla’s whole wardrobe. Hair. Confidence. Awesomeness. I still think she looks like Audrey Hepburn.

Leyla is drinking again. Wait. MOIRA?!? Odd mention from the show.

David’s Store Crew

I want Priyas jacket. I need it in my life yesterday.

David. Thank you for showing up. I enjoy your face.

Faith! I love that Faith keeps showing up. *Queen Faith. Bow Down*

Dr. Drake! HA. *we are cool*

The YOUTH is acting up.

I don’t blame you two. How many times can one eat at the pub? There has to be other food choices out there.

I’m loving Faiths jacket too. I’m into leather jackets. Can you tell?

Eric is high strung already, but it seems worse than ever. I agree with Faith. Josh is just a kid.

Are David and Tracy going to adopt Josh?

Eric is the writer of all the millennial are evil articles on the NYT’s site.

Josh has more of a personality than Rebecca. ANOTHER CHARACTER WITH A BETTER DEVELOPED PERSONALITY. *more proof she is on her way out*

Yup. Way too old David. Way too old. Oh no! That other bully is going to mock him now! NO! Josh needs a good family behind him. *sad face*

Oh, Josh. Honey. It isn’t worth it. I know in your world it is but you have good people behind you now.

FAITH CHEERING ON THE FIGHT IS AWESOME. I love that everyone had Josh’s back. Yay! I kind of like Josh now.

IRoberts’ this little family they have going now. Adorable. I’m so here for this. LOVE THIS.

OH NO. Josh. NO. Guns? NOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOO! Don’t do it. DON’T DO IT. Oh. Well. He is doing it. Sigh.


Aaron It’s an ass to Robert because Adam is here. Not cool. You are a grown man, right Aaron? Also, I hope you are enjoying the inside of the Mill including those chairs that Robert got you. Just saying.

I didn’t like that at all. I don’t care of Aaron looked sad at the end. Ok, I care a little. The walls are slowly falling. Also, Adam can still go the hell for all I care. Adam shouldn’t have that much power over Aaron.

Aaron has the watch. Seriously. You two don’t want other people. You want your Sugdens. Well, I don’t care about Adam and Victoria. Just Robert and Aaron.

Home Farm Crew/Zombie Run People

Everyone getting ready in the house is weird, but I’ll move on from that.

Monster Mash playing! HA. Love it.

The Zombie Run sounds difficult when one is drunk. I’d just wander around being a zombie. That’s why I haven’t been invited to too many Zombie Runs. *ha*

Sarah is going to wander around Home Farm which his scary enough let alone during a Zombie Run. By the way, Sarah is a true Dingle/Sugden. Love it.

AH! Jai and Priya’s dad is back! Hello more comic relief!

Lachlan: Emmerdale’s Pimp. OH. On a scale of 1-10 how *shooty* do you feel today?

OH HEY! Its Nell! I forgot about her. Nell is calling Pete. Oh boy. Does Pete know that she knows? *How Friends of me*


Oh god. Here we go. Drugged Alcoholic induced Lawrence on the rise. I can’t stand Lawrence so who cares. *HA HA HA HA HA*


Oh no. Lawrence hit something. Oh no. Do I care? No. What life is Lawrence on now? 7 or 8?

Oh no. Victoria was almost hurt. *eye roll* Hey! We should laugh at her ankle like she laughed at Roberts ankle. Right? KARMA IS A BITCH VICTORIA.

What? I’m still waiting for this triangle to be a hot summer romance. Summer is almost done, and there is no hotness. Where is the hotness Emmerdale? I’m not talking David shirtless either. *wink*

I don’t think Sarah saw anything.

Emily. Stop. You have two speeds. Sleepy and hysterical. Learn to find that happy middle. Then people won’t call you a crappy actress.

TAKE THE ALCOHOL AWAY FROM HIM REBECCA. YOU DUMBASS. Stop letting him drink. COME ON. There is a point where the kids become the parents to their own parents. STEP UP. If you are a such an independent women, you can handle it.

The Pub Crew

Priya is drunk. I love how much fun everyone is having though.

Look how excited everyone is. I’m enjoying the laughter. *let me have this little moment*

Robert feels guilty. Like I expected. Oh good. The show said it for me. Karma.

So, Aaron is either worried about Robert or thinks he is up to something. I’ve decided he is more worried about his husband than thinking he is up to something. He will use the watch tomorrow to get Robert over. Sigh. Here we go.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

Originally posted by musicalhog

(Replace School with Storyline and you got certain fans and soap magazine writers!)

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718 (I’m a simple person at heart.)

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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