Emmerdale Theory Round Up

Since a lot of people are looking for my other theories lately I created a master post. Enjoy. It is ordered from my first theory to the most recent.

What the Hell is Happening in Emmerdale – Posted April 22, 2017 

The first theory I ever wrote. It references articles and interviews that might still be usable and since some of the questions I brought up has been answered, I might have been on the right track.  Still, check out the Iain interviews I linked.

Rebecca White: Playing Everyone? – Posted May 27, 2017

My original thoughts on Rebecca and how she plays everyone. Everyone has a version of this theory which makes me very happy.

Super Soap Week Theory: The Feet in the Sand – May 31, 2017

This one is my favorite because I still think it plays a bit part in what is coming up for The Whites and Lachlan.  Having written this one with my dear friend, Justine (@BeautifulHusbands on Tumblr) it talks about the mysterious feet in the sand. Since then we might think it is Lachlan’s future hit list.

Fatal Rebecca: The Victim or the Villian? – Posted June 5, 2017

This is where I debate if she is actually a victim or villain.  If you follow me you know how I feel about this.

Emmerdale Theory Time: Pregnancy Confusion – June 7, 2017

This was about the pregnancy timeline and how there are issues, as we know.

Emmerdale Theory Time: The Whistle of Death – June 8, 2017

This was a small theory about Rebecca and if her story ends at death’s door.  All because of the story Laurel is reading as Ashley was near death’s door himself.

The Color Theory: Emmerdale Style – June 18, 2017

This theory is something everyone picked up on.  I just wrote it out like the theory ho I am.  I still yell YELLOW in reviews.

The Incident Debacle aka Storylines…Storylines I Know – July 2, 2017

This is less theory and more about the Robron story structure. It is still working in my favor so check it out anyway.

So Many Theories. So Little Time. – July 19, 2017

This is the most current.  Robert revenge against The White family? YES.

So Many Theories. So Little Time. Part Two – July 22, 2017

I embellish on the first theory since spoilers have come out since then.

Karama Catch Up: The White Family’s Exit Theory – August 14, 2017

Where I think Robert is going with his storyline. It might be wrong but it’s a good story.



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