Emmerdale Live and Organized – July 20, 2017


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Let’s see what is happening in the village today!

Seriously. McCain Soap Writers. I love you. Emotional connection indeed. PARALLELS EVERYWHERE PEOPLE. EVERYWHERE.


Since it is Kerry’s birthday she gets her own tag today. Congrats Kerry! Happy Birthday!

Kerry looks amazing for 40.  I thought she was my age.

Nicola is back in the picture. Again. (Theory senses tingling)

There is Nicola. Being an ass. Good to know. *wink*

OH NO. He got the wrong item! Oh, Dan. So close!

Awwww. Dan and Kerry. That is very cute.

Coffee Shop Crew

Faith is the best.  That is all.  Faith is just in everyone’s business today.  Wow. Faith has Franks number.  Wow. We are coming back to Faith’s original story coming into the show. Chas must be on her way back into the village.

Oh. Frank. Not cool dude. NOT COOL. (It’s true but NOT COOL)

Are they testing a Frank and Faith pairing? It seems like it.

Faith and Lydia need to do a scene together. Again. A plotline.

Nell. Welcome back. They are killing your original characterization which makes me sad.

Bob is awesome. That is all. (Let’s ALL LOVE BOB!)


Oh god. Ross made a joke that actually made me laugh (Bad Amanda! Stop it!)

Davids Shop

Leyla deserves better!

Why does David look so rough these days? What has he been up to while all this drama has been going on?  His marriage is still together and his business is good. What is he up to these days?

I love Tracy and David, by the way. I would be sad if they broke up for any reason.  Let’s keep one couple together this year. I beg of you show.

The Bartons

“Lachlan’s not that bad!” – UMMMMM. Finn forever a bad judge of character.

I don’t think Pete wants to get married to Leyla. Crazy man. I think he actually has feelings for Priya.

There is a lot of focus on the three brothers lately.  My theory senses are tingling.

Maybe I was wrong. He loves Leyla? Does he love Priya? Who is he talking about? Leyla. He has to be talking Leyla.

He is fighting for Leyla.


“Even the dogs left me!” Oh, Leyla! You are awesome and amazing and deserve so much better right now.

Nell’s whole personality seems to have changed. Thanks to show. *confused look*

Kerry’s Birthday Party

Leyla is getting drunk and hating on all her ex-boyfriends.

“If You Aren’t The One” is playing in the background. I haven’t heard this song since high school. Also, TOO SAD.

LYDIA. This party is awesome! AWESOME.

OH GOD. Leylas ‘oh wow’ was great. That is me while drunk at Thanksgiving and the family member I hate shows up.

I love Bernice’s dress. So cute. OH BERNICE. Samples? I had a family member give me samples once when I turned sixteen. My mom was pissed. I was happy to get nail polish.

This party is a mess. Dan tried so hard but I think the towns people will ruin this.

Does anyone else see shades of Robert in Frank? Just me and Justine. Awesome. *wink*

God. This whole Frank and Megan conversation has shades of Robert and Aaron. Ouch.

WHAT?!?! They are getting married.

Poor Kerry. Her party isn’t about her. Everyone is cruel, and Dan got it wrong, but he didn’t mean to get it wrong.

Lydia and Finn singing ‘Endless Love’.  Yeah. *giggles*



For someone who wanted a baby, she bitches a lot about it.

Also, she seems too eager to get back to her old life of partying. Honey. You have a kid. Those days are over for 18 years. You don’t pass the kid off to a Nanny idiot.  You have to be a parent and be sober, generally.  Knowing her and what we were told about her former off-screen life she liked to drink and party.  SO…that is over Rebecca. Now what?

She keeps showing up for no reason other than to remind us she is pregnant. Believe me. The fandom is painfully aware she is pregnant. Also, she spends a lot of time in the pub. Is she waiting for someone? Someone that will play nice to see the kid and doesn’t love her in any sense? This person loves someone with a beard, love of toast, big heart and a big…well…you get the idea. I think we are getting clues and we don’t know it yet.


You are painful to watch Rebecca. She is like set dressing at this point. In her huge shirts to hide the fact they didn’t pad her up yet.  LEATHER PANTS PEOPLE.

Fake Paddy in the background! Stand in hanging at the pub?!? Where is Fake Robert? *wink*


“Your lot always does.” Watch it Pryia. That was a cruel thing to say.

I’ve lost control of the Nell story. It’s been so long.  Nell’s characterization is a mess now.  She is leaving so why should I care.

Oh no. The kid told her. *sarcasm* *played her cards too early*

Nell can’t see Rosie. Ok. Why not?

KNEW IT! Justine guessed it earlier and then I stole it from her. Kid is dead.

Does anyone think Nell is lying or telling the truth?

Really? Pete is one of the good ones? SERIOUSLY.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

Alright. I’m saying this here.  Nowhere on the spoilers does it say Robert becomes friends with Rebecca. The spoilers always say one thing and something else happens on screen.  THe last two weeks have proven that to be very true.  So, take it one episode at a time.  Even if I’m wrong and they do that, it is fine. Robert is allowed to be civil to the person carrying his ‘child.’ As many very smart people on Tumblr have said, “Robert can’t win right now.” All we do know is Robert won’t give up on Aaron and Robert is going to face up to his responsibilities. If people can’t accept that then that is their problem.

So. Let the games begin.

As per usual, don’t go onto the message boards. Treat each other with respect. Breathe. Reboot. Eat a Snickers.

Until tomorrow, see you around Emmerdale!

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  1. I LOVE EMMERDALE SO DO MY MUM AND DAD! I love this blog post!! FAVE SOAP Thank you so much for this blog post💫💛✨

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