So Many Theories. So Little Time.


Everyone is talking.

Everyone is sad.

Everyone is hopeful.

Everyone is clueless.

Everyone knows what is going to happen.

I know everyone has their opinions. Everyone is getting tired of reading everyone’s opinions. So, me being me, I had to say something. I must stick my fat nose in there and say how I think the story is going to continue.  I have a few theories, but this is the one that sounds the most interesting. The soapiest. It also fits in with playing with time theme Iain seems obsessed with. (well, he keeps mentioning it). Let us begin! My official prediction on where I see this all going.

First. I need to say this.  I understand the Rebecca hate. I’m not a fan either. I’ve used very colorful words to talk about her.  However, as we go forward, we are going to see Robert shares scenes with her. Why? As of now, she is carrying his ‘child.’  It would be weird if he weren’t going to start being involved.  As it has been discussed many times, Robert can’t win in this situation. If he starts accepting the child people are going to think, he will give up on Aaron. If he ignores the child for Aaron, he is a horrible person for leaving his son behind. So, he can’t win. However, I can see him accepting the kid while keeping his torch aflame for Aaron. I know a majority of the fandom understands this.  So, yeah. Anyway, what the point of that was to talk about how we need to accept that they will be sharing scenes. I don’t see any romance starting at all.  We might see friendship (sigh), but I feel like that needs to happen. Let us continue.

We know Robert falls and Rebecca gets him to the hospital. Why she is at The Mill, remains to be seen.  However, Robert apologizes, and I think they develop a truce that is supposed to stand in place as friendship.  We can infer that Rebecca is left alone to handle the family business and well, the poor girl can’t even wipe her butt at this point.  So, Robert has to come in and save her butt and the company he works for. This means they will have to get closer (hold it together people. I don’t see romance in the future).  That is Robert’s storyline.  (I’d like Robert to work on achieving happiness on his own, but I don’t trust the show to do that properly or do it at all)

Meanwhile, Aaron comes home with a black eye, and Robert is all over that (obviously), and Adam tells him to back off. I even think Aaron is snarky and mean to push Robert away. Which will hurt but it will be ok.  Aaron needs his time to figure out a way to clear his head and find less harmful ways of dealing with stress and life in general.  He might take up boxing again with Zak. He may take up another form of exercise and go back to therapy.  He will get happy by himself and on his own terms.  That is Aarons storyline.

Where do these two connect? This is where the ‘playing with time’ comes in or doesn’t. This is where I veer off a bit. Ok.  I think Aaron, as he gets clear headed, with Adam will start to pick up on signs that Robert cannot.  Aaron knowing about having to drink water for the scan was really random, but I saw that as someone who has been looking into how things work with baby scans.  He might have before his mental health really went downhill. I think the two of them (Adam and Aaron) will start to see the inconsistencies we see and talk about all the time (the bad writing or whoever is directing Ms. Head is directing her the wrong way question).  This is where Robert comes in.  Now, I could say that Aaron has been checking up on Rebecca’s story since he found out (I think this way because we got way too many scenes of Aaron in the background glued to his phone with no payoff…yet).  It could also not apply to time, and Aaron figures it out on his own after the breakup.

They bring him in and ask him to watch her closely.  So, Robert and Aaron have to work together, as friends, to figure out what Rebecca is up to. Slowly they start to rebuild their relationship while secretly working together.

This all builds to Super Soap Week when everything explodes. Secrets are revealed. People are found to be telling the truth or lying.  Babies will be born (yes, babies) and certain people may go psycho on us. Either way, Robert or Aaron or Adam could be in danger.  They might have to say each other, and then the relationships explode into a new area. Robert and Aaron might have a stronger base by then, and things progress to the level we were at again.

Yes, this is general. This has been talked about before. This might be complete and total crap.

Another theory I have? Victoria is the one who figures it out and goes nuts. Setting off a chain of events we have yet to see altering the Whites, Bartons, Dingles, and Sugdens lives forever.  This is after Robert has accepted he is going to be a father and Aaron has finally found a better place for himself.

Another one? Andy plays a role in all this.  Since this happened after Andy needed help, he would have to come back to fix it.  With what I think is about to happen to Sarah, Andy might be back by October.  Sadly, I hope I’m wrong there.

Another theory? Same thing as I wrote above but they find that Rebecca is sick or dying of something (Victims Departure blah blah blah) and she dies in childbirth, and Robert is left alone with the kid. However, turns out, it isn’t his. It’s a Barton’s (cough Ross cough), and Robert has to fight for it, and Aaron helps him.  Growing even closer.

I have a few more but as you can see this story can go anywhere now.  Some are fearful of that fact. I refuse to be afraid and just go with the flow.  In fact, I think it can be exciting not knowing what is coming next. It will be rough to sit through certain scenes, but I believe everything we have gone through as fans are for a reason. We are building towards an exciting end and a stronger Robert and Aaron.

Another thing I am positive about? The storyline will end. It will be ok.  Robert and Aaron will find their way back to each other stronger than ever because they both will learn how to be strong on their own and together.  It will just be one hell of a ride to get to that point.  We all just have to hold on tightly till we see the light at the end of the story tunnel.

Thanks for listening to my theories.  I know people are burning out on the meta of it all, but I find it fun to speculate just as long as we don’t let speculation take over everything.  Especially negative speculation.  All I wrote above isn’t fact. It’s just my thoughts on what I think is coming.  I could be wrong.  I could be right. Either way, its just speculation for others to chew on when things get too boring or too much.

Hope you enjoyed.  Tell me below what you think!


(I had to yell that into the universe. *wink*)


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