Emmerdale Live and Organized – July 12, 2017

Welcome to Day Three of Robron Hell Week.  We are half way there.  Whew. Let’s see how everyone is doing today in the village!

“Robert makes an upsetting discovery” – NO KIDDING.


Oh god, my poor babies! *cries in a corner* *wraps myself in bubble wrap*

Thanks, Cain. It’s always Robert, isn’t it? Sigh.

Come on. TALK. Well. It’s out now. THANK GOD. I couldn’t handle seeing Aaron hurt himself anymore. Seriously. I’m glad this is out now.

Aaron plays with his ring when he is thinking hard or nervous. Just saying. It’s cute and sad all at once.

Weeks. Damn.

“I am the problem.” – Robert *wraps him up in his butterfly blanket*

Oh god. That picture smash just about killed me. I love that picture. *hugs myself tighter*

Robert wants Aaron to cut him? *takes a deep breath*

Robert added to the stress of the situation, but Aaron and Aaron alone put that knife to his skin. Aaron needs to talk about it. He needs help. That is what Aaron needs to get better. He does.

Oh, believe me Aaron. I’ve been thinking about her losing that child too. I hate the baby too.  I HATE THIS. I hate that stupid ass plot device and the plot device football that might not even be Roberts because there has been no paternity test. WHAT IS THE SHOW DOING?!?!

Roberts ‘please’ just about broke me. I’m broken now.

*curls up into the corner with a blanket to cry*

(By the way…I’m not going anywhere. Robron are hitting rock bottom but they will fight back. I know they will. Robron: Ride or Die)


Bob! I love Bob. *cheerleader kick! GO BOB!*

I hate Pierce too. I think we should pull a “Earl Got To Die” plan here.

Go Rhona! *cheerleader kick!

The Bartons

Ross. Ew. Put down the underwear. Creeper. Mike Parr wonders why people don’t like Ross? RIGHT THERE.

I hope they go to jail. I don’t like the Bartons right now. That can always change though.

I HATE ROSS BARTON. The Bartons are the worst right now.


Harriet you are dating Cain Dingle. He is the King of Dodgy! Get used to it.

Father Cain. LOVELY. *giggles*

I’m shocked Cain doesn’t burn wearing that while in church.

OH. Emma! Not cool! Wait. I was informed it was Debbie. That makes more sense.

Eh. The bible has a lot of that sir. Just saying. *lapsed Catholic speaking here*

Debbie? Why does your opinion matter in your grown father’s life? You are Ross deserve each other.


Victoria is obsessed. Also, shut the hell up Victoria. You are ridiculous.

Victoria. You are on my shit list. Screw you. I’m sick of you acting like you are better than everyone.  He doesn’t need a lecture right now. He needs a sister that has his back.

I’m getting sick of hearing about the damn money. IT DOESN’T MATTER. AARON IS HURT. Robert knows that and is scared. I can see it.


Finn working for The Whites. Oh boy. This won’t end well.

Finn is used to doing dirty things. He will be fine Chrissie.


I think Laurel still has Emma’s number. She knows something is still up. Regardless.

Are they setting up Laurel and Bob for something more?

‘It’s Just Speculation!’


(That was for Justine. That is our whole conversation when we think of Robron and the future. HA!)

Tell me what you think below or tweet me @AmandaJ718! Until next time (tomorrow might be the big episode) I’ll see you around in Emmerdale.


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