Emmerdale Live and Organized – July 11, 2017

Welcome to day two of hell week.  We are slowly making our way through.  WE all know what happens at the end.  I plan to stay zen as possible. Mostly because if I don’t these reviews aren’t fun anymore. So! Bring out the bubble wrap! Here we go!

It was decided yesterday that Paddy is NOT the one driving the Range Rover. Does anyone else have any suggestions? I was thinking Rhona or Vanessa? On their way to a veterinarian emergency.

Well. Technology bites me in the butt again. I had to wait to watch it on Britbox (Lifesaver!) which might be easier because there are no commercials and I can barrel on through.

So. I heard a lot about what has happened so here is my take on it.


Everyone Else

Cain and Harriet. I really could take or leave them. I believe that Cain dating Harriet is to soften him up for Moira then.

The Barton’s. Exciting times. *makes an inappropriate gesture.

Laurel needling Finn because he is the easiest to screw with. HA. Love her.

Faith fixing Cain’s hair is adorable. Faith is the best. That is all.

Lachlan collects rent now? Sure. Whatever.

Laurels little foot thing was interesting. Don’t ask me why. It just was.

Emma is a monster. Film at 11. She is pouring her emotion over what happened into the fake story. Interesting.

I’m so focused on Robron and their drama I’m barely paying attention to anything else. Sorry.

Where did the money come from, Bartons? Seriously.  Do I care? I don’t know. I’m so focused on Robron and my broken heart.


I’m sorry but is it wrong to want to provide for your family? God forbid. I don’t think Robert is selfish at all. He just sees it a way to show how important Aaron is to him because Aaron won’t let him touch him (which we know why now).

Robert is the worst…right, Aaron? Seriously dude. Yeah, Robert is an asshole and so are you. You both lie and you both hide everything. Aaron is projecting. Pushing away because it is easier than feeling and talking about the pain.

Oh god. They are so in love. Look how fast it took for Aaron to smile.  That laugh (that was pure Ryan) but still I loved seeing the sweetness before the sour. Thank you show. That should sustain me for two weeks. That’s the thing. They are so in love. That isn’t in question.

“No More Lies” – (except they both lie to each other and themselves)

Aaron. Honey. You told him to go back. You could have kept driving. You can’t get mad at Robert.

I love how Robert ignores Rebecca. It is all about Aaron. I think Robert knows Aaron isn’t ok. Also, Rebecca seemed too eager to jump into the car with Robert. Like she cares about Aaron. If she did, she wouldn’t have taken advantage of his drunk heartbroken husband.

See? Robert and Rebecca have no chemistry whatsoever. They aren’t and never going to be a thing. Knock that thinking off. It is detrimental and just drives people nuts. This story is about Robert and Aaron. She is a plot device. Plain and simple.

“I need to know everything is ok?” “He isn’t the….”

The two lines bring us to two possible storylines. Just saying. I’m still hoping for black widow/bunny boiler Bex. (Emily Head can play a great villain. The show is wasting her on “victim” crap)

Oh good. Ethan brought Jason. I don’t understand why people like Ethan. I never did. I want to forget the prison stuff. I hated it. So much.


“I. You. We. Are having a boy.” Why did she put it that way? Robert looks like he wants to throw up. He always looks like he is going to throw up around her. Maybe he is pregnant.

Jason. Ethan. I hate this so much. I know why it is here, but I hate seeing Aaron like this. My poor Aaron is hurting so badly from so many things, and he won’t talk about it with anyone. He is internalizing. Just like the reveal said. Aaron is internal, and Robert is external.

Robert went looking for Aaron the minute they entered the pub. My heart started racing a bit. Robert looks like he wants to throw up and Rebecca is having the time of her life. Fuck her.  Also, I think Rebecca needs money, and this baby is a way to get more from Lawrence when he dies and also from Robert.  Fuck her and the horse she rode in on.

Also, Victoria? Going through names like any of this is normal is fucked up. They are setting her up the biggest fall. I can see it already. Her marriage is done. I think losing this baby (since she thinks it’s hers) will throw her into a tizzy. GOOD.

Aaron. You can’t blame your drug use on Robert. Don’t you dare do that. That is your mental illness talking.

Also, Robert is allowed to be interested in his “child.”

The ‘you are having a son.’ From Aaron broke my heart into a thousand pieces.

Oh my god. That was too much. TOO MUCH SHOW. I didn’t need to see him do that to himself. No.

*Wraps Aaron and Robert in a soft butterfly blanket and puts them to bed.*

Ok. I can’t believe the show got me to cry. Screw you show. Screw you.

Ok. I’m calming down now. Here are my thoughts on Robron.

No. They aren’t ruined. Not in the slightest. Not even close. If anything, they need each other more than ever.  They both are massive messes. The love is there. That isn’t the problem. It is those outside forces that cause Aaron to internalize the pain and Robert to externalize his.  It’s a dangerous course they are on.  They both need to get their heads right before trying to fix their marriage.  So, that tiny break (I think its tiny) will work out for Aaron. Robert…well…we all know. So, if anything, this episode proved to me that this is the bottom of the barrel. This is their lowest point. The only way to go now is up.

I don’t understand how people can blame either Aaron or Robert. They both did things that got them into the situations they are in.  Robert is taking responsibility for his or trying to take responsibility. I hope after this week Aaron takes responsibility for his and I think he will. I pray with all my heart he will. He needs to get better. I need him mentally and physically healthy. Same with Robert. They both need to get mentally and physically healthy again.  They can’t keep going on like this.

I love them both so much. They have been through hell and back before. They can do it again. They are Robron. They can survive anything.  We just got to hold on with them and not abandon them when they are at their lowest. I’ll be here. Watching. Crying (that is new by the way. I never cry at soap operas.). Laughing. Hoping. That is all I got now. Hope that they will be ok. I have faith they will be too.

Whew. That was a tough one. We still have three more days. Lets keep moving people!

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

So. We all got some big news today.  Here are my official two guesses on what happens.

Guess One: Robert falls down the stairs (I haven’t decided where it is happening) and Adam finds him. Brings him to the hospital and they have a long talk about what is happening. Maybe even Diane shows up with Bernice. Get some Sugden Family action.

Guess Two: Robert falls down the stairs (still haven’t decided which stairs) and Adam/Diane finds him. Brings him to the hospital. He wakes up to find Aaron sitting there as a reverse of SSW 2016.  A conversation follows that brings them back together and willing to communicate with each other.

I’m sure I won’t get ‘Guess Two’ because I love it too much. Tragedy brings soap couples together all the time. Let’s hope it brings Robron to a happy middle full of conversation. Maybe a kiss or two. An angst break is needed.

Leave me your guesses down below.

What do you think? Leave me a comment below or tweet me @AmandaJ718.

Remember: Breathe. Reboot. Eat a Snickers.

Until next time, see you all in Emmerdale.


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  1. Your writing is PERFECT!!! Different swearing to mine…that’s all!!! I’m right there with you!!! I LOVE your humour!!! This is agony…Thursday will break me to bits!!! I know & am prepared in my head, but seeing it…NO! I’ll be a ranting mess! The Queen could pay me to teach her sailors new words & phrases!!! And how to cry whilst doing it!!!

    • I’m sorry for swearing so much. I was very emotional watching todays episode. Just ask my friends, I was crying and they were trying to make me feel better through gifs of happier Robron times. It will be rough but we are getting through Hell week together, one swear word at a time. LOL Thank you so much for reading! I truly appreciate it! 🙂

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