Emmerdale Not Live at All But Still Organized – July 3, 2017

Hello, everyone! Today has been a bit insane, right? That interview threw everyone! I will get into that. Today I actually left the house! Shocking I know. Did you know there is this thing called sunlight? Fresh air? Sidewalks? Exciting times in my life.

Anyway, I have seen the episode (thanks, Britbox) and I’m going to give my opinions differently. I hope you enjoy.

The Odds and Ends

Was Leyla drunk near the end of the episode? After yelling over to Aaron, she laughed like she had a few too many champagne glasses.  I’m not complaining it was just random. I didn’t realize that the UK had proms like us Americans. Awesome. I will hold back my prom stories. If you want to know you can message me. *wink*

Bernice becoming a marriage counselor over the internet is funny.  I love how her own personal hell is the coffee shop.  Even funnier that we got some Nicola and Bernice sisters conversation.  Some Dan and Kerry.  That was fun to see a silly plot develop.

I have to say, I know people would disagree with me, the storylines are starting to blend together. I see it. The episodes flow much better, and you buy why certain people are where they are.  I see the show coming back together. Slowly.

The Whites/Aaron

Ok. Chrissie made me kind of sad. I don’t think she meant to upset Aaron, but she did. I don’t blame him for getting upset and defending his husband. It was nice to see. Why was he sitting in the Woolpack alone when he has a new home that is huge, and the fans would like to see it? I don’t know. I really don’t know. Anyway, I felt sorry for Chrissie today. A little bit. Tiny bit.

So. Without Robert who the hell would the White family talk about. NO, Rebecca. Your baby won’t be the devil because Robert is the “dad.”  If that kid is evil, that is all you honey. Someone who takes advantage of a man who is that drunk is the devil. Got it? Good. Screw the White family. Buh. Bye. #RobertSugdenDefenseSquadWasHere (that was a long hashtag. Whatever.)


I loved Rhona today. Of course, she would want to backtrack. Pierce and his crazy ass mother made her second guess herself. Once again, Zoe Henry deserves all the awards. She is amazing, and I’m delighted that Rhona decided to stay the course. It will be hard, but it will be worth it in the end. That or let the women of the village take care of Pierce. (Evil laughter)


Arthur. Arthur. Arthur. Honey. You never show your cards to the insane woman who has no qualms killing her husband. Just saying. *pulls out the bubble wrap* Come here, Arthur. We need to protect you.

I have to say I love how Lydia and Laurel are into letting the bad energy.  I’m going to try that next.  Even funnier how Emma is just lying through her damn teeth.  For someone who claims she is with God and is now doing his work on earth, she is lying a lot.  I don’t know, I’m not the best Catholic in the world, but I know lying all the time is a bad thing, right? Hmmm, this is getting more interesting.

*wraps more bubble wrap around Arthur*

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

Sigh. Ok. I have to admit. I lost my cool today. Yes. Me. Little Miss Positive. Little Miss ‘It will be ok guys!’ had a minor attack of the negative.  Let me explain. All the new information came in while I was walking around an outlet village in 95-degree heat.  I was hot. Cranky. Working off 20 minutes of sleep and an iced red eye coffee.  I wasn’t in a good place. God bless certain people on Twitter and my dear friend, Justine (today was weird wasn’t it Justine? She is @beautifulhusbands on Tumblr. Follow her and be nice or else you will have to answer to me.) talked me down. After getting some food and drink in me, I started thinking things through.

So, things feel a bit more uncertain than before. Sure.  That interview was worrisome. Sure. Things look bad for a breakup? Well….let me explain.  I personally don’t see a breakup.  Why? A breakup doesn’t move the story forward in a concrete way.  Yes, if they both break up, they could work on their issues. However, I feel like they should be working on their issues together. That makes more sense to me. If they do break up, I don’t see it lasting.  Last time this year they broke up for a day. I mean, dark times are coming. It has to come. They need to lay everything back on the line.  Decide where to go next.  Then they can build to a better future.

So, I went from being upset and pissed off to seeing a very interesting story developing for Robert and Aaron. If they do break up, it will be ok. If they stay together, it will be ok. It is everything else that will be interesting to watch.

Now for Rebecca…

OH, LOOK AT THAT. Ran out of time. Just like the Emmerdale writers. We don’t have time to deal with her. I should be able to watch live tomorrow seeing as the plan is to eat, get drunk and enjoy each other’s company this fourth.  Then watch the fireworks on television. Just as my ancestors intended. OH, wait. My family came from Ireland (Claire County) and Italy (Sicily).

Immigrants. We get the job done.


I hope you had a great day and I will see you all tomorrow in Emmerdale!

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