Emmerdale Live and Organized – July 6, 2017

I overslept. This review will be late. Welcome to my week. Nothing is going to plan. I really liked this episode! Everyone is blending and talking and it’s starting to feel less blocky. We have lift off again!

The Thomas Family/Diane/Emma

Poor Arthur.  He is having bladder problems, isn’t he? *pulls out bubble wrap*

Laurel is so distracted by everything isn’t noticing Arthur is acting weird.

Wait. She does know. Sigh. What now?

Emma is a creeper. Film at 11.

The White Family/Clay Pidgeon Event

Sam mention! I really want him and Lydia to find their way back to each other.

Ronnie and Lawrence are like brothers, not boyfriends.  I also think they are supposed to be an older version of Robron without the magic.

OH. Hello! Got to keep Ronnie away from that on the car. Eek!

Thanks for reminding us Rebecca is pregnant. We all totally forgot! It’s not a ticking time bomb at all! (Takes bubble wrap and wraps the writer’s mouths)

Gerry?!? Oh my god! I kind of love Gerry. He is hilarious. Oi! Leave Gerry alone! He is awesome.  I love how Ronnie makes a joke too. Ha. I like Ronnie. Too bad he more than likely doesn’t have long on the show.

Faith looks amazing. She is amazing. Let us all bow down to Faith.  *clinks champagne glass*

Nicola is back again. Hmmmm…. something is up with that. They are having her pop into different storylines. What is up with that?

Dun. Duun. Duuuunnn. A gun is missing! QUICK. Is it in Chrissie’s hair? That is some big hair there. Not a fan.

Nicola and Jimmy = Love

Lachlan seems to be getting the redemption treatment which is odd for me.  I thought he went all psycho killer. I’d like to point out that this was the opposite of what happened last year.  Lachlan with the gun to Lawrence and now he is saving Lawrence and the same type of gun is involved. I see a lot of foreshadowing and even more parallels.

I think Gerry might be the one to go nuts or even Chrissie.

Lawrence got Chrissie’s dad to kill himself. Hmmmm….revenge is another theme coming up a lot these days.

OH HEY! Chrissie is so the favorite child. Just saying. *smirking all over the place*

I think a lot of this is about the inheritance which is just…another ticking time bomb. Right up there with the pregnancy and Chrissie’s new family. TICK. TICK. TICK. TICK.


I love that Leyla has a plan of action! Watch out Priya. Leyla will so have your number.

Frank seems to really love Megan now. I guess I didn’t see the progression of their love story. I don’t appear to care that much. Not as much as I do about other couples on the show. Sorry.


Vanessa has been a bit high and mighty lately.  Like she came off the cross recently or something. She needs to calm down her upturned nose.

David’s Shop

Cain and Moira in a scene together! YAY! They are back in each other’s orbits. Also, the chemistry is still there, or I just miss them.

Josh is back. I think he is connected to Jason. Maybe its his brother? Either way…trouble.


Why was Paddy bringing her home? Also, does Cain scare him that much? That was kind of funny too. Oh, Paddy you awkward human being.

Cain being a puppy dog around Harriet. WEIRD.


OH GOD. Charity! Why did you honk at her!

Oh hey! There is all Franks stuff.

Charity needs to calm down. Right now.


Paddy is just like…this is another day in Emmerdale. HA. Paddy called Debbie. Smart boy.

Charity. SHUT UP.

OH MY GOD. The paint had to fall somewhere! She deserved that for her mouth.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’


As usual, tell me what you think by leaving a comment below or tweet me @AmandaJ718.  Abusive comments will not be tolerated. Until tomorrow, see you all around in Emmerdale!

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