So Many Theories. So Little Time: Part 2

So. I’m back with another theory. I’m always coming up with theories. I’m just a theory ho. I’m the ultimate theory ho.  I see something coming up, and I adjust and try to see the good in it. Why? I don’t hate Iain like other people. I think he did a, to quote Aaron Sorkin, “a good thing badly.” So, I see this next phase (August) as the start of the second half of this story.  Now I feel like we are on a sleigh ride to Super Soap Week in October. Did I mention I think this will all be done in October?  Robron will reunite in October and work on their relationship even more.

That isn’t part of the theory though. That is just my gut instinct. I’m putting it out there so when everything is said and done, I can look back and figure out if I was right or not.

So, as the theory ho of Emmerdale, here is how I think the Robron story may go.


So. Robert brought the Whites in with him. He is going to have to take them out.  That is the core of where I am going with this theory.

After Aaron kicks and forces Robert to move out and on from him (I doubt Aaron will enjoy doing this because Aaron will always love Robert, but it’s for both their own good right now) Robert ends up putting all his concentration on The White Family. He would because going to the scrapyard with Aaron and Adam would be too hard for him. He starts out helping Rebecca because she needs help (how she survives by herself is a mystery to me) but he is secretly out to get them.  Causing trouble at different events or even with clients. He might start messing with the families head. This might bring on Lachlan’s breakdown into madness. He is out to get Lawrence for the final time, Chrissie (I think Chrissie isn’t on his radar) and Rebecca for pushing him too far.

Robert will fail because the show cannot have one of his plans go well but by that point, Aaron might be clear headed enough to notice something is going on with the White Family.  Always wanting to protect Robert, he might team up with Robert (as friends only) to help him out.  They get closer as they figure out what is going on.  All leading to an explosive Super Soap Week in October.

Meanwhile, I think Aaron will be boxing with Zak.  He will be getting better. Maybe he goes out with Adam to a bar. Maybe he doesn’t. Maybe Jason comes back to either box with him, or Aaron can have his revenge since he is stronger and clear headed.

Personally, I’d love for Aaron to save Robert at some point. Maybe even start to be the one to chase after Robert after awhile. I sense, this time, Aaron needs to chase after Robert.  There needs to be a difference from last year, or else the plot would be too boring and predictable.

A slight variation on the theory? Chas comes back late September and picks up on something and tells Robert to watch his back. Yes, I’m one of those people that thinks Chas won’t be warm to Robert, but she won’t treat him like crap. I think she is disappointed, but she still likes him. She knows and has seen the good in him. Things have changed from last year with Robert.  As much as it seems he is going back to 2015 Robert, there is still that 2016 Robert in there.

Liv’s story might even play in at some point.

Let me say this. My gut tells me that all of these stories, these characters, these feelings all tie together somehow.  They will all (give or take a few that might stick around) were designed to explode during SSW. Iain is going to pull the rabbit out of the hat (as he puts it) and surprise us all.

Now, that is how I feel. What do you think? Tell me below or tweet me @AmandaJ718! Until I get another theory going in my head I’ll be here writing up my thoughts on each episode and how I feel about other storylines (GUYS. Other people exist outside of Robron. Shocking. I know.)

Treat each other well. Consider the source. Breathe. Reboot. Eat a Snickers.

Have a good one.


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  1. Not enough space to write on Twitter. First, not a fan of boxing as a healthy way of dealing with things. The brain can only take so many hits. My short term thought. Aaron gets a call from Jason while he is Dublin and wants his money. Threatens to take it out on Robert if he doesn’t get it in a certain time frame. Aaron comes home early and doesn’t tell anybody. Sets up boxing with Zak to help him fight Jason when he comes calling. Can’t tell anybody about it because he will have to explain about Jason and his spice use. Wants to keep Robert away from him to protect him from Jason. Obviously Robert spends his time trying to take down the Whites as revenge. Could actually see Jason getting a hold of Robert and Aaron coming in to save him. Robert would be no match for Jason.

    Just a thread in a different direction!

    Part of this is me and part is other peoples partial ideas.

    • I meant to reply to this ages ago and I’m so sorry I haven’t! I really loved this theory. It would be really soapy and interesting to see play out on screen. Right now every theory can work which is fun and crazy at the same time. If this comes true you have “Theory King” rights. Fingers crossed it does! 🙂

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