‘The Incident Debacle’ aka Storylines? Storylines, I know!

Yes, it is me. Back with another opinion. Everyone must be so excited to read this one.  Anyway, if you enjoy my ramblings on Emmerdale/Robert and Aaron, please continue reading! I truly appreciate the people who do.

So, as I have written before, I was raised on soap operas. There is an old family story that gets passed around whenever we have a few too many.  When I was about four or 6 months old (the age is never agreed on), my mom put me down on a blanket facing her as she folded laundry and waited for The Young and the Restless to start. As those opening chords played through the speakers on the television, I stopped dead and turned my head towards the sound.  I knew it already and tried to turn myself around to watch the show (or so my mom says).  So, when I said I was raised on soap operas I was really raised on soap operas (in utero action here).  I love them. I hate them. I can’t imagine television without them.

Since I was raised on soap operas, I have seen every type of storyline. I’ve had my heart broken, I have laughed, I’ve been shocked, and I’ve been smug because I figured out the big twist before my grandmother. Which was no small feat considering my grandmother was listening to soap operas on the radio before watching them on television.  (I’m still quite proud of that. Getting a twist before my grandma. It’s about the little things people.)

Since I know storylines I wanted to give my opinion on the storyline.  We all know what I’m talking about.  We sit and analyze the hell out of it, feel ok with it, get angry at it, give up/never give up on it, but we can’t stop talking about this storyline.  I guess I will name it for the sake of this piece. We will call it ‘The Incident Debacle.’ Mostly because it won’t upset people.

Anyway, what I am seeing (mostly on Twitter but it is slowly making its way to Tumblr) is this one fear.  That the story will turn into something else.  I’m just going to say it. It may be uncomfortable for some to hear it but I need to say it to prove my point.  Some fear, thanks to DS nonsense, that Robert will fall for Rebecca and must choose between Aaron and Rebecca.


Ok. Here is why there is a 99% chance of that NOT happening.  I’ve seen this story before (Young and the Restless is doing an exact copy of this story right now. I can’t escape it!) and I know the signs.  I guess it is all about story structure.  For the show to go down that road this would have had/going to happen:

  • Robert and Rebecca would have to build their relationship up from the minute she arrived in town.
  • Robert would have to regularly spend time with her and want to spend time with her beyond what he was using her for.
  • Wanted to be around her.
  • Have deep conversations about the past that leaves them feeling closer.
  • After the incident, they would be drawn to each other. Enough to sleep together again.
  • Robert would feel torn enough to draw away from Aaron.
  • The baby would be the one to tip the scales towards Rebecca.

So. Let us review, shall we?

  • Robert and Rebecca haven’t built their relationship further. The two of them set in the past during a time that Robert is trying to grow from. Better himself.
  • Robert only spent time with her when they had to plan their revenge plot (that never got off the ground. Did anyone else notice that?) and always found his way to get out of meetings early if she went down a path he wasn’t comfortable with.
  • Robert never set out to find her just to hang out. She always found him. (Sober at least. That is for another piece.)
  • Anytime she mentioned Robert’s father or mother, it wasn’t out of fondness, and you can tell it was to make Robert uncomfortable.
  • After ‘The Incident’ Robert woke up alone and ashamed. He made it his mission to make sure she knew it as the biggest mistake of his life sleeping with her. Not since then has he tried to sleep with her.
  • The only time Robert felt torn from Aaron was to make sure Rebecca took care of the problem. It wasn’t out of love. It was out of fear.
  • The baby reveal after ‘The Big Reveal Episode’ only made Robert more desperate for Aaron, not Rebecca.

See the difference? Not once has the show shown they were going this route of Robert falling for Rebecca. It has been about Aaron and Robert from the beginning.  This story is all about Robert and Aaron being forced to face the big issues they have been shuffling under the rug since they were reunited.  Robert is facing the consequences of his actions and Aaron is going to be facing his consequences very soon (Hello Jason!).

Want more proof that it won’t be that type of story? Watch the reveal episode again.  There are clues in there that prove this isn’t about a typical triangle.

  • Robert takes full responsibility.
  • He shares his real feelings about the whole situation for the first time.
  • He makes it perfectly clear numerous times that Aaron is it. He is the only one for him. “My beautiful husband…” “She doesn’t compare…”
  • Robert gave Aaron room to breathe and make his own decision on where their relationship is going.
  • He was worried about Aaron hurting himself.
  • He holds on tight at the end. He isn’t going anywhere.

That gave me many hints that Robert is and will always be chasing after Aaron.  Not Rebecca. It isn’t that type of story.

I’m already hearing the arguments starting to form out there.

IM can’t be trusted!

He lies all the time!

Who said they care about Robron anyway!?!

Guys. Iain isn’t dumb. He knows how to craft a story. My gut tells me he loves Robron just as much as us from just reading his words and seeing him talk about them.  I’ve written this before, but it bears repeating. He called them ‘soulmates.’ In all my life, I’ve NEVER heard a soap opera showrunner call any couple ‘soulmates.’ It just doesn’t happen. So, this makes me even more positive that the endgame will always be pro-Robron as long as he is there as the showrunner.  He just did a good thing badly.  No one is perfect, but I believe they know what they are doing.  It will suck. It will hurt. I trust Iain and the writers to get us through all that.

As my friend, Kat says to me all the time, “We are in the trees now, but soon we will see the whole forest.”

I understand the story sucks. I understand falling for people’s negative speculations. I understand wanting to punch someone, like me, for being so calm and positive about the whole experience.  This story is bringing up a lot of issues the show won’t address, and this story is testing, not only our favorite couple but us as a fandom as well.

In my opinion (oh goody more of my opinions) I think the only thing that will make Robert conflicted is his growing affection for the child.  The love for a child and the love for a spouse are two different types of love.  That is less about choosing and more about communication between Robert and Aaron. Once they make that clear to each other things will be better. It obviously won’t happen overnight but it will happen.

Sure. I could be completely wrong. The show can do an 180 and run with a story people fear will happen.  Soaps are a crapshoot. If you can’t handle it, please leave for your own sanity.  Soaps will always be crazy and confusing to viewers. That is what makes it fun.  Riding out the wave of a story, theorizing and hoping your favorite characters and couples make it out intact and alive!

So, that is my explanation as to why I think ‘The Incident Debacle’ isn’t following the typical soap storyline structure.  I see something deeper happening here. This is about Robert. This is about Aaron. It is about facing their biggest issues (communication for one) and learning and growing from this experience to make them stronger as a couple.

We are just in the trees right now. Soon, we will see the forest.

What do yo think? Leave me a comment below or tweet me @AmandaJ718.  If anyone out there reads my ‘Live and Organized’ series I will be off Monday and possibly Tuesday (4th of July for me!) so I will be doing a different type of review. Until the next theory or opinion, I will see you around the fandom.


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  1. Danni Prescott July 2, 2017 — 3:13 AM

    Do you believe that Robert will definately be the father? Just because it seems odd how Bex is pushing Debbie and Ross together. That and 75% of Jeremy Kyle episodes proves that any woman who swears blind that candidate number 1 is the father withiut a DNA test is destined for a fall.

    • My gut is telling me no. Robert is not the dad. I’m American so I’ll say Maury tells me that when people claim that someone must be the dad they are usually wrong. We just have to hold on and wait it out! 😊

  2. Beautifully written. I agree, and I’m here for the ride. I love Aaron and Robert together, they make each other better, they just need to balance their issues, they need to don’t be afraid to express their feelings because they don’t want to loose each other. This is going to hurt, but Danny and Ryan are going to smash it, as always, we just need to stick to their epic love story.

    • Thank you for reading! 😊 I agree! Ryan and Danny will knock it out of the park! I always saw this story as a purely Robron story. I feel Rebecca is just a plot device to force Robron and Dross to face the big issues.

  3. “After ‘The Incident’ Robert woke up alone and ashamed.” One of the many things that bothered me. Why was he alone? Why didn’t she stay the night if she believed she finally won Robert? She was trying to sound concerned for him in that voicemail but she left him before he woke up.

    • Hi, Abigail! Exactly! There is so much off about this pregnancy storyline. That leads a lot of people and me out there to believe there is more to this story. For the max in drama, something has to be coming…a twist perhaps? Thanks for reading and stick around. I think September and October will be fascinating months! Thanks for reading! 🙂

  4. Hello I just read what you wrote about the story so far and I agree with a lot of things you said but I believe that Robert is the father. I don’t think the show would go to this much trouble to fertilize Rebecca and ruin a gay relationship that even a majority of the GA liked to then go gotcha. I feel that the tptb wanted to give Robert a baby and this is also the way for I.M to leave his mark on the show. I also think the reason Rebecca left after is because Robert probably called out for Aaron while he was passed out and Rebecca was afraid of what would happen the morning after when he woke up so she left cleaned up and then was only to find her fear realized when he did in fact regret what happened and still chose Aaron.

    • Hi, Anna! That’s one interpretation. We will see as the show has left everything Robron related open ended. We have no concrete answers on anything including the incident night in question. We will find out what is going on soon. Just have to be patient. Thanks for reading!

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