Emmerdale Live and Organized – July 4, 2017

Welcome back! I’d like to say Happy 4th of July to the American’s out there. I bet you are wondering how I can watch this and enjoy the festivities. Easy. I’m drinking and eating as I watch. Yeah, my family is big on just relaxing today and waiting for the Macy’s Fireworks to go off.

Anyway, enough about me. Let’s get on with the show! What’s happening today in Emmerdale?

The characters are interacting a lot more lately. I think we can all agree with that. It doesn’t feel so blocky anymore.  Not the last couple of weeks. I think everything is working now.


Oh god. Honey. You are beyond help now.

Thunder when Emma walks into the Café. Geez. Run.

Geez, Emma. Could you be more obvious with that message to Laurel?

Oh god. Arthur! Don’t go with the nutter! DON’T!

Arthur. NO. There goes the evidence. *hits head with bubble wrap*

Arthur is in trouble. He is strong but not as strong or crazy as Emma.

Interesting turn for Emma. I know I make fun of her, but I think she does feel remorse. Enough to tell the truth? I don’t know. WOW. Never mind. Emma is back to Nutter mode. Welcome back, Emma.

No wonder why The Barton boys are so screwed up. Look at their mother.

Emma, you bitch. WOW. This kid is still grieving for god’s sake. She is taking advantage of this kid. *rolls up sleeves in anger*



Oh, Charity. I love her. Always looking out for the cute ones. *wink*

Awwww! Poor Charity. She got yelled at by everyone just to lose the guy! Boo! Charity is awesome in her own way.

Charity? OH NO. I feel bad for her today.  Everyone is dumping on her.  This won’t end well for anyone especially Charity.

Charity hates herself so much. You all know, that, right? She hates herself so she does and says things that normally wouldn’t happen.

“You have more than Frank!” That is very true.

Debbie has a good point. She is afraid for Sarah’s future. I am too by the way. I’m convinced that Sarah is going to die.

That was a powerful scene. I loved every minute of it. Debbie and Charity finally talk. *tears up*

That whole conversation between Frank and Charity was sad. “It’s different when you are in love.” “I wouldn’t know.” OUCH.

Oh well. Now it’s out in the open. Tracy and David making out in the car though?

The White Family

They are really softening Chrissie.  I see that as a way for us to keep liking her after her whole family leaves us.

Oh no. Lawrence has mail! Mail he won’t give up.

The plot device is plotting away. What the hell does she want? “He has given me the means to have a baby.” Oh. OH.  You mean when you took advantage of a drunk man Rebecca? I will never forget that or get over it. Sorry. Not sorry.

Of course, it is Roberts choice. Thanks for telling something we already know Plot Device. It would be great if the show lets him speak and let him have his own point of view but we all know they hate Robert. I guess us fans will just have to love him harder then. #RobertSugdenDefenseSquad

There was no reason for her to be there but hey…whatever. Plot device plots away. Useless as usual.

Oh! Chrissie! Here comes your uncle! *dances around at plot development*

The Attic Club

Arthur! *Grabs Bubble Wrap*

Bernice selling her service as a counselor to Rebecca? Honey, she is beyond help. Any help.

I see everyone gathering for Prom festivities. That looks like a lot of fun.  Maybe my Prom would have been more fun if I had more pink involved. Again, never telling you my prom stories. You have to beg me. *wink*

The longer we stay on this prom stuff, the more I think something horrible will happen. Oh god. Charity is going to announce that she and Frank slept together.

Does it always just rain randomly there.

“Do you want me to pull something out of something?” RODNEY! *giggles like an idiot*

Dan isn’t thinking of Kerry. OH GOD. He is thinking of Angelina Jolie! HA. Dan is so going to be on the couch tonight. Woah. This appointment went to hell fast.  Oh, Bernice. She is crying! God! This went south fast! *giggles like an idiot*

Bless you, David for just being you. *salutes*

Harriet/Laurel/Thomas Family

“Would Ashley approve?” I think Ashley would have wanted you to be happy Harriet. Go off. Have fun with Cain. Return him to Moira though. That is who he is soulmates with.

Sandy knows something is up with Arthur.


Why would you be scared! You got everyone on your side!

“Except Marlon is an idiot!” HEY! Yeah, he kind of is. *HA*

“Bless you Pearl. NO.” Thanks Paddy.

Wow. Victoria is actually talking about something else other than babies.  What a freaking shock. We must document this information.

That’s right Rhona. The audience and the village is with you! *high five*

I find it interesting that Nicola is showing up and being awesome these days.  This worries me. What does the show have planned for her?

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

Some fans are off their freaking rockers. I know I have been writing a lot of pieces lately, but I’m going to write about Emmerdale, ITV, and Social Media. I went to school for marketing, corporate communications, and social media. I have a lot to say about how they are running their social media and fan relations. Stay tuned for that piece coming soon.

As per usual, don’t jump to conclusions. Don’t fall for speculation that is too far out or too negative. Just take it one episode at a time. Breathe. Reboot. Eat a snickers. Or the adult version. Breathe. Reboot. Take a shot. Whatever gets you through.

What do you think? Tell me below, follow my Tumblr (@AmandaJ718) or tweet me @AmandaJ718.  Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale.

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