Emmerdale Live and Organized – June 30, 2017

Welcome back! The last two days have been weird without the show. We have gotten a lot of spoilers and speculation but this isn’t the place to talk about that yet (Hint go down to the ‘It’s Just Speculation’ section). Let’s see what everyone is up to today!

Warning. I’m in a bad mood. My coffee isn’t working. Expect some meanness today. By the way, I’m noticing the stories are starting to blend into each other. Slowly but its starting. I see it.


Arthur is trying to tell you something, Laurel! It’s very important.

I adore Arthur.

Laurel. Arthur is acting out of character. Think it through. Something is up.

Lydia and Laurel: BBF!

All this talk about Laurel and blood pressure makes me nervous.

I forgot Emma was a nurse. Its been awhile since we saw her in action.  Does the UK still do house calls or is this an Emmerdale thing.

Arthur, you just showed your hand to Emma! NO!

“Bridge over Troubled Water” HA HA HA HA HA That was cute Emmerdale. You get golf claps for that joke. LOVE IT.

We must protect Arthur! *runs after him with bubble wrap*

“Something is obviously bothering him.” NO KIDDING LAUREL.


I love Tracy’s hair. I’m a nerd for that 80’s look.

Thank you, David, for bringing the eye candy while Robert and Aaron are off screen. We bless you for that.

Everyone be nice to the bully since he will be related to Jason somehow. *This screams rewrite. Just my opinion* If he is related to Jason that ties Aaron (and Robert) to the Tracy storyline. So, that means we are starting to cross lines finally. *story movement dance!*


Faith. My darling. I see they are testing you out with everyone. Thank you, Emmerdale. *wink wink*

Come on Eric! Faith is awesome! Go spend some time with her.

“I’m asking you out!” “On a date?” – Oh, Rodney! Faith is awesome. Let’s all love Faith. *group hug*

Faith and her flask. I LOVE IT. I need Faith to be happy. That’s all I ask for.

I ship Rodney x Faith. Faith can be his assistant in his magic act! *throws confetti*

That’s right. Men should be fighting over Faith. I adore it.


OH NO. NO! Poor Rhona! Not cool.

They are making everyone think she is losing her mind.  This is breaking my heart into more pieces. My heart can’t break anymore Emmerdale. It just can’t.

*Wraps Rhona in bubble wrap* *I’M RUNNING OUT OF BUBBLE WRAP PEOPLE*

I believe you, Rhona. *Rhona Protection Squad UNITE!*

Rhona. She is the enemy too. RUN. *Runs with Bubble Wrap*


Rhona! That’s my smart girl. *proud*

NEVER! Down with Pierce! *starts a rally*


The plot device has arrived. Let the plotting begin!

Dross. Yay. How excited. *bored voice*

Oh! I now ship Rebecca x Car Boot.  Move over Rebecca x McCain Bus!

Did I make myself clear by the way? I hate Rebecca White? Just making sure everyone knew that. *nods*

By the way, this friendship is the shallowest thing in existence.  If we compare all the women talking on Tuesday and their friendships to Debbie and Rebecca’s friendship, their friendship is a joke. Their friendship is for plot purposes and it’s annoying. Who will she prop today, I wonder! If they were friends, it wouldn’t just be about Ross and Debbie getting back together. She would ask about the baby and how she is feeling these days. OH RIGHT. IT DOESN’T MATTER. Why? Rebecca doesn’t matter.

OH ROSS! NEVER CHANGE. Also, he can hang with the lady because *raises microphone* YOU AREN’T DATING HIM DEBBIE. *coughs* Look what you made me do Debbie! I defended Ross. OH GOD NO.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’ 

We have so many spoilers and a big week coming up.  My personal opinion? This is going to be good. So good. So much angst. We want angst and movement in their story. We have been stuck in a circle of boring for a month noLet’sets get this soapy story on the road!


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*fans myself*

What do yo think of todays episode? Leave me a message below or tweet me @AmandaJ718. Until next week, I’ll see you around in Emmerdale.

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