Emmerdale Live and Organized – August 4, 2017

Happy Friday! You made it through the week. Congrats! Let us see what is up in Emmerdale today.

The trying to develop a tough skin when it comes to Rebecca White. I wanted the show to redeem her. Give her a storyline away from Robert and Aaron. Give her an underlining personality to explain actions. However, the incident happened, and she will forever be on my “Crap List.” Doesn’t matter how much they change her now. Doesn’t matter if the show gives her a personality. I hate her. I’m saying this because I want to warn people that in these reviews…she will not be given an inch of sympathy or rethinking. I’m done rethinking and trying to twist my mind around this character. The development, writing and acting for this Rebecca is terrible. For such a big character coming between a huge ship, they didn’t seem to want a good actress or care about personality. Anyway, that is all. I need to learn how to ‘not care’ about her because it isn’t good for my anger levels.

On with the show!

I think they need a new opening. One with floating heads would be nice.

The Thomas Family/Lydia

People thinking that Laurel is drinking is breaking my heart. Lydia just cares about her.

Lydia! I love you for caring so much about Laurel, but this is going to hurt. Laurel honey. I hate this so much.

I hope Laurel has the biggest “Told you so!” party when this is all over with.  *pulls out the bubble wrap*

Oh. She was trying to help? OH GOD. Laurel, you look worse now. Eek. Not good.

The White Family

You know that Rebecca only cares about herself and her family fortune since she is the only one who gets something.

HA! I don’t care. Suffer Plot Device Loon. SUFFER.

Ok. Robert is kind of hot right now. “THAT GIRL TAKES STUPID TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL” YES. LOVE IT.

Ok. Now what Robert. I’m with you but the next plan? Other than zombie run?

The Café Crew


Faith. My heart. Oh god. Guns. Guns everywhere. Guns being mentioned a lot lately.

Is there a Faith/Rodney/Eric triangle? I’m here for this. YES. This is the triangle I am here for. This is my summer romance triangle. Pete/Priya/Leyla WHO?

The Church

Emma. Stay away from Arthur. It’s a church for lord’s sake! You don’t do anything bad in a church!

Oh, MY GOD. Emma just kidnapped Arthur!

 The Pub Crew

Belle. Your family has done sort of the same things over the years. I feel like he would fit in just fine. Still. Lachlan and Belle are still cute. This can only end badly.

Victoria’s voice drives me up a wall now. I hate that is happening. I used to love Victoria. All of her. Her edges. Her dark sides to her light. Now I can’t stand her because she doesn’t care about her family or how much she hurts them with her words. I hate this so much.

Lydia cleaning the tables. She is just adorable to me.  I’m loving her character so much.

Ah, the email plot? AH. Here we go. *Giggles*


Clearly you can’t act, Emily.

Robert. I love him with all my heart. YES. .scheme away my lovely boy. I hate Rebecca and the Whites. Start bringing them down.  One by one.

Victoria is an asshole. Film at 11. She lost me as a fan for now. She is so cold and cruel. Fuck her.

Great. Robert is now staying at Home Farm. All part of the plan. Rebecca is an idiot. I have no remorse for her stupidity.

Davids Grocery Store

I guess Tracy is all good now. She and David are the only ones that have a good relationship. Also, David. Hi. What’s up. *flirty wink*

I worry about the gun too with Eric. That will end badly.

We are back to the YOUTHS storyline.

OH GOD. The gun. The gun is coming.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

A little tongue action for you all. A weekend present.

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter @AmandaJ718 or my Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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