Emmerdale Live and Organized – July 7, 2017

Happy Friday! Let’s see what the villagers are up to today!


DOG! Dog is back! Hello DOG!


Lawerence using money to buy affections. Sigh.

Security really sucks at Home Farm. Damn.

I Like this. Lawrence is backed against a wall. Tim just wants to know his niece. His only family. I can understand that. Why can’t Lawerence? He has a daughter. Concentrate on her.


Emmerdale is rickrolling us all! MAKES SENSE NOW.


Arthur. Honey. *bubble wraps*

Emma is the worst. JUST STOP GOING AFTER INNOCENT CHILDREN. You monster.

Arthur is wetting the bed and isn’t sleeping. I’m glad Laurel is finally putting two and two together. Didn’t take her long. Good girl.

BOB! BOB IS HOME EVERYONE! *Celebrate Good Times*


I thought Finn worked there? Has he fired already?
The plot must need Debbie at the pub for some reason.

Charity is leaving again? What about Noah?

Victoria is here! SO….”BABY BABY BABY BABY”


Ok. Here is my rant for the day. It might offend, but I need to say it.

Robert is only doing what he thinks Aaron wants. He wants Aaron to be happy. So, he is keeping his distance from the kid. Victoria is there constantly reminding us that the kid exists.  Robert gives Victoria money as requested.  Then gets shit from her for not being there. He goes over to Aaron to flirt with him as to say, I am with you. I love you, and Aaron gets angry and leaves.  Robert is left in the middle.

Here is the big question. WHAT DOES ROBERT WANT?

We know some of that answer. He wants Aaron. He wants his husband. For this to happen, they need to start communicating. Robert doesn’t know how to handle the subject, and neither does Aaron. Neither one looked good in today’s episode. Instead of saying what is wrong and what he is feeling, Aaron acted like an asshole and just kept pouting like a child. Robert kept trying to act like nothing was wrong making him look like an asshole for ignoring the situation in front of them. It makes it look like it is all Roberts fault. (It’s not).

THESE ASSHOLES NEED TO TALK. Aaron needs to learn how to not let other peoples opinions from his own. Robert needs to have his own voice, so we know how he feels and how he wants to go forward.

This is all building and building and explodes next week. I’m getting sick of all the Awwron shit. Aaron is a grown man. He made the decision to stay even after finding out about the baby. It is up to him to be a man and look at Robert and say, “I can’t handle this. How can we handle this?” instead of pretending to be ok. Robert knows Aaron isn’t ok but so desperate to keep him and keep the life he envisioned for them.  Every time Robert pushes that baby way he looks worse and worse.

This explains the break next week. Since they will have a break. I also predict that Aaron will run because that is what he does. Meanwhile, maybe, Robert can find his voice finally? Please? Show? Let Robert have a voice. That’s all I ask.

End Rant


That’s all I like about the show right now. BOB is back.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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