Emmerdale Live and Organized – August 1, 2017

The hour long episodes always tire me out. There is so much going on, and I can’t keep up on here. Anyway,…lets go!


Oh, look. Sherlock and Watson of Emmerdale! (I love this!)

Why are they talking about this so loudly outside!

Faith’s advice is awesome.

The Whites

Poor Sam. He is so cute. Lydia. DATE HIM.

Gerry is still here. What?!?!

Geez, Ronnie. Keep it in your pants. Also, yes…forever. Suuureee.

What did Lachlan do now?

Lisa and Ronnie were friends. I forgot!

Lachlan is creepy. I’m enjoying this performance. It works really well.

Yeah. Lachlan is insane. Lachlan. Do you feel…shooty these days? *eyes made at Lachlan*

*GASP* WHAT A TWIST! *snort*

Poor Chrissie. She is having the worst day.  Already has a drink in her hand.

I think Ronnie is going to leave Lawrence, isn’t he?

Yeah. I don’t care about this. White Family being terrible. Film at 11.

Louise is amazing though. You are awesome girl! *HIGH SNAPS*

God Emily is a terrible actress. Film at 11. *blink blink blink*

Bye Ronnie. See ya. I enjoyed you. What. This was weird. Still don’t feel bad for Lawrence. I have a heart of steel people. Especially when it comes to the Whites. *dances*

The Whites do ruin lives.

Oh good. More Emily acting. Yay. *eye roll* Also, NO BUMP. WTF.

Oh please. Rebecca. STFU. I hate her and nothing will change that. With Chrissie gone we are stuck with full blown scenes with her. Kill me now.

Louise is an amazing actress. Just her face got me. Her eyes got me. Emily doesn’t understand that at all. Maybe she could learn from some of her castmates. The screeching was so annoying. Gave me a headache.

The Café Crew

Rhona! *bubble wrap*

Faith and Laurel and Bob! YES. THIS IS GOOD STUFF PEOPLE!

Why is everyone talking so loudly about Emma? You guys suck at this! I love you, but you suck at this.

LYDIA AN SAM! My new pairing. Robron who? Lydia and Sam wouldn’t hurt me. They need a ship name. RIGHT NOW. Get on that for me lovely people!

He may have bird flu! – Lydia (I love you, Lydia!)

Listen to your son Sam. Lydia likes you. She is giving you a personal disco! *wink*


Sam dancing is amazing. My crops are watered, my eyesight is clear, and I’m in love.



Look how Robert is sitting. He is trying to make himself small. *bubble wrap*

Also, Victoria. YOU ARE THE WORST SISTER EVER. Why would you make Robert move in with you and Rebecca then make a comment that he needs to go back to being like he was when we met him. She is terrible! Seriously.

Aaron walking by with Adam. Sigh. Robert looked like he was in hell.

Oh god. Robert trying to tell Aaron he would never move in with Rebecca and Aaron pretending not to care. That broke my heart. DAMN YOU SHOW. DAMN YOU. Aaron

Robert is trying to be civil and nice by telling Aaron he would never and Aaron is still cold with the walls up. We need to see Aarons side of the sadness. I know he is sad. Show us his sadness to even out the plot.


Oh. So. Aaron isn’t sad and is acting like its no big deal what Robert does. Aaron does not look good in my book. I expected some sadness. Something to level the story out. I KNOW HE IS SAD AND MISSING ROBERT. Robert is trying so hard. His heart is bleeding out in front of him, and Aarons is in a steel cage.

Adam doesn’t have it under control by the way. Aaron is hiding from him too. Also Adam…Leave Aaron be. God.

The Pub Crew

Faith is the Queen. All bow down.

I love that there is a beer called anvil at the pub. *wink at writers*

A Joint Experience with a Brick! HA. Nice way to put it.

Marlon, Paddy, and Vanessa are awesome. Film at 11:15.

That shouldn’t count. She was raped. That wasn’t out of love. I don’t accept that. BOOOO!

Wow. She is stuck married to him for a year? Seriously. She was raped. Don’t you have friends to take care of this for you Rhona?!?! Sigh.


“Telling stories again?” – RUN LAUREL. TAKE DOTTY AND RUN.

Laurel is my girl. She has this.

Emma did not just bring up Ashley. WOW. EMMA. YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE. Laurel doesn’t push any guilt onto you. GRRRRRRRR.



Laurel. You have it right. Emma is cornered. Like a rat.

Bob. Tred lightly. Think of the twins! Don’t upset Emma too much. You will be next!

BOB. Not cool Bob. Stick to Laurels side. You are Watson to her Sherlock!

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter @AmandaJ718 or my Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

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