Emmerdale Live and Organized – July 21, 2017

It’s Friday! Let’s visit some of the residents of Emmerdale for awhile, shall we?

So the network doesn’t put up a warning for self-harm but for when someone talks about death? Ok then. *confused*

Is it just me or do all the stories have shades of what Robert and Aaron had done before?  Is this on purpose? I might be going insane.


Priya kept her ring on?

I love the photoshoot was from yesterdays episode! *HA*

Um. This is confusing.  Did I miss a scene? Nell seemed ok in the scene before. I don’t know. The grief I guess.

Oh. OH. Nell stole the petty cash? Oh boy. *makes a face at the camera*

“It’s the things in life we don’t do that we regret the most.” – Jai

I am still wondering if Nell is lying or not. It feels too fast.  I know she is on her way out, but this was fast. Almost like they realized they don’t have a place for her after all.

The Coffee Crew

I think Megan is going to leave Frank at the altar. As revenge. That or Frank is stealing from ‘Take a Vow’ and wants to hide it in the books.

Kerry and Nicola arguing is hilarious. I’d watch a whole episode of them on an adventure with each other.

“Young Love. Nothing quite like it.” – Faith (that was very sweet if not peppered by sadness) *pulls out mini bubble wrap for Faith*

I love how everyone keeps meeting up to complain about their hangovers. Oh hey! Dan vs. Jimmy? Sign me up.  I’m backing Jimmy. *creates shirts*

Nicola. My theory senses are tingling.


LYDIA! I love her! Two of my favorite people sharing a scene! Yes!

Lydia is just a jack of all trades. I love it. (Master of none?)

Frank is up to something. I knew it!

Lydia knows too. My girl isn’t dumb.

The Pub Crew

That child is such a troll. I love it.

Pete and Leyla are getting married! Oh god. This just made it worse.

Marrying Pete. How exciting. *whispers* It’s not that exciting! *unwhispers*

Lydia. Faith. In the same scene. I’m a happy girl.

“I trust him. With money, at least.” OH GOD. That wasn’t good to hear.

I THINK I MIGHT BE PREGNANT. I’m calling it now. We see a damn scan and hear a heartbeat for Pryias baby (if she is pregnant) before Rebeccas. *laughs like a mad man*

‘It’s Just Speculation!’


(gif credit: apositivelifeaffirmingway)

As usual, stay off the message boards, be kind to each other, breathe, reboot and eat a snickers! Until next week, I’ll see you around in Emmerdale!

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