Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – August 31, 2017

Our hour long episode! Bring it on Emmerdale. Bring it on.

Brain doesn’t seem to understand. Every day he has to be reminded of the emotional connection angle. *wink*

Does Emmerdale get those lovely commercials like Corrie does? I want to see that for Emmerdale too!


Oh yeah. More closed off stuff. Shampoo. Rinse. Repeat.

Another weird shot of The Mill.

So, I’m going to need Aaron to chase after Robert after this silly plot is done and they need to get together because Robert begging Aaron to even give him the time of day hurts. Hurts a lot.

Aaron is running and going back to the gym. He isn’t coping again. That I can say because I read between the lines.

The Café Crew

April sighting. *YAY*

Emma is trying to keep Bob on her side. *STOP THAT*


BOB. No. Stop. Bob. No, don’t be this way. #TeamLaurel

Oh. Laurel isn’t Italian I see. The first birthday is a BIG Deal. *Ask me about mine. It has a few funny stories that are still told today*

Nicola is going to force the birthday party. HA. Nicola makes me smile.

The Whites/Robert

OH MY GOD. Robert’s deadpanned ‘great’ at the baby kicking news never stops making me laugh.


Also, she is all better now. No more crying. The business is better. Hmmmm…

Oh look. She knows what to do now after consulting with everyone in the village. Hmmm…

She is soooo playing everyone. She can’t be this stupid without a plan in place. She can’t.

Ha, Rebecca. He doesn’t love you. Chrissie is his favorite child.

Robert’s brain is now in overdrive.

Lachlan is back.

Emily still sucks as an actress. Film at 11.

Rebecca sounded bitter towards Chrissie. Hmmm…sounds familiar.

Calling it now. Chrissie might be up to something too.

Wait. First, she wants him to help and now she wants him out of the business? PICK A LANE SHOW.

David’s Shop

Now Faith and Eric are at each other’s throats.

I really liked Faith and Eric too! *BOOO*

David doesn’t even know anymore. I don’t either David. *HA*


I forgot this plot completely. Right. The business. I like that car though.

Rodney. Seriously. You try way to hard.

“Get in loser! We are going shopping!” – Oh, Eric. You won this round.

Bernice’s Beauty Shop

Charity and I are foil sisters. #BlondeForLife

The Pub Crew

David got out of the shop! EXCITING TIMES!

David. Thank you. That’s all. *wink*

Oh Faith. I adore you.

Oh. A McCains ad. *Sell that potato April!*

April. I love you. So much. You darling girl.

Welcome to the story Debbie. *waves*

Adam and Victoria hanging out together. Hmmm.

I love that everyone wants Laurel to be happy. Enjoy your kids birthday. She is one. That is a big deal.

“Why are you going to Leeds?” That is where the show films…that’s why! *snort. Im a nerd*

The Doctors Office

Moira, Robert and Emma in one scene! YES.

Also, HA. Interesting. Very interesting.

Robert needs to calm down and think of a new plan. Come on Robert! I got your back! You can do this!

Well, that works. Switching labels while freaking out.

Ryan still looks damn sexy so I’m enjoying this. Also, Robert is off his game. He needs his husband to help him out. Keep him grounded. They make a great team and Robert needs his soulmate to help.

Emma and Robert in a scene together. I love this.

In between the lies, there were some truths there too. He wants to know when to stop hoping. Oh god. That is so sad. Also, he officially bonded over something with Emma. More connections to SSW. Oh, Robert. He broke my heart again.

Homeless Shelter

I love Nicolas and Bernice’s relationship. They are funny together. Sisters for life.

Haircuts for Hobos?!? Oh god. *Snort. So mean Bernice! *

Awwww, that was a sweet moment.

Here we go. Daz and Kerry.

The Scrapyard


‘It’s Just Speculation!’


(Robert to Rebecca as she talks about the kid.)

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Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – August 30, 2017

Welcome to Wednesday.

“True drama requires an emotional connection Brian!” YEAH BRIAN. DUH.


SHEEP! This episode is great already.

Jason chilling in the graveyard. Say hi to Jack!

A lot of graveyard imagery lately. Just saying.

I guess Aaron is trying to be the better person. He is trying to keep his anger at bay.

The Café Crew

Eric and Faith! I adore them. I think they are trying to actually build a sweet friendship/relationship with them. I love that.

Lawrence. Even drunk/drugged he uses big words and goes after people. *snorts*

Emma wants to work at the Café? I didn’t know she knew how?

No. Robert doesn’t want him to talk to a doctor. It will ruin the plans. Get with the program, Lawrence! *claps hands*

Did I mention Robert looks very good today? *drools*

Lawrence fell asleep in the Café? HA.

Home Farm/The White Family/Finn/Robert

*SNORE* WHOA. Robert is here?

Ah. Robert is so handsome. *fangirl sigh* Wait? Is there something else going on? No? Hey, Robert. That color looks good on you. *fangirl wink*

I love that. Going after Finn. I won’t lie. I wanted to do that too.

So, we are officially full blown, GET WHITES OUT OF EMMERDALE plans now.

Robert thinks he has really lost Aaron now. He has nothing to lose. When Robert thinks he has nothing to lose. Watch out. (well, until Liv makes her way back and reminds him that Aaron and Liv are reasons to not go full blown crazy revenge)

The Mill

I don’t know what the Vespa seat is either, Jason. It screams Robert and Liv though. Which is sweet.

This is Aaron facing some more demons. Maybe some Gordon demons perhaps? Whatever. Moving on.

So. Gordon is a piece of trash. Next.

Aaron keeps giving advice he should be taking himself. He did it yesterday, and he is doing it again today. It’s…odd. Thought provoking maybe.

The walls are back up. Aaron. Honey. Robert loves you so much. Also, Aaron can still read Robert so well. Also, anyone else feel that sexual tension from the affair days come back up? No, just me? I felt it. There will always be a spark. They will always care about each other. It’s about the little things people. *read between the lines*

Dingle & Dingle Garage

Aaron is going through town to talk to family. I guess Robert would be next?

A nice Cain and Aaron moment.

Awwww, we got some cute Robron! It’s all about the little things my dear friends. All about the little flirting. They have so much chemistry *Fangirl happy sigh*

The Pub Crew

Old man fighting over Faith.

Well, Robron were flirting. I loved that. I expected Rebecca to show up and yell but the flirting you guys. The flirting. *Rebecca Who?*

Oh well. They were flirting and getting to an interesting place. Why did she sit down with them? Again, something is off here.

I’m not angry just sad. Aaron looked so sad. Robert looked sad. Rebecca was oblivious to what was happening at that table. Sigh. I’m going to hold onto the flirting for awhile.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – August 29, 2017

Ok. I know a lot of spoilers came out today (most were out already, but that’s not the point of this) and people are speculating all over the place. Some of that speculation is starting to become fact for people. I’m here to say that everyone needs to take it easy and realize that not everything you hear is true. As I write at the end of every review, stay off message boards, use common sense and eat some damn snickers! Take it one episode at a time. Enjoy the ride. Don’t twitter rant like me. It’s not pretty. *wink*

Now, on with the show!

I’m the one McCain writer that keeps dropping everything. I also would suggest ‘twin brother’ (THERE IS ALWAYS A TWIN BROTHER)


Oh no. Honey! Faith. I think Faith likes Eric but just had some fun with Rodney. Ok then.


Cain and Robert working together makes me happy. Very happy. All my fanfiction dreams are coming true.

Cain wasn’t that mean. Thank god.

David’s Shop Crew

Eric and Faith. Oh, come on. I liked Eric and Faith. Eric! Stick with Faith. You two are cute.

David. I don’t get the personality change at all.

The White Family



Why did we need the plot device near Aaron again? I mean, come on show. Frack off.

Robert’s change in attention was quick. He had to play her and protect who he truly loves.

Aaron being bitter. Fun. Thanks show.

Oh, Cain means well, but Robert gets mugged off. Fun. Thanks show. Aaron, I know the walls are up, but you have to know. He would have listened if the stupid plot device didn’t show up.

The Café Crew

Emma and Pete. How exciting. Bleh.

Laurel and Emma. DUN DUN DUUUNNN. I guess this is back now? Welcome back, Laurel!

This Lawrence plot is so plotty. Plot. Plot. Plot.

Rebecca is stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

The Gym

Sigh. Stay out of my life? You don’t want that. Aaron, you don’t want that at all. *Bubble wrap my heart*

Robert looks like he is going to cry. I’m with you, Robert. Why are they allowing this? Jason will kill Aaron. All because Aaron is angry at everything right now? Dammit. All I want to do is swear at him and kick him in the butt. Yes, you are hurt. You are allowed to be hurt but now it’s getting ridiculous. Fighting won’t fix anything.

Aaron of all people telling others to not push others away. Give me a break show. GIVE ME A BREAK.

Oh ok. That was…lame.

The Pub Crew

Faith looks like me right now watching Robron scenes. I’m trying to see good, but I look like hell. Sorry, Faith is fabulous. She is. I adore her.

Rodney wants Faith now too?

Emily needs acting classes. Good Christmas presents. Her crying is terrible. Also, *fake sadness* Oh no…not Lawrence. *Checks nails*

YAWN. I feel asleep. Sorry.

The Mill

Jason is wasted. At the Mill. Aaron wants to let him in. What? Be his friend? Sure. Why the fuck not. Just terrorized you in jail. Stabbed you. Gave you drugs. Sure. Be friends.

Ok. So Aaron kicks him out.

Cain beats him up. How exciting.

This boxing storyline was the BIGGEST WASTE OF MY TIME.

That was a new way to get to the credits. Instead of a fade. We got a smash cut. Hmmm.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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(Me waiting for Robron)

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Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – August 28, 2017

Happy Monday! Let’s see what is going on in the village today! (Hint: Robert is back to help out his love. Woot Woot!)

Everyone gets a bank holiday! (NOT YOU SCOTLAND!) Emmerdale needs a new opening. It needs sheep. Like this post for the sheep! Sheep rule! SHEEP

The Mill

Everyone knows Aaron is doing this to ignore his feelings for Robert.

Why was Robert walking towards The Mill anyway?

Davids Store Crew

I want Tracys dress.

David. Thank you for existing. *kisses*

Yeah, thanks for the overview of the story Tracy. *HA*

Charity. You are my favorite bitch.

Is something up with David. I don’t know why. Is something up with him.

FAITH. My heart. My love.

Faith is a leprechaun? She is after Eric’s gold?

Also, I see Eric isn’t backing Josh anymore. Ok then.

The Gym

Oh god. Aaron. Stop. This isn’t helping.

Aaron stopped when Robert came into the gym. *Little Moments. I live for little moments now*

That double take. You two idiots. You love each other so much. It hurts me too. *dies a little inside*

Sigh. Aaron. Just….I know you are hurting, but this is all wrong. So wrong.

Robert is trying to protect Aaron the best way he knows how. I love him for it, but Aaron will hate it. Shampoo, rinse, repeat. *waits for Robert hate. Heads up? I will never hate Robert. I love him too much to hate him. Then again, I can see between the lines with him and Aaron too. Kids, life isn’t black and white. It is various shades of gray.*

Before anyone gets their panties in a twist, I think Robert left the burning money with Aaron. So, he isn’t flush with cash.

He has the money. He is trying so hard to protect him. Oh god. JASON SUCKS SO HARD. I hate him so much. SO FREAKING MUCH.

Robert looks so scared. *oh god. I’m scared too.*

The Pub Crew

Oh boy. Frank. FRANK. Charity is a heavyweight champion here.

Oh. Is this a death threat? Frank? Woah. I don’t like the sound of that at all.

Does Zak have his own unique mug? His pub mug? Awwww, now that is just cute.

Zak encouraging Aaron feels…wrong.

Robert and Victoria watching him. Wow. The editing is weird today. Really strange. Something feels off about the editing lately. I mean, the show has been using different camera angles and wide shots and different lighting. It has been going on since July. What does it mean? New DP or something bigger?

Faith is getting drunk. I think she really liked Eric. Oh. Hey. Rodney. Moving in on a drunk lady? Really? Ok then.

The Church

Emma at her home base. Talking to Pearl no less. They have been bringing out Pearl more lately. Interesting.

Laurel. Protect yourself, my dear. Emma is going to break at some point. We are getting closer to October.


Faith. HA. A gentleman always pays for everything. True.

Women should always be unpredictable. – OH, Faith. You are fascinating.

Oh. That story comes back Finally.


Aaron is getting out of control. Only Robert is trying to stop this mess. Of course, he will be yelled at and ignored. Of course. Who listens to Robert Sugden anymore? It’s not like he loves Aaron or anything. It’s not like he cares about the man who he can’t take care of right now. I swear.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

Originally posted by desingyouruniverse

(Me looking at people who ship Jason and Aaron. I normally say ship what you want but no. NO. I hate the idea of them.)

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Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

Aaron and Robert: Good for Each Other?

The boys are in hell. Broken by their current situations and missing each other it hurts us, the viewers as well.  In this time off the fandom has more time to analyze Aaron and Robert and where they stand with each other. The questions I’ve seen come up on Tumblr and Twitter are:

Is Aaron better off without Robert?

Is Aaron happier without Robert?

Is Robert worthy of Aaron?

Will Robert always be a villain?

I’ve seen many answers, and I had to add my two cents to the pile of pennies. I analyze both Aaron and Robert’s lives before they met and who they are as people.  Then my own personal feelings on the biggest question of all.

Should Aaron and Robert be together?

Aaron Dingle


Aaron has never had an easy life.  Born to Chas Dingle and Gordon Livesy in 1992 and being left to live with his father and stepmother.  As he grows up he and Chas didn’t have the best relationship. He regularly clashed with her whenever he visited. Chas felt guilty she left Aaron behind while Aaron felt angry that his mother didn’t seem to want him.  Aaron comes back in 2008, Chas learning Aaron is a drug dealer for the McFarlane’s and kicked out of Gordons house after hitting Sandra, his stepmother.  The Dingles get him out of the problem and Gordon won’t take him back. He ends up moving to Emmerdale for good. After getting into numerous scrapes, stealing and selling animal drugs from Paddy and stealing a van and setting Belle up for it, Lisa gets him a job as a mechanic. He dated two girls, Victoria and Holly, only to have his true feelings revealed when he kisses Adam.  Scared to death Adam would reveal his secret he convinces him it was nothing.  He meets Jackson and flirts with the idea of kissing him almost being caught by Paddy and Marlon. Jackson tries to touch Aarons arm and he punches him. Aaron tries to commit suicide once his secret is out being saved by Adam and Cain. He goes out with Jackson who moves the relationship too fast and ends up having to help him with his decision to kill himself, good and sweet Ed is next who he runs off with and abandons in France and then he is home for good after finding that going on the run doesn’t work. We learn later that Gordon had been raping Aaron as a child which explains his moods but doesn’t excuse his actions.  He is guarded and doesn’t have time for more than one-night stands, until Robert Sugden appears in his life.

Aaron is a Dingle through and through. He is someone who hits first and asks questions later.  Anytime Aaron doesn’t want to deal with his emotions. The audience tends to excuse Aarons choices in life because of how his father raped him, and Chas left him behind. Which, can be detrimental to his character.  The walls around his heart were built by Gordon, Chas and the people who have let him down for good. Aaron doesn’t trust easily even when the people he loves shows they love him. He doesn’t take to flaws well even though he is full of them.  He is grumpy and keeps to himself, not daring himself to love at all.

Robert Sugden


Robert never had an easy life.  Born to Pat and Jack Sugden in 1986 he lost his mother at four months old leaving him to be raised by Jack and his grandmother Annie Sugden.  As time went on Jack met and married Sarah, the woman who would become his mother figure. He then got a little sister named Victoria. He made a friend in Andy and got him adopted by his family.  That is when it started. Like the first pancake, he was pushed aside for the new brother by Jack. After Andy kills Sarah in a barn fire (the one person who was always on his side and loved him like her own), Andy and Robert become friendly enemies.  Between fighting for Jacks attention, Katie’s attention and ultimately who belongs in the village.  Robert dated/slept with a lot of women (sometimes drunk) which included Nicola, Charity, and Sadie.  We found out later that there was more going on there. Robert interested in the family farm hand, kissing him and getting caught by Jack. Getting beaten for this Robert has hidden that side away.  Until his return in 2014 when the man who put up a wall of charm and revenge comes home and meets Aaron Dingle.

Robert is a legacy. Born to the Sugdens, the fans who were there from his birth have seen him grow up in front of their eyes.  They feel a connection to him as they watched him grow up in Emmerdale.  He was open and wide eyed until Andy came about and things started to change. He was fighting for the approval of his dad, the one person in his life that has been there always. The one he thought would protect him. Instead, Jack hit him, belittled him and ultimately sent him away from the village. So, it is no wonder that when he comes home, he is bitterly charming towards the family left behind. In his time away, surviving on his own, his heart had a wall around it, a wall built by Jack. He still had that wide-eyed child in there, but it was drowned out by all the trauma his time in Emmerdale and beyond inflicted on him.

Should They Be Together?


Robert and Aaron have daddy issues. Fathers who didn’t do their jobs of protecting their sons and raising them to be the best people they can be.  Not giving them a real chance at leading a semi-normal life in the slightest.  They both have/had mothers who loved them but left them in different ways. Aaron and Robert both hid who they truly were (Gay and Bi) and tried to over compensate for that through drinking, fighting and causing general mayhem. Aaron uses his fists to get out of problems. Robert uses his mind.  Both had first experiences that tainted their views of living a gay and bi lifestyle in the future. They both get into trouble easily, especially when protecting their own.

They even each other out. Where one fails, the other picks up the slack. They are both highly aware of what is it is like to be left behind. That pain that comes from the heart when one is left behind used and abused and kicked out of the family way too soon.  They both have a lot of love to share but don’t know how to share it. They can’t stay away from each other for long because they are like magnets.  They know and understand each other’s good and bad sides and still want to love each other with all their heart.

So. Should they be together after all?

They are good for each other. They are. They both have similar demons that need to be handled, and they will handle them once they learn to communicate with each other.  Learn that Aaron uses his fists when he is scared and doesn’t know his way out. Robert uses his mind and alcohol when he is scared and doesn’t know a way out. They are each other’s families.  Yes, they have their blood (The Dingles/The Sugdens), but those families have failed them.  They want to create a family with each other. A family of their love and the arrival of Liv strengthen that feeling between them.

Aaron and Robert understand each other in a way that other people cannot. Sometimes all they have to do is look at each other and they know what is going on in their mind.  They know each other’s triggers.  They figured them out quickly over the course of the affair.  This is something that would be harder to convey to someone who hasn’t been through a rough life. They just get each other in a way that no one else could. Rebecca thinks she knows Robert. She knows the Robert with the walls. Aaron not only knew Robert with the walls, but he knew how to take those walls down with one conversation.  He sees all of Roberts sides and not just the charming, revenge minded, and sarcastic one either. Robert knows Aarons walls and knew how deep and intense those walls are; one would say they are still coming down.  Robert knew Aaron was hurting himself before everything came out about Gordon because Aaron couldn’t fight his way out of his emotions. So, he fought himself by running obsessively and hurting himself.  Robert was the only one to see Aaron and what he was going through.  These two can read each other like a book, even with the walls way up.

Robert and Aaron are more similar than different. They will have huge highs and scary lows, but that doesn’t make them wrong for each other. Not in the slightest.

That makes them a classic super couple. A couple we can get behind and root for regardless of what happens to them in the future.


People question if Aaron and Robert should be together. Looking at their histories and how they balance each other out, of course, they should be together. Aaron isn’t happier without Robert. Robert is worthy of Aarons love. Aaron is worthy of Roberts. They just don’t realize they are worthy of each other. So, fans out there should stay true and support this couple while they are at their lowest of lows because soon, they will be building to the highest of highs. I know I want to be there when it happens, will you?

Tell me what you think below or tweet me @AmandaJ718. Until next time, keep reminding yourself it isn’t a competition and Robron are worth supporting after all.

Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – August 25, 2017

Friday! We made it to the end of the week. Let’s see how we close it out!

Happy Bank Holiday to the UK readers! Do you wish each other a happy bank holiday? Oh well, I will! *an awkward Ryan style thumbs up*

The Café Crew

All Franks fault. Sure…SURE.

Lots of Zak again.

Aaron still plays with his ring finger *melts into a puddle*

That wedding ring was his touchstone. *melts further*


Marlon knows the family.

I think Megan is a good person just got caught up in revenge. It happens.

OH GOD. Not the Dingle Court! *I really want to see this*

Can there be a spin off called “Dingle Court” I’ll watch that in a heartbeat.

Tracy and Vanessa defending their dad is sweet to see. Lots of mini family moments today.

How does one pull off blue eyeshadow? Tracy does it well and I look like a smurf.

Megan is in love with Frank again but Frank…I think he is done with Megan. For now.


I love this little family too.

I love Dan’s daughter. She is me online. *wink*

“He is family.”

I LOVE that John Cusack joke. *good one writers. That made me laugh*

Finally getting some dimension to the comic relief characters.

Awwww, they are cute. They are so screwed, aren’t they?!?

The Gym of Hell

I’m not a fan of fighting or boxing, so this is rough for me to watch.

YAY! Danny Arms *that’s what I’m concentrating on*

I’m sorry, but Danny has been serving some weird looks since this storyline began. It’s like he is working through a list of looks. *random thoughts*

Seriously. His eyes are very blue this week. I’m distracted now. What is happening?

Could you be more obvious Jason? I can see the drug deal a mile away.

*snorts* Geez Adam. You suck. *I am still mad at him* *I may be enjoying Adam getting his ass kicked* *form a line if you want to fight me on this*


The Pub Club

This is all so plotty. They want Vadam back together for some reason. I wonder why?

Oh. Does Victoria, Adam, and Zak tell Robert? Like, ROBERT! Aaron is in trouble! Come on superhero Sugden! Let’s go save your boy.


I think David and Tracy are starting to argue. *its starting*

Frank is done. SO Done. Don’t blame him either.

Eh, Zak. Adam is a better man than Jason but not the greatest. Let’s not go nuts show.

Victoria has a new baby to obsess over, and his name is Adam.

Sigh. Yeah. Aaron is mad. We know.

OK. PEOPLE. What do you all think is going on with Zak? He is everywhere lately. He is losing track of time. He is getting involved in weird plotlines and Dingle nonsense. Thoughts on what is up with Zak required!

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – August 24, 2017

Our hour episode has arrived. What will our favorite villagers face today? Let’s see!

What is a bank holiday? A holiday for banks? Bankers get a holiday? Is it like when America has Labor Day or Memorial Day holidays?

Warning. I’m bitter in this review. Not in a great mood today. I tried to be funny but didn’t work out today. Sorry in advance. Even I have my breaking points, and today I hit one.

Also, there is Kerry/Dan stuff, but I’m not invested enough to comment yet.


I think my dad has that shirt. Franks shirt. It’s Tommy Bahama.

Seriously guys. Megan is acting cagey as hell.

I feel bad for Frank.

Oh god. Frank. Run!

Oh god. Frank knows all. He got it. A bag full of money is not ‘holiday money’ Tracy! *lol*

The Café Crew

Bob my dear. I love you.

Adam. You are too dumb to live sometimes. You continue to annoy the shit out of me.

Also, I’m so happy Aaron can play matchmaker. So much fun. *Jim Halpert look at the camera*

Paddy is comfort eating. That’s kind of cute.

Oh. Hey, Jai! Welcome back!

Awwww, Bob made a cake for Nell! Best friend ever!


Oh, Lydia. My darling. You just did something stupid, but I’m ok with it.

Charity. Megan isn’t like you. She wants revenge, but she doesn’t want to ruin a mans life. That is where things change.

Awwww, Nell gets a birthday party. I love this. OH, that is where that picture on Instagram came from. Cute.

Cute show. I actually gasped when he got down on one knee for a moment.

By the way, that camera is expensive. That is an amazing gift. I’d be over the moon to have a camera like that. Damn. Jai give it to me.

Bernice Beauty Shop

I love how they are keeping Pearl out of the loop by putting the dryer up higher.

As someone who has been in many beauty salons, I’ve seen that happen before when people wanted to talk about something.

Bernice is a great partner to have in this Daz story. Bernice would go looking for him with her. It’s sweet.

Homelessness: Emmerdale Style

The Gym

I’m sorry, but Adam can’t jump rope? Idiot.

Also, Aaron laughing at him *snort* *Aaron, you are only there to hide your feelings about your husband*

Yes. The two of them are acting like teenagers. I guess that is charming?

Also, the junk protectors. Why does Adam have to worry? According to him, he can’t have kids so who cares if he gets hit there.

Aaron, you should be saying all of that to Robert and yourself. You know that right? Come on now.

Aaron is a better friend to Adam than Adam is to him. *Yeah. I said it. Come at me Bro*

Um, Adam. Not the problem right now.

Danny looks hot today. Those big baby blues are popping.

Don’t like Aaron grabbing Victoria like that. She isn’t a doll Aaron. Just come over and ask her to come talk to you or something.

“What happened to blondie?” – Well, Robert gets a mention. Yay!

If I see anyone I follow shipping Jason and Aaron, I’m unfollowing. I find their vibe creepy and scary. That’s not normal. At all.

Victoria will go to town defending Aaron but throws her brother under the bus at every turn? Yeah, still not liking Victoria.

The Factory

I love how the whole family is into Nell’s birthday. I’m sure she hasn’t had that before.

The Pub Crew

I could watch Marlon and Paddy argue for hours. They are too funny together. Makes Paddy feel more human when he is with Marlon.

I think Charity is projecting onto Megan.  Charity is lonely and feels out of control.

Charity talking about how crime is on the rise is great. A Dingle complaining about crime being on the rise. HA. Love it.

The plan is falling apart. Big time. Megan isn’t made out for this.

OH MY GOD. Charity just locked Megan in a closet!

CHARITY! Oh my god. Things are never boring with you around. I’ll say that. *sticks tongue out*

I need gifs of Charity singing and dancing. Seriously. Talented fandom. Do this for me. Please!

I like this song! “Black Magic.” I listen to it on Spotify because Little Mix isn’t a thing in America. At least not in the New York market.

Poor Marlon. MARLON! Honey. *bubble wrap comes out*

Also, Frank is gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. I sense he will be back for revenge though. Aren’t they all?

Oh, he isn’t gone. OH. They are soooo done. I’m fine with that. Oh god. Poor Frank. Seriously. POOR FRANK.


Yeah, Victoria. He totally forced you to touch his muscles. Just admit you suck, and I can move on.

Yeah, Aaron. You totally got this under control. *sarcastic nod*

I’m assuming that Victoria tells Robert what went down and that gets him involved.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – August 23, 2017

It’s Wednesday! Here starts the Jason storyline. Maybe then people will shut up about the show missing Aaron. HERE HE IS! Baby Bunny! *coughs* Let’s go and see whats happening in the village today!


Where does Tracy shop? Forever 21 or Aeropostale? I’m not being mean I’m just wondering. Also, I can’t pull off the cold shoulder look, so I’m jealous.

Megan, you look a bit frantic. “Ignorant Cow!” I forgot cow is an insult over there. Love it. I’m going to use it soon.

This plan is a mess. This will explode in the worst way. I’m here for it.

The Café Crew

They are shooting people n the coffee shop differently lately. I like it.

Paddy! Dude! Give her more time! No one wants a stalker.

Bob and Nell. My new favorite friendship. Bob is awesome. That is all.

Marlon and Rishi are onto Frank now. Technically, they are onto Megan and Charity.

Time shares are dodgy Marlon. They teach you this on almost every television on.

Seriously. Bob and Nell’s Friendship For the Win! They are so cute together. I think we need more friendships on the show. That is where the heart lies. Friends and Family.

Bob wanting to celebrate her birthday so badly is adorable. Bob is adorable. Let’s all love on Bob today!


Good. Now people can stop complaining about Aaron being off screen. I love him, but the fans can be a bit much.

Yay. Start of the Jason filler story.

The Pub Crew

So, Victoria has enough for a baby’s room but not enough to keep up her house? Ok show. Ok.

Tennis is awesome. Don’t knock tennis, Aaron. I agree with Paddy. Someone check to see if pigs are flying outside! I agree with Paddy!

Aaron feels disconnected from Paddy. Which is to be expected. They haven’t really done anything. Not since Paddy ditched him at his worst hour to go off to have an emotional affair with Tess. You want to throw stones, Paddy? Remember you live in a glass house.

Marlon. SERIOUSLY. Time Shares are always a big NO.

Paddy needs to chill. She will decide when she is ready.

Those looks between Marlon and Paddy were classic. That made me laugh.

Charity would answer the phone like that. I’m sure telemarketers have her face on the walls with a warning not to call her number ever!

Charity? Oh my god?!? Her accent and trying to play along. Using the magazine to figure out a developer! Oh god. This has gone way too far. There is revenge, and there is Charity revenge.

Charity is on her phone as TART! *I’m dying of laughter over here!*

Zak has been acting weird lately. Just saying. Something is up there.

Vadam rises and so do a few theories.


I don’t know the history of Dan and Daz, but I sense it isn’t good. Not at all.

Kerry seems to feel bad for him. They dated at one point, right?

Kerry has a big heart. It’s charming.


Rhona is moving too fast. I love these two, but this is too fast. Way too fast. This will crash and burn. Badly.

God, the fact this is moving so fast…Something is coming. *hums West Side Story*

Well, Paddy, a lot of people want to do that in the village.

Good girl. That is what I’m thinking too Rhona. You two need to take it slow.

Oh. OH. This is very mature of her. It’s true. She is a different person now. A smart scene. I’ve been enjoying the after trial stuff with Rhona. It is well done. I know people will complain about it, but I really do love what they are doing with her. Also, Zoe Henry? Amazing actress. *snaps for Zoe!*

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

(Here is a picture of Aaron smiling since he won’t be smiling much during this Jason filler stuff.)

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Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – August 22, 2017

This is the first Tuesday in a long time when it’s not an hour! Wonder what that spell was about. Any answers please answer below or tweet me about it!

This is the first Tuesday in a long time when it’s not an hour! Wonder what that spell was about. Any answers, please reply below or tweet me about it!

May I say this now for new people finding my posts. This is more of an organized reaction/speculation review than a straight forward review. Just in case people were confused. Not only is it a reaction/speculation type post I also try to be funny.


That’s ok. My twitter followers think I’m funny. On with the show!

Darling Dave? DDDDD DAVE! *I can play along too!*


Oh god. That was a terrible dream.

Daddy Paddy special.

Did they sleep together? Yup. They slept together.

True. Pierce will be in the way until you face your emotions. I’m not sure about visiting him though. That seems too much.

Paddy talking about his feelings to the sheep. Dammit. That is pretty funny. Dammit. That is cute. The sheep has had enough of your crap Paddy!

Paddy and Rhona are adorable.

It’s ok. Paddy talked it out with a sheep. I named him Daz the third.

Paddy will wait for her. Which is sweet. Oh god. They are too cute! *squee*

“I’ll wait.” Sound familiar to us Robron fans. Right? *cries in the corner*


“I just want this to be over!” – Megan (I think a few people out there want this to be over too)

Geez girl. Keep it in your pants.  Charity and Megan?!?! *Thoughts*

Megan lie better! Learn from Charity. She is good at it. She is a Dingle after all.

David’s Store

LYDIA. My heart. My love. You should have been nominated. Not Rebecca. *bleh*

I like Tracy and David, but I think they are headed for some problems too.

David? Thank you for existing. *fangirl sigh*

Lydia has a fear of sand?!?! I love her more and more.

Oh hey. Didn’t take him long to figure out something is up. Well, generally.


Priya. Priya. Priya. *shakes my head* We need to talk. Woman to woman.

Leyla is going to be so hurt.

The Café Crew

I love that Rishi knows his crap. He checks on his investments. I love that. Smart man.

Dun Dun Dunnnnn! Frank. Think it through. Megan seems too close to Charity. Especially after dumping paint on her in front of everyone.


Awkward. He doesn’t look that bad considering, and that pisses me off. I want his ass beaten up in there. Kicked around. Mentally abused. I have no time for rapists.

So, Pierce got counseling in prison while Aaron didn’t or couldn’t? Aaron could do with some anger management classes (the wrench and beating up on Robert and Paddy etc. are good examples why it would be good for him to go.)

“I loved what I thought was you.” – That’s a good line. I like that line.

You deserve all of that Pierce. Screw you.

GOOD GIRL. Rhona is calling him out. Face those fears and tell him everything.

“You get treated like a sex offender because you are one.” BOOM. Good girl. LOVE IT.

Rhona For the Win!

The Pub Crew

“Oh. The tramp?” – Bernice *ha*

I love that Kerry and Dan are getting a story. They normally don’t get stories like this, so I’m excited. I love when characters that are usually second banana get to step forward and shine.

Nell, who is leaving, has more of a connection to the village than Rebecca. Just felt like mentioning that.

Nell and the daughter again.

I LOVE how Dan is doing a victory lap. Love it more that Rishi loves it too.

“Who calls brothers Daz and Dan?” “Their mother I’d imagine.” *ha*

I have a question. Why does the show have two characters named Daz? *serious questions*

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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Emmerdale Title Card

Emmerdale Live and Organized – August 21, 2017

It’s Monday. Another week. Last week was great (even Sharon. You go Sharon) So let’s keep it up! Let’s make this a great week everyone!

The Café Crew

Yes, Vanessa. Last night was awful. Rhona hit on Cain. It wasn’t good.

I feel sorry that Harriet is going to get the crap end of the stick again. Get involved with Cain and Moira will always be there. Same with Robert and Aaron. Get involved with any of them and know they will always be connected.

Leyla. Baby. *brings out bubble wrap*

God Pete. Keep it in your pants. Geez.

The way the show is filming the café today is weird. I won’t lie to all of you. They have been setting up shots differently lately. It’s interesting. I mean. I think something is up here. Something interesting.

The Pub Crew

Charity. I love you. Never change.

Kerry vs. Nicola is the best thing ever! I know people hate it, but I enjoy the comedy. It’s a nice change.

OH MY GOD. I LOVE Kerry’s car! YES. Volkswagen ahoy!


Nicola and Jimmy. I adore them. I also adore everyone’s reaction to them and the King Family.

BOB. This is going to be fun.

We have been getting a lot of Zak in the pub lately. Interacting with people. Hmmm.

Charity working extra hard to keep this scam going.  Something is up with her. She is angry. She is depressed. Something else is going on.

Help me out here people. Was that Daz Kerry saw on the street?


I don’t know if seeing him will help yet. Maybe down the line. I know she sees him but still…sigh. *BUBBLE WRAP*

True. Don’t give Pierce more power than he already has. Do I have to quote Harry Potter at you all? Pierce is nothing. A piece of crap. Rhona shouldn’t give him anymore power over her life. He is gone. She needs to take care of herself now.

Rhona and Paddy. It is way too soon to be doing this. I feel like you two need to back off quick. So not good.

Dan vs. Jimmy

Unlike other people in the fandom, I find this so much fun! It’s silly. WE NEED SILLY RIGHT NOW. It can’t be dramatic all the time.

“I think my pasta is coming back up!” – Jimmy King everyone. *giggle*

Why is a vet scared of a horse?!? Oh, Paddy. You weirdo.

They are asking a lot of these middle-aged men. *snort*

Why did they have to drag potatoes? I love how weird this was!

DAN WINS! Crap. I bet on Jimmy. Oh well.


I’m in love. So in love. Sam and Lydia forever!

Lydia is spreading the news fast now. Frank should never have told her. *ha*

Charity is in hell. I love it.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

(ITV Soap Inception! This is me and Justine (@BeautifulHusbands) coming up with theories at 3 am.)

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