Emmerdale Live and Organized – July 27, 2017

Happy Thursday! Welcome to another hour long episode! These take a lot out of me. Anyway, let’s see what is happening today!

Rhona’s Crew

I’m worried about this case. Majorly worried.

I’m very much shipping Rhona and Paddy right now. I enjoy their friendship and even more.

I love these Leo/Rhona scenes. They are adorable. He is a little lion. *smiley face*

Rhona. No. Don’t see Pierce. Sure. Don’t listen to me. Fine. Whatever. *angrily pulls out bubble wrap*

Rhona is stronger than me. I couldn’t look Pierce in the eye let alone talk to him. Then again…I hope I never have to be in this situation.

NOPE. You don’t go after Marlon. He is an idiot, but he is one of my favorite idiots.

Martha. MARTHA. You can help. Just tell your story. Please.

Seriously. Where do they get their wigs?

Not shocked by Pierce not telling the truth.

Paddy. Hold it together. Rhona needs you to stay quiet and sane. For her sake.

If you loved her, you wouldn’t rape her and respect her right to say no. Even if you are married. Plain and simple.

Rhona’s barrister (right? I’m just a stupid American) was great. *SNAPS FOR HIM AND HIS WIG*

This trial moved fast. That leads me to believe that Pierce won’t be convicted. Then the real drama starts. *pulls out knife and gun for Rhona/Vanessa/Paddy/Marlon/Cain(?)*

OH. OOOOHHHH. Did Pierce’s lawyer just claim Rhona has no morals?!? HELL NO.

Zoe Henry everyone! *MASTER CLASS*

The White Family/Belle/Gerry

What is Gerry’s purpose? OK. Chrissie saying it was ok to hit Gerry was funny as all hell.

Right? Sure. Lawrence and Ronnie are totally moving away. Sure. *makes a face*

Oh, Gerry. Playing a game. This should be interesting.

I love Belles’ hair. She is a Disney Princess come to life.

I do hate that I like Belle/Lachlan. I think Belle keeps Lachlan human. His family turns him into a monster or helps him become. *Hums…Beauty and the Beast…*

Oh no. The Dingle way wouldn’t work with Lachlan. Seriously, wouldn’t work.

Chrissie wants to bang her uncle. STOP THIS LAWRENCE.

What the hell is going on? What is Gerry’s purpose?

Thanks Ronnie for your contribution. Bacon. *tongue click*

Yeah. Feeling the love there Lawrence. *chicken peck to the head*

Is it Chrissie’s job to walk into rooms awkwardly today? *walks into door*

Ok? Gerry is out again. WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THIS?!?!

Also, I guess Lachlan didn’t get laid. You would think he would be happier. *blinks*


I forgot about them. Whoops.

“Christian Guilt” – That is a good reason, Finn. Good for you.

I don’t care about this story. I keep forgetting about it.

I adore Cain. Mostly because he can scare Finn with one sentence.

I’m kind of into the idea of Rhona/Cain being a pairing because I love the ‘wink wink’ of it all. I’m a nerd like that.

For once Cain is innocent. HA.

Oh. I like this song. Castle on the Hill. Good song.

God. Cain is hot when he gets all angry. (I have issues people. I’m sure you do too.)

Oh, Cain. *WINK* I love how he tells Zak to shut up before he could make a comment. HA.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’



What do you think? Tell me below or shoot over a tweet @AmandaJ718!

As usual, ignore the message boards. Be good to each other. Breathe. Reboot. Eat a Snickers.

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!


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