Emmerdale Not So Live but Still Organized – July 5, 2017

My feed was wonky, so I had to wait for the recap. So, it’s not so live, but I did try.

No one gets the bubble wrap today. I’m using it on Robert because the show, once again, doesn’t want to take care of him at all.  Wait, why should I be surprised?

*Bubble wraps Robert Sugden* #RobertSugdenDefenseSquadWasHere

The Whites

Lawrence hiding something (water, rinse repeat). I see where Rebecca gets her plot device nature from.

Lawrence meeting up with Chrissie’s uncle.  He doesn’t look like how I expected him to look like.  Interesting. Lawrence might be playing a few games with Chrissie right now. I’m sure Lawrence did something wrong. He always does.  He is like a mini Victor Newman.  Without the mumbling.

$20,000 pounds! That sounds like a lot of money! *American runs to google for conversion*

Let me guess. All those wedding photos that were on the internet today was Ronnie and Lawrence’s wedding.  *pops some bubbles on the wrap in contemplation*


I wait for men to act like Tracy is a “shrew” when she is just disappointed in her dad.  I’d be upset with my dad too.

“I reckon tart is on the menu” – Tracy (HA)

“If I want dubious relationship advice I will go to Bernice.” – Tracy (She is on fire today)

We were in the car…. resting.” – David (Good save there, buddy!)

Tracy just called Charity a skank. (Eh…while this is traditional soap….I don’t like seeing Charity kicked while she is down. Way down.  There is a limit.

Leyla was drunk yesterday! HA. Knew it.  Love her.

“Sleeping with someone’s fella without thinking twice!” – HEY! Tracy just described Rebecca! That means she should show up, soon right? Like if we say it three times in the mirror she will appear like a demon in the night?

Well. THANKS, TRACY. *bites into snickers*

Whoa.  Megan just went full out slap happy.  Damn. That was dramatic.

Tracy is rethinking that reveal. Why is David so quiet and looks freaked out? Instead of helping guide Tracy to calm down he is just helping her set aflame her father’s relationship.

The Thomas Family/Emma

I’m sorry. I know Laurel is stressed and distracted by I’d notice if someone kept wanting to hang out with my kid.  Like, no. Stop it. Laurel doesn’t even like her!

I think I’d notice if my kid got all weird around other adults like Arthur does. Then again, Laurel is stressed and not thinking straight.

Emma: Creeper you see on Dateline.


I feel like the writers forgot Charity and Frank hooked up in February because a lot of this feels like an afterthought.  Like, ‘crap. We forgot! We have to tie this up before everything else starts up for the others!’ stuff.

I like that Debbie and Charity are starting to mend their relationship.  Debbie is trying to get her mother back on track. Which is very sweet to watch.

The Attic Characters

There is a ton of Nicola lately. Not that I don’t love it, but I’m afraid something is coming with her. Something wrong.

I do love that no one is taking Bernice seriously.  That must mean down the line she does do some good with her online ‘degree.’ Kids don’t even respect Bernice. That is just funny.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

Originally posted by welcometoyouredoom

I picked one well of a week to want to avoid spoilers and speculation. I am going to try and stay on that path because right now, I’m this close.

As per usual, tell me below what you think or tweet me @AmandaJ718.  If you are rude, you will not be answered. Until tomorrow, I’ll see you around in Emmerdale.

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