Emmerdale Live and Organized – August 3, 2017

The negative feedback loop going on in the Robron Twitter-verse is a bit intense today. Tumblr? You are ok so far. Remember when it comes to rumors or spoilers: Consider the source. If it seems too good to be true or too horrible, take at face value. Don’t make yourself crazy for no reason.

Alright. Another hour-long episode. Let’s do this. Don’t let me down Marvel shirt! *claps hands*

The Thomas Family/Barton Family/Lydia

Sandy Sighting!

Diane cares more about Laurel than Robert. *laughs bitterly*

Team Laurel! Sherlock’s got this.

I don’t know if that would work, but I’m all for it.

Laurel on the hunt again. You can do it, Laurel.


Bob and Laurel aren’t Sherlock and Watson. LYDIA. Cleaning up. I love her with all my heart.


Ross. Bleh.

YOU PROTECT LYDIA. Lydia is a golden angel of love.

Laurel on a mission. Always Team Laurel.

Ross. As lovely as ever. Trash. Ross is going in on older women looks crappy. Why is the Emmerdale twitter obsessed with him. What a loser.

I love how much Lydia has been integrated into the village. She is around everyone. Dating a Dingle. She has a strong personality. She has just been put into the Laurel/Emma story. That is a big deal.

Oh boy. Laurel. Calm down. It’s hard when you know you are right and everyone else thinks you are wrong.  Laurel. LAUREL. Lydia isn’t to blame.


The White Family

They should warn us when Rebecca is on. *bleh*

*I’m going to hold off mocking Emily because I feel like I’ve been going in on her too hard lately. I’ll be back though*

No one is here but the hated daughter. Sorry, Lawrence.

Lachlan! From 1-10, tell us how ‘shooty’ you feel today!

I like Belle in her business casual attire.

Chrissie. DON’T LEAVE US. You can act.

I hate that I like Lachlan and Belle. I feel like I shouldn’t, but I do.

God. Rebecca is an idiot at business. Not surprising. I HATE THAT SHIRT.

NO BUMP WATCH: Does she have a bump? NO. Next.

Tim: Phantom of the Home Farm! *theme plays*

Totally pregnant. Running in heels holding a fire extinguisher against your stomach. IDIOTS.

Rebecca is trying to get Chrissie to stay so she doesn’t have to work. Rebeca is an ass. Film at 11.

Oddly enough. DON’T CARE ABOUT REBECCA. Seriously. Beyond caring. Tricks aren’t working on me show. (I know they are working on some on Tumblr/Twitter).


Rebecca ever the ‘victim.’ Fuck off.

The Café Crew

Bob knowing way too much. *Reaction City*

Ross. Ok then.

Bob. Not so obvious next time.

Robert is checking in with Zak. *heart eyes*

This is the show talking about what happened last time Aaron boxed. Right? A lot of people have brought it up. It won’t end well for Robert, but I appreciate Robert caring. Considering in a week or two Aaron has that talk with Robert.


He moved into Victoria’s after all.

Was the phone call about the tickets or something else?

I think Robert is lovely. He tries. Victoria, you are way too hard on your older brother.

Thank god. They are talking. FINALLY. It was a nice conversation. I’m liking that. Good show. Good. My heart isn’t broken. Yay. Aaron found his voice and told him he would be ok boxing. I’m happy with that. *THE LUCKY SHIRT LIVES*

They are so going to fight. *BAD LUCKY SHIRT*

Sigh. Robert just cares about your Aaron. I swear. You care about him too. That fight wasn’t that bad. It could have been worse. Let it go.

CAIN! YES. Agreeing with Robert. YES. Enjoy this moment. Please. It won’t happen again. *Robert and Cain Friendship Rising*

The Pub Crew 

“Do you have a gun?” – What now Charity? WHAT? *I know it was a joke but still…*

Sam and Lydia FOREVER.

Charity in everyone’s business. That’s the charity I know and love.

Look at Finn. All tough.

Today is a good day. Lots of characters out and about. Talking to each other. BOB. Arthur. Lydia. Sam. YES. Thank you show.

Aaron knows that its Roberts doing. Of course, he does. He knows his Robert.

Victoria is terrible. Officially on my shit list. Will only be moved when she gets her head out of Rebecca’s ass.


Don’t read the Diary. It’s not yours to read. That is all Sarah. There was another Debbie that read a diary once. *Amanda reveals some childhood history*

DEBBIE. MAJORLY WRONG. You aren’t fun because you are her mother. Mothers are there to be strict not your friend. The friendship comes after Sarah is grown. If she grows up. *sniff*

Debbie. You don’t have a leg to stand on. Stop it.

This is a nice scene. Debbie has had some great family scenes lately. Awww…Cain and Aaron are having a paintball fight with Sarah and Debbie.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter @AmandaJ718 or my Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!


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  1. I was expecting worse so I really liked today’s scenes. They were not mean to each other and the Dingles were not horrible to Robert. I just wish Victoria was a better sister. And I’ve said this many times, but the show needs to give Robert a best friend or supportive family members. Dear universe, please DON’T make me regret asking for this!

    I really appreciate your posts. These days there is little sanity in the fandom so your thoughtful posts help. Thank you!

    • Hi Cordelia! Thank you so much for reading! I truly appreciate it. I was expecting worse too because of what we have gotten in the past but today was great. Very old school Robron. They talked and then their fight was quiet and intense. I love that two big members of the Dingle group had Roberts back. That was nice to see. (Robert did drink from the welly!) I want Robert to have friends that don’t have the last name White. I obviously have issues with Rebecca as a character. lol I’m glad I can help keep things sane for you. I go nuts sometimes but I know it will be ok. Again, thank you for the comment and I thank you for reading! 🙂

      • I am now reading all of your previous posts. I am in a Robron retrospective journey. I’ve missed the period between the wedding and the alleged ONS, so lots of stuff is confusing to me. I am not a Rebecca hater but I don’t trust her innocent act. I don’t think any of the Whites is a good candidate to be our boy’s friend. He needs his own Adam or hopefully Victoria will be a smarter and a better sister. Once again, thank you!

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